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2513 NHSK word(s): 哎哟* 6 ai1 yo1hey/ ow/ ouch/ interjection of pain or surprise * 6 ai2to suffer from/ to endure/ to tide over (a difficult period)/ to delay 癌症* 6 ai2 zheng4cancer 爱不释手* 6 ai4 bu4 shi4 shou3to love sth too much to part with it (idiom)/ to fondle admiringly 爱戴* 6 ai4 dai4to love and respect/ love and respect 暧昧* 6 ai4 mei4vague/ ambiguous/ equivocal/ dubious 安居乐业* 6 an1 ju1 le4 ye4live in peace and work happily (idiom) 安宁* 6 an1 ning2peaceful/ tranquil/ calm/ composed 安详* 6 an1 xiang2serene 安置* 6 an1 zhi4find a place for/ help settle down/ arrange for/ to get into bed/ placement 案件* 6 an4 jian4law case/ legal case/ judicial case/ CL:宗[zong1];樁|桩[zhuang1];起[qi3] 案例* 6 an4 li4case (law)/ CL:個|个[ge4] 按摩* 6 an4 mo2massage 暗示* 6 an4 shi4to hint/ to suggest/ suggestion/ a hint 昂贵* 6 ang2 gui4expensive/ costly 凹凸* 6 ao1 tu1bumpy/ uneven/ slotted and tabbed joint/ crenelation * 6 ao2(of cooking) to boil for a long time/ to endure/ to suffer 奥秘* 6 ao4 mi4profound/ deep/ a mystery * 6 ba1to hold on to/ to cling to/ to dig up/ to rake/ to push aside/ to climb/ to pull out/ to strip off * 6 ba1scar 巴不得* 6 ba1 bu4 de2to be eager for/ to long for/ to look forward to 巴结* 6 ba1 jie5to fawn on/ to curry favor with/ to make up to 拔苗助长* 6 ba2 miao2 zhu4 zhang3to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm (idiom) 把关* 6 ba3 guan1to guard a pass/ to check on sth 把手* 6 ba3 shou3handle/ grip/ knob 把戏* 6 ba3 xi4acrobatics/ jugglery/ cheap trick/ game 霸道* 6 ba4 dao4the Way of the Hegemon; abbr. of 霸王之道/ despotic rule/ rule by might/ evil as opposed to the Way of the King 王道/ overbearing/ tyranny/ (of liquor; medicine etc) strong/ potent 罢工* 6 ba4 gong1a strike/ to go on strike * 6 bai1to break with both hands 百分点* 6 bai3 fen1 dian3percentage point 摆脱* 6 bai3 tuo1to break away from/ to cast off (old ideas etc)/ to get rid of/ to break away (from)/ to break out (of)/ to free oneself from/ to extricate oneself 拜访* 6 bai4 fang3pay a visit/ call on 败坏* 6 bai4 huai4to ruin/ to corrupt/ to undermine 拜年* 6 bai4 nian2pay a New Year call/ wish sb a Happy New Year 拜托* 6 bai4 tuo1request sb to do sth/ please! 颁布* 6 ban1 bu4to issue/ to proclaim/ to enact (laws; decrees etc) 颁发* 6 ban1 fa1issue/ promulgate/ award 斑纹* 6 ban1 wen2stripe/ streak 版本* 6 ban3 ben3version/ edition/ release 伴侣* 6 ban4 lv3companion/ mate/ partner 伴随* 6 ban4 sui2to accompany/ to follow/ to occur together with/ attendant 半途而废* 6 ban4 tu2 er2 fei4to give up halfway (idiom)/ leave sth unfinished 扮演* 6 ban4 yan3play the part of/ act 绑架* 6 bang3 jia4to kidnap/ to abduct/ to hijack/ a kidnapping/ abduction/ staking 榜样* 6 bang3 yang4example/ model/ CL:個|个[ge4] * 6 bang4see 磅秤 scale/ platform balance/ pound (unit of weight; about 454 grams) 包庇* 6 bao1 bi4shield/ harbor/ cover up 包袱* 6 bao1 fu5cloth-wrapper/ a bundle wrapped in cloth/ load/ weight/ burden 包围* 6 bao1 wei2to surround/ to encircle/ to hem in 包装* 6 bao1 zhuang1pack/ package 保管* 6 bao3 guan3to assure/ to guarantee/ to take care of/ to safeguard/ certainly/ surely 饱和* 6 bao3 he2saturation 饱经沧桑* 6 bao3 jing1 cang1 sang1having lived through many changes 保密* 6 bao3 mi4to keep sth confidential/ to maintain secrecy 保姆* 6 bao3 mu3nanny/ housekeeper 保守* 6 bao3 shou3(politically) conservative/ to guard/ to keep 保卫* 6 bao3 wei4to defend/ to safeguard 保养* 6 bao3 yang3to take good care of (or conserve) one's health/ to keep in good repair/ to maintain/ maintenance 保障* 6 bao3 zhang4to ensure/ to guarantee/ to safeguard 保重* 6 bao3 zhong4take care of oneself 报仇* 6 bao4 chou2to revenge (oneself)/ to avenge 报酬* 6 bao4 chou5reward/ remuneration 报答* 6 bao4 da2to repay/ to requite 报到* 6 bao4 dao4report for duty/ check in/ register 爆发* 6 bao4 fa1to break out/ to erupt/ to explode/ to burst out 报复* 6 bao4 fu4to make reprisals/ to retaliate/ revenge/ retaliation 抱负* 6 bao4 fu4aspiration/ ambition 曝光* 6 bao4 guang1exposure (e.g. of photosensitive material)/ to expose (a scandal to the public) 暴力* 6 bao4 li4violence/ (use) force/ violent 暴露* 6 bao4 lu4to expose/ to reveal/ to lay bare 报社* 6 bao4 she4general office of a newspaper/ newspaper office/ CL:家[jia1] 报销* 6 bao4 xiao1submit an expense account/ apply for reimbursement/ write-off/ wipe out 抱怨* 6 bao4 yuan4to complain/ to grumble 爆炸* 6 bao4 zha4explosion/ to explode/ to blow up/ to detonate 悲哀* 6 bei1 ai1grieved/ sorrowful 卑鄙* 6 bei1 bi3base/ mean/ contemptible/ despicable 悲惨* 6 bei1 can3miserable/ tragic 北极* 6 bei3 ji2the North Pole/ the Arctic Pole/ the north magnetic pole 被动* 6 bei4 dong4passive 备份* 6 bei4 fen4backup 被告* 6 bei4 gao4defendant 贝壳* 6 bei4 ke2shell/ conch/ cowry/ mother of pearl/ hard outer skin/ alternative reading bei4 qiao4; mostly written 背叛* 6 bei4 pan4to betray 背诵* 6 bei4 song4recite/ repeat from memory 备忘录* 6 bei4 wang4 lu4memorandum/ aide-memoire/ memorandum book 奔波* 6 ben1 bo1rush about/ be busy running about 奔驰* 6 ben1 chi2to run quickly/ to travel quickly/ to move fast/ Mercedes-Benz; German car make 本能* 6 ben3 neng2instinct 本钱* 6 ben3 qian2capital 本人* 6 ben3 ren2the person himself/ I (humble form used in speeches)/ oneself/ myself/ in person/ personal 本身* 6 ben3 shen1itself/ in itself/ per se 本事* 6 ben3 shi5ability/ skill/ source material/ original story 本着* 6 ben3 zhe5based on.../ in conformance with../ taking as one's main principle 笨拙* 6 ben4 zhuo1clumsy/ awkward/ stupid 崩溃* 6 beng1 kui4to collapse/ to crumble/ to fall apart * 6 beng2need not/ (contraction of 不 and 用) * 6 beng4to jump/ to bounce/ to hop 迸发* 6 beng4 fa1to burst out/ to gush/ to spurt 逼迫* 6 bi1 po4to force/ to compel/ to coerce 鼻涕* 6 bi2 ti4nasal mucus/ snivel 比方* 6 bi3 fang5analogy/ instance 比喻* 6 bi3 yu4metaphor/ analogy/ figure of speech/ figuratively 比重* 6 bi3 zhong4proportion/ specific gravity * 6 bi4arm 弊病* 6 bi4 bing4malady/ evil/ malpractice/ drawback/ disadvantage 必定* 6 bi4 ding4be bound to/ be sure to 弊端* 6 bi4 duan1malpractice/ abuse/ corrupt practice 闭塞* 6 bi4 se4stop up/ close up/ hard to get to/ out of the way/ inaccessible/ unenlightened/ blocking 碧玉* 6 bi4 yu4jasper 鞭策* 6 bian1 ce4to spur on/ to urge on/ to encourage sb (e.g. to make progress) 边疆* 6 bian1 jiang1border area/ borderland/ frontier/ frontier region 边界* 6 bian1 jie4boundary/ border 边境* 6 bian1 jing4frontier/ border 边缘* 6 bian1 yuan2edge/ fringe/ verge/ brink/ periphery/ marginal/ borderline 编织* 6 bian1 zhi1to weave/ to knit/ to plait/ to braid * 6 bian3flat/ (old form of character 匾; horizontal tablet with inscription) 贬低* 6 bian3 di1to belittle/ to disparage/ to play down/ to demean/ to degrade/ to devalue 贬义* 6 bian3 yi4derogatory sense/ negative connotation 遍布* 6 bian4 bu4to cover the whole (area)/ to be found throughout 变故* 6 bian4 gu4an unforeseen event/ accident/ misfortune 辩护* 6 bian4 hu4to speak in defense of/ to argue in favor of/ to defend/ to plead 辩解* 6 bian4 jie3to explain/ to justify/ to defend (a point of view etc)/ to provide an explanation/ to try to defend oneself 便利* 6 bian4 li4convenient/ easy/ facilitate 变迁* 6 bian4 qian1changes/ vicissitudes 辨认* 6 bian4 ren4to recognize/ to identify 便条* 6 bian4 tiao2(informal) note/ CL:張|张[zhang1];個|个[ge4] 便于* 6 bian4 yu2easy to/ convenient for 辩证* 6 bian4 zheng4investigate/ dialectical 变质* 6 bian4 zhi4to degenerate/ to go bad/ to deteriorate/ metamorphosis 辫子* 6 bian4 zi5plait/ braid/ pigtail/ a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by an opponent/ handle/ CL:根[gen1];條|条[tiao2] 标本* 6 biao1 ben3specimen/ sample/ the root cause and symptoms of a disease 标记* 6 biao1 ji4sign/ mark/ symbol/ to mark up 飙升* 6 biao1 sheng1to rise rapidly/ to soar 标题* 6 biao1 ti2title/ heading/ headline/ caption/ subject 表决* 6 biao3 jue2decide by vote/ vote 表态* 6 biao3 tai4to declare one's position/ to say where one stands 表彰* 6 biao3 zhang1cite (in dispatches)/ commend * 6 bie1to choke/ to stifle/ to restrain/ to hold back/ to hold in (urine)/ to hold (one's breath) 别人* 6 bie2 ren5other people/ others/ other person 别墅* 6 bie2 shu4villa/ CL:幢[zhuang4];座[zuo4] 别致* 6 bie2 zhi4unusual/ unique 别扭* 6 bie4 niu5awkward/ difficult/ uncomfortable/ not agreeing/ at loggerheads/ gauche/ awkward (writing or speech) 濒临* 6 bin1 lin2on the verge of/ close to 冰雹* 6 bing1 bao2hail/ hailstone/ CL:場|场[chang2];粒[li4] 并存* 6 bing4 cun2to exist at the same time/ to coexist 并非* 6 bing4 fei1really isn't 并列* 6 bing4 lie4to stand side by side/ to be juxtaposed 拨打* 6 bo1 da3to call/ to dial 播放* 6 bo1 fang4to broadcast/ to transmit 波浪* 6 bo1 lang4wave 波涛汹涌* 6 bo1 tao1 xiong1 yong3tumultuous situations 剥削* 6 bo1 xue1to exploit/ exploitation 播种* 6 bo1 zhong4to sow seeds/ sowing/ seed 博大精深* 6 bo2 da4 jing1 shen1wide-ranging and profound/ broad and deep 搏斗* 6 bo2 dou4to wrestle/ to fight/ to struggle 博览会* 6 bo2 lan3 hui4exposition/ international fair 伯母* 6 bo2 mu3wife of father's elder brother/ aunt/ (polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother)/ CL:個|个[ge4] 薄弱* 6 bo2 ruo4weak/ frail 补偿* 6 bu3 chang2compensate/ make up 补救* 6 bu3 jiu4remedy 哺乳* 6 bu3 ru3breast feeding/ to suckle/ to nurse 补贴* 6 bu3 tie1to subsidize/ subsidy/ allowance 捕捉* 6 bu3 zhuo1to catch/ to seize/ to capture 不得已* 6 bu4 de2 yi3act against one's will/ have no alternative but to/ have to/ to have no choice/ must 步伐* 6 bu4 fa2pace/ (measured) step/ march 不妨* 6 bu4 fang2there is no harm in/ might as well 不敢当* 6 bu4 gan3 dang1lit. I dare not (accept the honor)/ fig. I don't deserve your praise/ you flatter me 布告* 6 bu4 gao4posting on a bulletin board/ notice/ bulletin/ to announce 不顾* 6 bu4 gu4in spite of/ regardless of 不禁* 6 bu4 jin1can't help (doing sth)/ can't refrain from 布局* 6 bu4 ju2arrangement/ composition/ layout/ opening (chess jargon) 不堪* 6 bu4 kan1cannot bear/ cannot stand/ utterly/ extremely 不可思议* 6 bu4 ke3 si1 yi4inconceivable (idiom)/ unimaginable/ unfathomable 不愧* 6 bu4 kui4be worthy of/ deserve to be called/ prove oneself to be 不料* 6 bu4 liao4unexpectedly/ to one's surprise 不时* 6 bu4 shi2frequently/ often/ at any time 部署* 6 bu4 shu3to dispose/ to deploy/ deployment 部位* 6 bu4 wei4position/ place 不惜* 6 bu4 xi1not stint/ not spare/ not hesitate (to do sth)/ not scruple (to do sth) 不相上下* 6 bu4 xiang1 shang4 xia4equally matched/ about the same 不像话* 6 bu4 xiang4 hua4unreasonable/ shocking/ outrageous 不屑一顾* 6 bu4 xie4 yi1 gu4to disdain as beneath contempt 不言而喻* 6 bu4 yan2 er2 yu4it goes without saying/ it is self-evident 不由得* 6 bu4 you2 de5can't help/ cannot but 不择手段* 6 bu4 ze2 shou3 duan4by fair means or foul/ by hook or by crook/ unscrupulously 不止* 6 bu4 zhi3incessantly/ without end/ more than/ not limited to 布置* 6 bu4 zhi4to put in order/ to arrange/ to decorate/ to fix up/ to deploy 裁缝* 6 cai2 feng5tailor/ dressmaker 财富* 6 cai2 fu4wealth/ riches 才干* 6 cai2 gan4ability/ competence 裁判* 6 cai2 pan4judgment/ to referee/ umpire/ judge/ referee/ CL:個|个[ge4];位[wei4];名[ming2] 财务* 6 cai2 wu4financial affairs 裁员* 6 cai2 yuan2to cut staff/ to lay off employees 财政* 6 cai2 zheng4finances (public)/ financial 采购* 6 cai3 gou4to procure (for an enterprise etc)/ to purchase 采集* 6 cai3 ji2to gather/ to collect/ to harvest 采纳* 6 cai3 na4to accept/ to adopt 彩票* 6 cai3 piao4the lottery/ lottery ticket 参谋* 6 can1 mou2staff officer/ give advice 参照* 6 can1 zhao4to consult a reference/ to refer to (another document) 残酷* 6 can2 ku4cruel/ cruelty 残留* 6 can2 liu2to remain/ left over/ surplus/ remnant 残忍* 6 can2 ren3cruel/ mean/ merciless/ ruthless 灿烂* 6 can4 lan4to glitter/ brilliant/ splendid * 6 cang1cabin/ the hold of a ship or airplane 苍白* 6 cang1 bai2pale/ wan 仓促* 6 cang1 cu4all of a sudden/ hurriedly 仓库* 6 cang1 ku4depot/ storehouse/ warehouse 操劳* 6 cao1 lao2to work hard/ to look after 操练* 6 cao1 lian4drill/ practice 操纵* 6 cao1 zong4to operate/ to control/ to rig/ to manipulate 操作* 6 cao1 zuo4to work/ to operate/ to manipulate 嘈杂* 6 cao2 za2noisy/ clamorous 草案* 6 cao3 an4draft (legislation; proposal etc) 草率* 6 cao3 shuai4careless/ negligent/ sloppy/ not serious 策划* 6 ce4 hua4to plot/ to scheme/ to bring about/ to engineer/ planning/ producer/ planner 测量* 6 ce4 liang2survey/ to measure/ to gauge/ to determine 策略* 6 ce4 lve4tactics/ to be tactful 侧面* 6 ce4 mian4lateral side/ side/ aspect/ profile 层出不穷* 6 ceng2 chu1 bu4 qiong2more and more emerge/ innumerable succession/ breeding like flies (idiom) 层次* 6 ceng2 ci4arrangement of ideas/ administrative level/ level/ stage/ phase 差距* 6 cha1 ju4disparity/ gap 查获* 6 cha2 huo4to investigate and capture (a criminal)/ to ferret out/ to hunt down and arrest * 6 cha4fork in road/ bifurcation/ branch in road; river; mountain range etc/ to branch off/ to turn off/ to diverge/ to stray (from the path)/ to change the subject/ to interrupt/ to stagger (times) 刹那* 6 cha4 na4an instant (Sanskrit: ksana)/ split second/ the twinkling of an eye 诧异* 6 cha4 yi4flabbergasted/ astonished 柴油* 6 chai2 you2diesel fuel * 6 chan1to assist by the arm/ to mix/ to support/ to sustain * 6 chan2slander/ defame/ misrepresent/ to speak maliciously 缠绕* 6 chan2 rao4twisting/ to twine/ to wind/ to pester/ to bother 阐述* 6 chan3 shu4to expound (a position)/ to elaborate (on a topic)/ to treat (a subject) 产业* 6 chan3 ye4industry/ estate/ property/ industrial 颤抖* 6 chan4 dou3to shudder/ to shiver/ to shake/ to tremble 猖狂* 6 chang1 kuang2savage/ furious 昌盛* 6 chang1 sheng4prosperous 偿还* 6 chang2 huan2to repay/ to reimburse 常年* 6 chang2 nian2a whole year/ average year 尝试* 6 chang2 shi4to try/ to attempt/ CL:次[ci4] 常务* 6 chang2 wu4routine/ everyday business/ daily operation (of a company) * 6 chang3threshing floor/ classifier for events and happenings: spell; episode; bout 场合* 6 chang3 he2situation/ occasion 敞开* 6 chang3 kai1wide open/ to open up 场面* 6 chang3 mian4scene/ occasion 场所* 6 chang3 suo3location/ place 倡导* 6 chang4 dao3to advocate/ to initiate/ to propose/ to be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought) 畅通* 6 chang4 tong1unimpeded/ free-flowing/ straight path/ unclogged/ move without obstruction 畅销* 6 chang4 xiao1best seller/ chart-topping 倡议* 6 chang4 yi4to suggest/ to initiate/ proposal/ initiative 超级* 6 chao1 ji2transcending/ high grade/ super-/ ultra- 钞票* 6 chao1 piao4paper money/ a bill (e.g. 100 yuan)/ CL:張|张[zhang1];扎[za1] 超越* 6 chao1 yue4to surpass/ to exceed/ to transcend 潮流* 6 chao2 liu2tide/ current/ trend 潮湿* 6 chao2 shi1damp/ moist 嘲笑* 6 chao2 xiao4jeer/ mockery/ scoff/ sneer/ make fun of/ laugh at (derogatory) 撤退* 6 che4 tui4retreat 撤销* 6 che4 xiao1to repeal/ to revoke/ to undo (computing) 沉淀* 6 chen2 dian4to settle/ to precipitate (solid sediment out of a solution) 陈旧* 6 chen2 jiu4old-fashioned 陈列* 6 chen2 lie4to display/ to exhibit 沉闷* 6 chen2 men4oppressive (of weather)/ heavy/ depressed/ not happy 陈述* 6 chen2 shu4an assertion/ to declare/ to state 沉思* 6 chen2 si1contemplate/ contemplation/ meditation/ ponder 沉重* 6 chen2 zhong4heavy/ hard/ serious/ critical 沉着* 6 chen2 zhuo2steady/ calm and collected/ not nervous 称心如意* 6 chen4 xin1 ru2 yi4after one's heart (idiom)/ gratifying and satisfactory/ everything one could wish 称号* 6 cheng1 hao4name/ term of address/ title * 6 cheng2orange tree/ orange (color) * 6 cheng2to hold/ contain/ to ladle/ pick up with a utensil 承办* 6 cheng2 ban4to undertake/ to accept a contract 承包* 6 cheng2 bao1to contract/ to undertake (a job) 城堡* 6 cheng2 bao3castle/ rook (chess piece) 成本* 6 cheng2 ben3(manufacturing; production etc) costs 惩罚* 6 cheng2 fa2penalty/ punishment/ to punish 成交* 6 cheng2 jiao1to complete a contract/ to reach a deal 承诺* 6 cheng2 nuo4to promise/ to undertake to do something/ commitment 澄清* 6 cheng2 qing1clear (of liquid)/ limpid/ to clarify/ to make sth clear/ to be clear (about the facts) 成天* 6 cheng2 tian1(coll.) all day long/ all the time 乘务员* 6 cheng2 wu4 yuan2attendant on an airplane; train; boat etc 呈现* 6 cheng2 xian4to appear/ to emerge/ present (a certain appearance)/ demonstrate 成效* 6 cheng2 xiao4effect/ result 成心* 6 cheng2 xin1intentional/ deliberate/ on purpose 成员* 6 cheng2 yuan2member 诚挚* 6 cheng2 zhi4sincere/ cordial * 6 cheng4steelyard/ Roman balance/ CL:臺|台[tai2] 吃苦* 6 chi1 ku3to bear/ hardships 吃力* 6 chi1 li4entail strenuous effort/ be a strain 迟缓* 6 chi2 huan3slow/ sluggish 持久* 6 chi2 jiu3lasting/ enduring/ persistent/ permanent/ protracted/ endurance/ persistence/ to last long 池塘* 6 chi2 tang2pool/ pond 迟疑* 6 chi2 yi2to hesitate 赤道* 6 chi4 dao4equator (of the earth or astronomical body) 赤字* 6 chi4 zi4(financial) deficit/ red letter 充当* 6 chong1 dang1to serve as/ to act as/ to play the role of 冲动* 6 chong1 dong4impetus/ impulse/ emotional impulse/ impulsive 冲击* 6 chong1 ji1an attack/ under attack/ a shock 充沛* 6 chong1 pei4abundant/ plentiful/ vigorous 充实* 6 chong1 shi2rich/ substantial/ enrich/ substantiate 冲突* 6 chong1 tu1conflict/ to conflict/ clash of opposing forces/ collision (of interests)/ contention 充足* 6 chong1 zu2adequate/ sufficient/ abundant 崇拜* 6 chong2 bai4to worship/ adoration 重叠* 6 chong2 die2to overlap/ to superimpose/ to telescope/ to run together/ to duplicate/ one over another/ superposition/ an overlap/ redundancy/ reduplication (in Chinese grammar; e.g. 散散步[san4 san4 bu4] to have a stroll) 崇高* 6 chong2 gao1majestic/ sublime 崇敬* 6 chong2 jing4to revere/ high esteem 重阳节* 6 Chong2 yang2 jie2Double Ninth or Yang Festival/ 9th day of 9th lunar month 抽空* 6 chou1 kong4to find the time to do sth 筹备* 6 chou2 bei4preparations/ to get ready for sth 踌躇* 6 chou2 chu2to hesitate 稠密* 6 chou2 mi4dense 丑恶* 6 chou3 e4ugly/ repulsive 初步* 6 chu1 bu4initial/ preliminary/ tentative 出路* 6 chu1 lu4a way out (of a difficulty etc) 出卖* 6 chu1 mai4to offer for sale/ to sell/ to sell out or betray 出身* 6 chu1 shen1family background/ class origin 出神* 6 chu1 shen2entranced/ Trance (music genre) 出息* 6 chu1 xi5promise/ prospects/ future 出洋相* 6 chu1 yang2 xiang4to make a fool of oneself 储备* 6 chu3 bei4reserves/ to store up 储存* 6 chu3 cun2stockpile/ to store/ to stockpile/ storage 处分* 6 chu3 fen4to discipline sb/ to punish/ disciplinary action/ to deal with (a matter)/ CL:個|个[ge4] 处境* 6 chu3 jing4plight/ unfavorable situation 储蓄* 6 chu3 xu4to deposit money/ to save/ savings 处置* 6 chu3 zhi4to handle/ to take care of/ to punish 触犯* 6 chu4 fan4offend 川流不息* 6 chuan1 liu2 bu4 xi1the stream flows without stopping (idiom)/ unending flow 穿越* 6 chuan1 yue4to pass through/ to cross/ to overcome 船舶* 6 chuan2 bo2shipping/ boats 传达* 6 chuan2 da2to pass on/ to convey/ to relay/ to transmit/ transmission 传单* 6 chuan2 dan1leaflet/ flier/ pamphlet 传授* 6 chuan2 shou4to impart/ to pass on/ to teach 喘气* 6 chuan3 qi4to breathe deeply/ to pant * 6 chuan4to string together/ to mix up/ to conspire/ to rove/ bunch or cluster/ string (computing)/ classifier for rows or strings 床单* 6 chuang2 dan1sheet/ CL:條|条[tiao2];件[jian4];張|张[zhang1];床[chuang2] 创立* 6 chuang4 li4to found/ establish/ originate 创新* 6 chuang4 xin1innovation/ to bring forth new ideas/ to blaze new trails 创业* 6 chuang4 ye4to begin an undertaking/ to start a major task/ to initiate/ to venture/ venture 创作* 6 chuang4 zuo4to create/ to produce/ to write/ creative work/ creation/ CL:個|个[ge4] 吹牛* 6 chui1 niu2to brag/ to chat (dialect) 吹捧* 6 chui1 peng3to flatter/ to laud sb's accomplishments/ adulation * 6 chui2hammer/ to hammer into shape/ weight (e.g. of a steelyard or balance) 垂直* 6 chui2 zhi2perpendicular/ vertical 纯粹* 6 chun2 cui4purely 纯洁* 6 chun2 jie2pure/ clean and honest/ to purify 词汇* 6 ci2 hui4vocabulary/ list of words (e.g. for language teaching purposes) 慈祥* 6 ci2 xiang2kindly/ benevolent (often of older person) 雌雄* 6 ci2 xiong2male and female * 6 ci4thorn/ splinter/ to stab/ to pierce/ to prick 伺候* 6 ci4 hou4to serve/ to act as a valet 次品* 6 ci4 pin3substandard products/ defective/ seconds 次序* 6 ci4 xu4sequence/ order * 6 cong2cluster/ collection/ collection of books/ thicket 从容不迫* 6 cong2 rong2 bu4 po4calm/ unruffled 凑合* 6 cou4 he5to bring together/ to make do in a bad situation/ to just get by/ to improvise/ passable/ not too bad 粗鲁* 6 cu1 lu3crude/ coarse/ rough * 6 cuan4to flee/ to scuttle/ to exile or banish/ to amend or edit 摧残* 6 cui1 can2to ravage/ to ruin 脆弱* 6 cui4 ruo4weak/ frail * 6 cuo1to rub or roll between the hands or fingers/ to twist 磋商* 6 cuo1 shang1to consult/ to discuss seriously/ to negotiate/ to confer/ negotiations/ consultations 挫折* 6 cuo4 zhe2setback/ reverse/ check/ defeat/ frustration/ disappointment/ to frustrate/ to discourage/ to set sb back/ to blunt/ to subdue * 6 da1to put up/ to build (scaffolding)/ to hang (clothes on a pole)/ to connect/ to join/ to arrange in pairs/ to match/ to add/ to throw in (resources)/ to take (boat; train) 搭档* 6 da1 dang4to cooperate/ partner 搭配* 6 da1 pei4to pair up/ to match/ to arrange in pairs/ to add sth into a group 答辩* 6 da2 bian4to reply (to an accusation) 达成* 6 da2 cheng2to reach (an agreement)/ to accomplish 答复* 6 da2 fu4to answer/ to reply/ Reply to: (in email header) 打包* 6 da3 bao1to wrap/ to pack/ to ask for a doggy bag (at a restaurant) 打官司* 6 da3 guan1 si5to file a lawsuit/ to sue/ to dispute 打击* 6 da3 ji1to hit/ to strike/ to attack/ to crack down on sth/ a setback/ a blow/ percussion (music) 打架* 6 da3 jia4to fight/ to scuffle/ to come to blows/ CL:場|场[chang2] 打量* 6 da3 liang5to size sb up/ to take measure of/ to suppose/ to reckon 打猎* 6 da3 lie4to go hunting 打仗* 6 da3 zhang4to fight a battle/ to go to war 大不了* 6 da4 bu4 liao3at worst/ if worst comes to worst/ serious/ alarming 大臣* 6 da4 chen2minister (of a monarchy) 大伙儿* 6 da4 huo3 r5everybody/ everyone/ we all 大厦* 6 da4 sha4large building/ edifice/ mansion/ CL:座[zuo4] 大肆* 6 da4 si4wantonly/ without restraint (of enemy or malefactor)/ unbridled 大体* 6 da4 ti3in general/ more or less/ in rough terms/ basically/ on the whole 大意* 6 da4 yi4general idea/ main idea 大致* 6 da4 zhi4more or less/ roughly/ approximately 歹徒* 6 dai3 tu2evil-doer/ malefactor/ gangster/ hoodlum 逮捕* 6 dai4 bu3to arrest/ to apprehend/ an arrest 代价* 6 dai4 jia4price/ cost/ consideration (in share dealing) 代理* 6 dai4 li3to act on behalf of sb in a responsible position/ to act as an agent or proxy/ surrogate 带领* 6 dai4 ling3to guide/ to lead 怠慢* 6 dai4 man4to slight/ to neglect 担保* 6 dan1 bao3to guarantee/ to vouch for 胆怯* 6 dan3 qie4timid/ cowardly 蛋白质* 6 dan4 bai2 zhi4protein 诞辰* 6 dan4 chen2birthday 淡季* 6 dan4 ji4off season/ slow business season/ (see also 旺季) 诞生* 6 dan4 sheng1to be born 淡水* 6 dan4 shui3potable water (water with low salt content)/ fresh water 当场* 6 dang1 chang3at the scene/ on the spot 当初* 6 dang1 chu1at that time/ originally 当面* 6 dang1 mian4to sb's face/ in sb's presence 当前* 6 dang1 qian2current/ today's/ modern/ present/ to be facing (us) 当事人* 6 dang1 shi4 ren2persons involved or implicated/ party (to an affair) 当务之急* 6 dang1 wu4 zhi1 ji2top priority job/ matter of vital importance 当心* 6 dang1 xin1to take care/ to look out 当选* 6 dang1 xuan3be elected * 6 dang3party/ association/ club/ society/ surname Dang/ CL:個|个[ge4] 档案* 6 dang4 an4file/ record/ archive/ Taiwan pr. dang3 an4 档次* 6 dang4 ci4grade/ class/ quality/ level 倒闭* 6 dao3 bi4to go bankrupt/ to close down 导弹* 6 dao3 dan4guided missile/ cruise missile/ missile/ CL:枚[mei2] 导航* 6 dao3 hang2navigation 捣乱* 6 dao3 luan4to disturb/ to look for trouble/ to stir up a row/ to bother sb intentionally 导向* 6 dao3 xiang4to be oriented towards/ orientation 岛屿* 6 dao3 yu3islands 稻谷* 6 dao4 gu3rice crops 盗窃* 6 dao4 qie4to steal 得不偿失* 6 de2 bu4 chang2 shi1(saying) the gains do not make up for the losses 得力* 6 de2 li4able/ capable/ competent/ efficient 得天独厚* 6 de2 tian1 du2 hou4(of an area) rich in resources/ (of a person) gifted or able (idiom) 得罪* 6 de2 zui4to commit an offense/ to violate the law/ excuse me! (formal)/ see also 得罪|得罪[de2 zui5] * 6 deng1to tread on/ to step on 灯笼* 6 deng1 long2lantern 登陆* 6 deng1 lu4to land/ to come ashore/ to make landfall (of typhoon etc)/ to log in 登录* 6 deng1 lu4to register/ to login 等级* 6 deng3 ji2degree/ rate * 6 deng4to open (one's eyes) wide/ to stare at/ to glare at 堤坝* 6 di1 ba4dam 敌视* 6 di2 shi4hostile/ malevolence/ antagonism/ to view as enemy/ to stand against 抵达* 6 di3 da2arrive/ reach (a destination) 抵抗* 6 di3 kang4to resist/ resistance 抵制* 6 di3 zhi4to resit/ to boycott/ to refuse (to cooperate)/ to reject/ resistance/ refusal 地步* 6 di4 bu4condition/ situation/ plight/ extent/ room for action 地道* 6 di4 dao5real/ pure/ genuine/ typical/ well-done/ thorough 地势* 6 di4 shi4terrain/ topography relief 递增* 6 di4 zeng1to increase by degrees/ in increasing order/ incremental/ progressive 地质* 6 di4 zhi4geology 颠簸* 6 dian1 bo3to shake/ to jolt/ to bump 颠倒* 6 dian1 dao3to turn upside-down/ to reverse/ back-to-front/ confused/ deranged/ crazy 典礼* 6 dian3 li3celebration/ ceremony 典型* 6 dian3 xing2model/ typical case/ archetype/ typical/ representative 点缀* 6 dian3 zhui4to decorate/ an ornament/ to adorn/ only for show * 6 dian4pad/ cushion/ mat 奠定* 6 dian4 ding4to establish/ to fix/ to settle 惦记* 6 dian4 ji4remember with concern/ worry about 电源* 6 dian4 yuan2electric power source * 6 diao1to hold in the mouth 雕刻* 6 diao1 ke4to carve/ to engrave/ carving 雕塑* 6 diao1 su4a statue/ a Buddhist image/ sculpture/ to carve * 6 diao4to suspend/ to hang up/ to hang a person 调动* 6 diao4 dong4to transfer/ to maneuver (troops etc) * 6 die1to drop/ to fall/ to tumble/ Taiwan pr. die2 * 6 ding1to watch attentively/ to fix attention on/ to stare/ to gaze/ to follow/ to shadow sb 叮嘱* 6 ding1 zhu3to warn repeatedly/ to urge/ to exhort again and again 定期* 6 ding4 qi1regularly/ at regular intervals 定义* 6 ding4 yi4definition 丢人* 6 diu1 ren2to lose face 丢三落四* 6 diu1 san1 la4 si4forgetful/ scatterbrained 东道主* 6 dong1 dao4 zhu3host/ official host (e.g. venue for games or a conference) 东张西望* 6 dong1 zhang1 xi1 wang4to look in all directions (idiom)/ to glance around 董事长* 6 dong3 shi4 zhang3chairman of the board/ chairman * 6 dong4classifier for houses or buildings/ ridgepole (old) 动荡* 6 dong4 dang4unrest (social or political)/ turmoil/ upheaval/ commotion 动机* 6 dong4 ji1motor/ locomotive/ motive/ motivation/ intention 冻结* 6 dong4 jie2to freeze (loan; wage; price etc) 动静* 6 dong4 jing4sound of activity or people talking/ news of activity 动力* 6 dong4 li4power/ motion/ propulsion/ force 动脉* 6 dong4 mai4artery 动身* 6 dong4 shen1go on a journey/ leave 动手* 6 dong4 shou3to hit with hands or fists/ to start work/ to touch 动态* 6 dong4 tai4development/ trend/ dynamic state/ movement/ moving 洞穴* 6 dong4 xue2cave/ cavern 动员* 6 dong4 yuan2mobilize/ arouse/ CL:次[ci4];個|个[ge4] * 6 dou1pocket/ bag/ to wrap up or hold in a bag/ to move in a circle/ to canvas or solicit/ to take responsibility for/ to disclose in detail/ combat armor (old) 陡峭* 6 dou3 qiao4precipitous 斗争* 6 dou4 zheng1a struggle/ fight/ battle 督促* 6 du1 cu4to urge sb to complete a task 都市* 6 du1 shi4city/ metropolis 独裁* 6 du2 cai2dictatorship 毒品* 6 du2 pin3drugs/ narcotics/ poison 赌博* 6 du3 bo2to gamble 堵塞* 6 du3 se4to block/ to stop/ blockage 杜绝* 6 du4 jue2put an end to * 6 duan1end/ extremity/ item/ port/ to hold sth level with both hands/ to carry/ regular 端午节* 6 duan1 wu3 jie2The Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month) 端正* 6 duan1 zheng4upright/ regular/ proper/ correct 短促* 6 duan3 cu4short in time/ fleeting/ brief 断定* 6 duan4 ding4to conclude/ to determine/ to come to a judgment 断断续续* 6 duan4 duan4 xu4 xu4intermittent/ off and on/ discontinuous/ stop-go/ stammering/ disjointed/ inarticulate 断绝* 6 duan4 jue2to sever/ to break off 堆积* 6 dui1 ji1to pile up/ to heap/ accumulation 对策* 6 dui4 ce4countermeasure for dealing with a situation 对称* 6 dui4 chen4symmetry/ symmetrical 对付* 6 dui4 fu5to handle/ to deal with/ to cope/ to get by with 兑换* 6 dui4 huan4to convert/ to exchange 对抗* 6 dui4 kang4to withstand/ to resist/ to stand off/ antagonism/ confrontation 对立* 6 dui4 li4to oppose/ to set sth against/ to be antagonistic to/ antithetical/ relative opposite/ opposing/ diametrical 对联* 6 dui4 lian2rhyming couplet/ pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway/ CL:幅[fu2] 队伍* 6 dui4 wu5ranks/ troops/ CL:個|个[ge4] 兑现* 6 dui4 xian4(of a cheque etc) to cash/ to honor a commitment 对应* 6 dui4 ying4to correspond/ a correspondence/ corresponding/ homologous/ matching with sth/ counterpart 对照* 6 dui4 zhao4to contrast/ to compare/ to place side by side for comparison (as parallel texts)/ to check 顿时* 6 dun4 shi2at once/ immediately/ forthwith 哆嗦* 6 duo1 suo5to tremble/ to shiver/ uncontrolled shaking of the body 多元化* 6 duo1 yuan2 hua4diversification/ pluralism/ to diversify 堕落* 6 duo4 luo4to morally degenerate/ to become depraved/ a fall from grace/ a fall into sin or depravity 额外* 6 e2 wai4extra/ added/ additional 恶心* 6 e3 xin5nausea/ to feel sick/ disgust/ nauseating 恶化* 6 e4 hua4worsen 遏制* 6 e4 zhi4to check/ to contain/ to hold back/ to keep within limits/ to constrain/ to restrain 恩怨* 6 en1 yuan4(feeling of) resentment/ (longstanding) grudge 而已* 6 er2 yi3that's all/ nothing more 耳环* 6 er3 huan2earring/ CL:隻|只[zhi1];對|对[dui4] 二氧化碳* 6 er4 yang3 hua4 tan4carbon dioxide CO2 发布* 6 fa1 bu4to release/ to issue/ to announce/ to distribute/ also written 發布|发布[fa1 bu4] 发财* 6 fa1 cai2to get rich 发呆* 6 fa1 dai1to daydream/ lost in thought 发动* 6 fa1 dong4to start/ to launch/ to unleash/ to mobilize/ to arouse 发火* 6 fa1 huo3to catch fire/ to ignite/ to detonate/ to get angry 发觉* 6 fa1 jue2to find/ to detect/ to discover 发射* 6 fa1 she4to shoot (a projectile)/ to fire (a rocket)/ to launch/ to emit (a particle)/ to discharge/ emanation/ emission 发誓* 6 fa1 shi4to vow/ to pledge/ to swear 发行* 6 fa1 xing2to publish/ to issue (stocks; currency etc)/ to release/ to distribute (a film) 发炎* 6 fa1 yan2inflamed from infection or injury/ inflammation 发扬* 6 fa1 yang2to develop/ to make full use of 发育* 6 fa1 yu4to develop/ growth/ development 法人* 6 fa3 ren2legal person/ corporation/ see also 自然人|自然人[zi4 ran2 ren2] * 6 fan1to take turns/ order in series/ time/ a kind of/ barbarians * 6 fan1to turn over/ to flip over/ to overturn/ to translate/ to decode 繁华* 6 fan2 hua2flourishing/ bustling 繁忙* 6 fan2 mang2busy/ bustling 繁体字* 6 fan2 ti3 zi4traditional Chinese character 繁殖* 6 fan2 zhi2to breed/ to reproduce/ to propagate 反驳* 6 fan3 bo2to retort/ to refute 反常* 6 fan3 chang2unusual/ abnormal 反倒* 6 fan3 dao4but on the contrary/ but expectedly 反动* 6 fan3 dong4reaction/ reactionary 反感* 6 fan3 gan3to be disgusted with/ to dislike/ bad reaction/ antipathy 反抗* 6 fan3 kang4to resist/ to rebel 反馈* 6 fan3 kui4to send back information/ feedback 反面* 6 fan3 mian4reverse side of sth/ opposite side of some topic/ the other side 反射* 6 fan3 she4to reflect/ reflection (from a mirror etc)/ reflex (i.e. automatic reaction of organism) 反思* 6 fan3 si1to think back over sth/ to review/ to revisit/ to rethink/ reflection/ reassessment 反问* 6 fan3 wen4to ask (a question) in reply/ to answer a question with a question/ rhetorical question 反之* 6 fan3 zhi1on the other hand.../ conversely... 范畴* 6 fan4 chou2category 泛滥* 6 fan4 lan4to be in flood/ to overflow (the banks)/ to inundate/ to spread unchecked 贩卖* 6 fan4 mai4to sell/ to peddle/ to traffic 方位* 6 fang1 wei4direction/ points of the compass/ bearing/ position/ azimuth 方言* 6 fang1 yan2dialect 方针* 6 fang1 zhen1policy/ guidelines/ CL:個|个[ge4] 防守* 6 fang2 shou3defend/ protect (against) 防疫* 6 fang2 yi4disease prevention/ protection against epidemic 防御* 6 fang2 yu4defense 防止* 6 fang2 zhi3to prevent/ to guard against/ to take precautions 防治* 6 fang2 zhi4prevention and cure 纺织* 6 fang3 zhi1spinning and weaving 放大* 6 fang4 da4to enlarge/ to magnify 放射* 6 fang4 she4to radiate/ radioactive 放手* 6 fang4 shou3let go/ have a free hand/ let go one's hold 非法* 6 fei1 fa3illegal 飞禽走兽* 6 fei1 qin2 zou3 shou4birds and animals/ the beasts of the field and the birds of the air 飞翔* 6 fei1 xiang2fly 飞跃* 6 fei1 yue4to leap 肥沃* 6 fei2 wo4fertile 诽谤* 6 fei3 bang4slander/ libel 匪徒* 6 fei3 tu2gangster/ bandit 废除* 6 fei4 chu2to abolish/ to abrogate/ to repeal 沸腾* 6 fei4 teng2boiling/ ebullition 废墟* 6 fei4 xu1ruins 分辨* 6 fen1 bian4to distinguish/ to differentiate/ to resolve/ to defend against an accusation/ to exculpate 分寸* 6 fen1 cun5propriety/ appropriate behavior/ proper speech or action/ within the norms 吩咐* 6 fen1 fu4to tell/ to instruct/ to command 分红* 6 fen1 hong2a bonus/ to award a bonus 分解* 6 fen1 jie3to resolve/ to decompose/ to break down 分裂* 6 fen1 lie4to split up/ to divide/ to break up/ fission 分泌* 6 fen1 mi4secrete 分明* 6 fen1 ming2clearly demarcated/ sharply contoured 分歧* 6 fen1 qi2difference (of opinion; position)/ bifurcation 分散* 6 fen1 san4scatter/ disperse/ distribute 分手* 6 fen1 shou3to split up/ to break up 坟墓* 6 fen2 mu4sepulcher/ tomb 粉末* 6 fen3 mo4fine powder/ dust 粉色* 6 fen3 se4white/ light pink/ erotic/ beautiful woman/ powdered (with make-up) 粉碎* 6 fen3 sui4crash/ break up 分量* 6 fen4 liang4weight/ measure 风暴* 6 feng1 bao4storm/ violent commotion/ fig. crisis (e.g. revolution; uprising; financial crisis etc) 封闭* 6 feng1 bi4to seal/ to close/ to confine/ to seal off/ to close down/ sealed/ confined/ closed/ unreceptive 风度* 6 feng1 du4elegance (for men)/ elegant demeanor/ grace/ poise 风光* 6 feng1 guang1scene/ view/ sight/ landscape/ to be well-regarded/ to be well-off/ grand (topolect)/ impressive (topolect) 封建* 6 feng1 jian4system of enfeoffment/ feudalism/ feudal/ feudalistic 锋利* 6 feng1 li4sharp (e.g. knife blade)/ incisive/ to the point 丰满* 6 feng1 man3plentiful/ rich/ plump/ well-rounded 风气* 6 feng1 qi4general mood/ atmosphere/ common practice 风趣* 6 feng1 qu4humor/ wit/ humorous/ witty 丰盛* 6 feng1 sheng4rich/ sumptuous 丰收* 6 feng1 shou1bumper harvest 封锁* 6 feng1 suo3to blockade/ to seal off 风土人情* 6 feng1 tu3 ren2 qing2local conditions and customs (idiom) 风味* 6 feng1 wei4local flavor/ local style * 6 feng2to meet by chance/ to come across/ to fawn upon 奉献* 6 feng4 xian4to consecrate/ to dedicate/ to devote 否决* 6 fou3 jue2veto/ to overrule/ to veto/ to reject 夫妇* 6 fu1 fu4a (married) couple/ husband and wife/ CL:對|对[dui4] 夫人* 6 fu1 ren5lady/ madam/ Mrs./ CL:位[wei4] 敷衍* 6 fu1 yan3to elaborate (on a theme)/ to expound (the classics)/ perfunctory/ to skimp/ to botch/ to do sth half-heartedly or just for show/ barely enough to get by 幅度* 6 fu2 du4width/ extent/ range/ scope 符号* 6 fu2 hao4symbol/ mark/ sign 福利* 6 fu2 li4(material) welfare/ well-being 俘虏* 6 fu2 lu3captive 服气* 6 fu2 qi4to be convinced/ to accept 福气* 6 fu2 qi5good fortune/ to enjoy good fortune 辐射* 6 fu2 she4radiation 腐败* 6 fu3 bai4corruption/ corrupt/ rotten 腐烂* 6 fu3 lan4to rot/ to become gangrenous 腐蚀* 6 fu3 shi2corrosion/ to corrode (degrade chemically)/ to rot/ corruption 腐朽* 6 fu3 xiu3rotten/ decayed/ decadent/ degenerate 抚养* 6 fu3 yang3to foster/ to bring up/ to raise 俯仰* 6 fu3 yang3looking up and down/ actions/ being obliging 辅助* 6 fu3 zhu4to assist/ to aid/ supplementary/ auxiliary/ subsidiary * 6 fu4secondary/ auxiliary/ deputy/ assistant/ vice-/ abbr. for 副詞|副词 adverb/ classifier for pairs 负担* 6 fu4 dan1burden/ to bear a burden 覆盖* 6 fu4 gai4to cover 附和* 6 fu4 he4to parrot/ to crib/ to copy sb's action or words/ to trail sb's footsteps/ copy-cat 复活* 6 fu4 huo2to bring back to life/ to revive/ resurrection 附件* 6 fu4 jian4enclosure/ attachment (email)/ appendix 附属* 6 fu4 shu3subsidiary/ auxiliary/ attached/ affiliated/ subordinate/ subordinating 腹泻* 6 fu4 xie4diarrhea/ to have the runs 复兴* 6 fu4 xing1to revive/ rebirth 赋予* 6 fu4 yu3to assign/ to entrust (a task)/ to give/ to bestow 富裕* 6 fu4 yu4abundant/ affluent/ richness/ affluence 副作用* 6 fu4 zuo4 yong4side effect 改良* 6 gai3 liang2improve 盖章* 6 gai4 zhang1to affix a seal (to sth) 尴尬* 6 gan1 ga4awkward/ embarrassed 干旱* 6 gan1 han4drought/ arid/ dry 干扰* 6 gan1 rao3to interfere/ obstruction 干涉* 6 gan1 she4to interfere/ to meddle/ interference 甘心* 6 gan1 xin1to be willing to/ to resign oneself to 干预* 6 gan1 yu4to meddle/ to intervene/ intervention 感慨* 6 gan3 kai3lament/ with a tinge of emotion or regret 感染* 6 gan3 ran3infection/ to infect/ to influence 干劲* 6 gan4 jin4enthusiasm for doing sth * 6 gang1to raise aloft with both hands 刚刚* 6 gang1 gang1just recently/ just a moment ago 纲领* 6 gang1 ling3program/ guiding principle 港口* 6 gang3 kou3port/ harbor 港湾* 6 gang3 wan1natural harbor/ bay serving as harbor 岗位* 6 gang3 wei4a post/ a job 杠杆* 6 gang4 gan3lever/ pry bar/ crowbar/ financial leverage 高超* 6 gao1 chao1excellent/ superlative 高潮* 6 gao1 chao2high tide/ high water/ upsurge/ climax/ orgasm/ chorus (part of a song) 高峰* 6 gao1 feng1peak/ summit/ height 高考* 6 gao1 kao3college entrance exam/ abbr. for 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試|普通高等学校招生全国统一考试[pu3 tong1 gao1 deng3 xue2 xiao4 zhao1 sheng1 quan2 guo2 tong3 yi1 kao3 shi4] 高明* 6 gao1 ming2wise/ brilliant/ superior 高尚* 6 gao1 shang4nobly/ lofty 高涨* 6 gao1 zhang3upsurge/ (tensions etc) run high 稿件* 6 gao3 jian4rough draft/ material contributing to a final document 告辞* 6 gao4 ci2to take leave 告诫* 6 gao4 jie4to warn/ to admonish * 6 ge1to cut/ to cut apart * 6 ge1to place/ to put aside/ to shelve 疙瘩* 6 ge1 da5swelling or lump on skin/ pimple/ knot/ preoccupation/ problem 歌颂* 6 ge1 song4sing the praises of/ extol/ eulogize 隔阂* 6 ge2 he2estrangement 格局* 6 ge2 ju2structure/ pattern/ layout 隔离* 6 ge2 li2to separate/ to isolate 格式* 6 ge2 shi4form/ specification/ format 各抒己见* 6 ge4 shu1 ji3 jian4everyone gives their own view 个体* 6 ge4 ti3individual 各自* 6 ge4 zi4each/ respective/ apiece 跟前* 6 gen1 qian2in front of/ close to/ nearby/ the time just before 根深蒂固* 6 gen1 shen1 di4 gu4deep-rooted (problem etc) 跟随* 6 gen1 sui2to follow 根源* 6 gen1 yuan2origin/ root (cause) 跟踪* 6 gen1 zong1to follow sb's tracks/ to tail/ to shadow 耕地* 6 geng1 di4arable land/ to plow land 更新* 6 geng1 xin1to replace the old with new/ to renew/ to renovate/ to upgrade/ to update/ to regenerate 更正* 6 geng1 zheng4to correct/ to make a correction 公安局* 6 gong1 an1 ju2Public Security Bureau 供不应求* 6 gong1 bu4 ying4 qiu2supply does not meet demand 公道* 6 gong1 dao4justice/ fairness/ public highway 宫殿* 6 gong1 dian4palace/ CL:座[zuo4] 工夫* 6 gong1 fu5time/ skill 公告* 6 gong1 gao4post/ announcement 公关* 6 gong1 guan1public relations 攻击* 6 gong1 ji1to attack/ to accuse/ to charge/ an attack (terrorist or military) 供给* 6 gong1 ji3to furnish/ to provide/ supply (as in supply and demand) 恭敬* 6 gong1 jing4deferential/ with respect 功课* 6 gong1 ke4homework/ assignment/ task/ classwork/ lesson/ study/ CL:門|门[men2] 攻克* 6 gong1 ke4to capture/ to take 功劳* 6 gong1 lao2contribution/ meritorious service/ credit 公民* 6 gong1 min2citizen 公婆* 6 gong1 po2husband's parents/ parents-in-law 公然* 6 gong1 ran2openly/ publicly/ undisguised 公认* 6 gong1 ren4publicly known (to be)/ accepted (as) 公式* 6 gong1 shi4formula 公务* 6 gong1 wu4official business 功效* 6 gong1 xiao4efficacy 工艺品* 6 gong1 yi4 pin3handicraft article/ handiwork/ CL:個|个[ge4] 公正* 6 gong1 zheng4just/ fair/ equitable 公证* 6 gong1 zheng4notarization/ notarized/ acknowledgement 巩固* 6 gong3 gu4to consolidate/ consolidation/ to strengthen 共和国* 6 gong4 he2 guo2republic 共计* 6 gong4 ji4to sum up to/ to total 共鸣* 6 gong4 ming2physical resonance/ sympathetic response to sth 勾结* 6 gou1 jie2to collude with/ to collaborate with/ to gang up with 钩子* 6 gou1 zi5hook 构思* 6 gou4 si1to outline a story/ to make a preliminary sketch 孤独* 6 gu1 du2lonely/ solitary 辜负* 6 gu1 fu4to fail to live up (to expectations)/ unworthy (of trust)/ to let down/ to betray (hopes)/ to disappoint 孤立* 6 gu1 li4isolate/ isolated 姑且* 6 gu1 qie3temporarily/ the time being/ for the moment/ provisional/ tentatively 股东* 6 gu3 dong1shareholder/ stockholder 古董* 6 gu3 dong3curio/ antique 鼓动* 6 gu3 dong4to agitate/ to arouse/ to instigate/ to encite 股份* 6 gu3 fen4a share (in a company)/ stock 骨干* 6 gu3 gan4diaphysis (long segment of a bone)/ fig. backbone 古怪* 6 gu3 guai4eccentric/ grotesque/ oddly/ queer 顾虑* 6 gu4 lv4misgivings/ apprehensions 固然* 6 gu4 ran2admittedly (it's true that...) 顾问* 6 gu4 wen4adviser/ consultant 故乡* 6 gu4 xiang1home/ homeland/ native place/ CL:個|个[ge4] 固有* 6 gu4 you3intrinsic to sth/ inherent/ native 故障* 6 gu4 zhang4malfunction/ breakdown/ defect/ shortcoming/ fault/ failure/ impediment/ error/ bug (in software) 固执* 6 gu4 zhi5persistent/ stubborn 拐杖* 6 guai3 zhang4crutches/ crutch/ walking stick 官方* 6 guan1 fang1official/ (by the) government 观光* 6 guan1 guang1to tour/ sightseeing/ tourism 关照* 6 guan1 zhao4to take care/ to keep an eye on/ to look after/ to tell/ to remind 管辖* 6 guan3 xia2to administer/ to have jurisdiction (over) * 6 guan4can/ jar/ pot 贯彻* 6 guan4 che4to implement/ to put into practice/ to carry out 灌溉* 6 guan4 gai4to irrigate 惯例* 6 guan4 li4conventional 光彩* 6 guang1 cai3luster/ splendor/ radiance/ brilliance 光辉* 6 guang1 hui1radiance/ glory/ brilliant/ magnificent 光芒* 6 guang1 mang2rays of light/ brilliant rays/ radiance 广阔* 6 guang3 kuo4wide/ vast 规范* 6 gui1 fan4norm/ standard/ specification/ regulation/ rule/ within the rules/ to fix rules/ to regulate/ to specify 规格* 6 gui1 ge2standard/ norm/ specification 归根到底* 6 gui1 gen1 dao4 di3(saying) to sum it up... 规划* 6 gui1 hua4plan/ program 归还* 6 gui1 huan2to return sth/ to revert 归纳* 6 gui1 na4to sum up/ to summarize/ to conclude from facts/ induction (method of deduction in logic) 规章* 6 gui1 zhang1rule/ regulation 轨道* 6 gui3 dao4orbit/ railway or tram line/ fig. conventional way of thinking * 6 gui4kneel 贵族* 6 gui4 zu2lord/ nobility/ nobleman/ noblewoman/ aristocrat/ aristocracy 棍棒* 6 gun4 bang4club 国防* 6 guo2 fang2national defense 国务院* 6 Guo2 Wu4 Yuan4State Council (PRC)/ State Department (USA) 果断* 6 guo3 duan4firm/ decisive 过度* 6 guo4 du4excessive/ over-/ excess/ going too far/ extravagant/ intemperate/ overdue 过渡* 6 guo4 du4to cross over (by ferry)/ transition/ interim/ caretaker (administration) 过奖* 6 guo4 jiang3to over-praise/ to flatter 过滤* 6 guo4 lv4to filter/ filter 过失* 6 guo4 shi1defect/ fault 过问* 6 guo4 wen4to show an interest in/ to get involved with 过瘾* 6 guo4 yin3to satisfy a craving/ to get a kick out of sth/ gratifying/ immensely enjoyable/ satisfying/ fulfilling 过于* 6 guo4 yu2too much/ excessively * 6 hai1oh alas/ hey!/ hi! (loanword) 海拔* 6 hai3 ba2height above sea level/ elevation 海滨* 6 hai3 bin1shore/ seaside 含糊* 6 han2 hu5obscurity/ vague 寒暄* 6 han2 xuan1exchanging conventional greetings/ to talk about the weather 含义* 6 han2 yi4meaning (implicit in a phrase)/ implied meaning/ hidden meaning/ hint/ connotation 罕见* 6 han3 jian4rare/ rarely seen 捍卫* 6 han4 wei4defend/ uphold/ safeguard 航空* 6 hang2 kong1aviation 行列* 6 hang2 lie4procession 航天* 6 hang2 tian1space flight 航行* 6 hang2 xing2to sail/ to fly/ to navigate 豪迈* 6 hao2 mai4bold/ open-minded/ heroic 毫米* 6 hao2 mi3millimeter 毫无* 6 hao2 wu2not in the least/ none whatsoever/ completely without 耗费* 6 hao4 fei4to waste/ to spend/ to consume/ to squander 好客* 6 hao4 ke4hospitality/ to treat guests well/ to enjoy having guests/ hospitable/ friendly 号召* 6 hao4 zhao4to call/ to appeal * 6 he1to scold in a loud voice/ to yawn 和蔼* 6 he2 ai3kindly/ nice/ amiable 合并* 6 he2 bing4to merge/ to annex 合成* 6 he2 cheng2to compose/ to constitute/ compound/ synthesis/ mixture/ synthetic 合乎* 6 he2 hu1to accord with/ conforming to 合伙* 6 he2 huo3to act jointly/ to form a partnership 和解* 6 he2 jie3to settle (a dispute out of court)/ to reconcile/ settlement/ conciliation/ to become reconciled 和睦* 6 he2 mu4peaceful relations/ harmonious 和气* 6 he2 qi5friendly/ polite/ amiable 合身* 6 he2 shen1well-fitting (of clothes) 合算* 6 he2 suan4worthwhile/ be a good deal/ be a bargain/ reckon up/ calculate 和谐* 6 he2 xie2harmonious * 6 hei1hey 痕迹* 6 hen2 ji4vestige/ mark/ trace 狠心* 6 hen3 xin1callous/ heartless 恨不得* 6 hen4 bu5 de2wishing one could do sth/ to hate to be unable/ itching to do sth/ can't wait for/ to wish one could do sth/ to desire strongly * 6 heng1to groan/ to snort/ to hum/ to croon/ humph! * 6 hong1roar of laughter (onomatopoeia)/ hubbub/ to roar (as a crowd) * 6 hong1to bake/ to heat by fire 轰动* 6 hong1 dong4sensation/ stir 红包* 6 hong2 bao1lit. money wrapped in red as a gift/ a bonus payment/ a kickback/ a bribe 宏观* 6 hong2 guan1macro-/ macroscopic/ holistic 洪水* 6 hong2 shui3deluge/ flood 宏伟* 6 hong2 wei3grand/ imposing/ magnificent 喉咙* 6 hou2 long2throat/ larynx * 6 hou3roar or howl of an animal/ bellow of rage 后代* 6 hou4 dai4posterity/ later periods/ later ages/ later generations 后顾之忧* 6 hou4 gu4 zhi1 you1fears of trouble in the rear (idiom)/ family worries (obstructing freedom of action)/ worries about the future consequences/ often in negative expressions; meaning "no worries about anything" 后面* 6 hou4 mian4rear/ back/ behind/ later/ afterwards 后勤* 6 hou4 qin2logistics 候选* 6 hou4 xuan3candidate 忽略* 6 hu1 lve4to neglect/ to overlook/ to ignore 呼啸* 6 hu1 xiao4to whistle/ to scream/ to whiz 呼吁* 6 hu1 yu4to call on (sb to do sth)/ to appeal (to)/ an appeal 胡乱* 6 hu2 luan4careless/ reckless/ casually/ absent-mindedly/ at will/ at random/ any old how 湖泊* 6 hu2 po1lake 互联网* 6 hu4 lian2 wang3the Internet 华丽* 6 hua2 li4gorgeous 华侨* 6 hua2 qiao2overseas Chinese/ CL:個|个[ge4];位[wei4] 化肥* 6 hua4 fei2fertilizer 划分* 6 hua4 fen1to divide 画蛇添足* 6 hua4 she2 tian1 zu2lit. draw legs on a snake (idiom)/ fig. to ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous/ to overdo it 化石* 6 hua4 shi2fossil 话筒* 6 hua4 tong3microphone 化验* 6 hua4 yan4laboratory test/ chemical experiment/ assay 化妆* 6 hua4 zhuang1to put on make-up 怀孕* 6 huai2 yun4pregnant/ to have conceived/ gestation/ pregnancy 欢乐* 6 huan1 le4gaiety/ gladness/ glee/ merriment/ pleasure/ happy/ joyous/ gay 环节* 6 huan2 jie2round segment/ segment (of annelid worms)/ connection/ link/ sector/ annular ring 还原* 6 huan2 yuan2to restore to the original state/ reduction (chemistry) 缓和* 6 huan3 he2to ease (tension)/ to alleviate/ to moderate/ to allay/ to make more mild 患者* 6 huan4 zhe3patient/ sufferer 荒凉* 6 huang1 liang2desolate 慌忙* 6 huang1 mang2in a great rush/ in a flurry 荒谬* 6 huang1 miu4absurd/ ridiculous 荒唐* 6 huang1 tang2beyond belief/ preposterous/ absurd/ intemperate/ dissipated 黄昏* 6 huang2 hun1dusk/ evening/ nightfall 恍然大悟* 6 huang3 ran2 da4 wu4to suddenly realize/ to suddenly see the light 辉煌* 6 hui1 huang2splendid/ glorious 挥霍* 6 hui1 huo4to squander money/ extravagant/ prodigal/ free and easy/ agile 回报* 6 hui2 bao4(in) return/ reciprocation/ payback/ retaliation/ to report back/ to reciprocate 回避* 6 hui2 bi4to evade/ to shun/ to avoid 回顾* 6 hui2 gu4to look back/ to review 回收* 6 hui2 shou1to recycle/ to reclaim/ to retrieve/ to recover 悔恨* 6 hui3 hen4remorse/ repentance 毁灭* 6 hui3 mie4perish/ ruin/ destroy 汇报* 6 hui4 bao4to report/ to give an account of/ to collect information and report back 贿赂* 6 hui4 lu4to bribe/ a bribe 会晤* 6 hui4 wu4to meet/ meeting/ conference 昏迷* 6 hun1 mi2to lose consciousness/ to be in a coma/ stupor/ coma/ stunned/ disoriented 浑身* 6 hun2 shen1all over/ from head to foot 混合* 6 hun4 he2to mix/ to blend 混乱* 6 hun4 luan4confusion/ chaos/ disorder 混淆* 6 hun4 xiao2to obscure/ to confuse/ to mix up/ to blur/ to mislead 混浊* 6 hun4 zhuo2turbid/ muddy/ dirty 活该* 6 huo2 gai1(coll.) serve sb right/ deservedly/ ought/ should 活力* 6 huo2 li4energy/ vitality/ vigor/ vital force 火箭* 6 huo3 jian4rocket/ CL:枚[mei2] 火焰* 6 huo3 yan4blaze/ flame 火药* 6 huo3 yao4gunpowder 货币* 6 huo4 bi4currency/ monetary/ money 或许* 6 huo4 xu3perhaps/ maybe 基地* 6 ji1 di4base (of operations)/ industrial or military base/ al-Qaeda 机动* 6 ji1 dong4locomotive/ motorized/ power-driven/ adaptable/ flexible (use; treatment; timing etc) 饥饿* 6 ji1 e4hunger/ starvation/ famine 激发* 6 ji1 fa1to arouse/ to excite 机构* 6 ji1 gou4mechanism/ structure/ organization/ agency/ institution/ CL:所[suo3] 机关* 6 ji1 guan1mechanism/ gear/ machine-operated/ office/ agency/ organ/ organization/ establishment/ institution/ body/ strategum/ scheme/ intrigue/ plot/ trick/ CL:個|个[ge4] 基金* 6 ji1 jin1fund 激励* 6 ji1 li4to encourage/ to urge/ motivation/ incentive 机灵* 6 ji1 ling5clever/ quick-witted 机密* 6 ji1 mi4secret/ classified (information) 激情* 6 ji1 qing2passion/ fervor/ enthusiasm/ strong emotion 讥笑* 6 ji1 xiao4to sneer 机械* 6 ji1 xie4machine/ machinery/ mechanical 基因* 6 ji1 yin1gene (loanword) 机遇* 6 ji1 yu4opportunity/ favorable circumstance/ stroke of luck 机智* 6 ji1 zhi4quick-witted/ tact/ witty/ resourceful 即便* 6 ji2 bian4even if/ even though/ right away/ immediately 级别* 6 ji2 bie2(military) rank/ level/ grade 疾病* 6 ji2 bing4disease/ sickness/ ailment 嫉妒* 6 ji2 du4to be jealous/ to envy/ to hate 极端* 6 ji2 duan1extreme 急功近利* 6 ji2 gong1 jin4 li4seeking instant benefit (idiom)/ shortsighted vision; looking only for fast return 籍贯* 6 ji2 guan4one's native place/ place of ancestry/ registered birthplace 即将* 6 ji2 jiang1on the eve of/ to be about to/ to be on the verge of 急剧* 6 ji2 ju4rapid/ sudden 急切* 6 ji2 qie4eager/ impatient 集团* 6 ji2 tuan2group/ bloc/ corporation/ conglomerate 极限* 6 ji2 xian4limit/ extreme boundary 吉祥* 6 ji2 xiang2lucky/ auspicious/ propitious 急于求成* 6 ji2 yu2 qiu2 cheng2anxious for quick results (idiom)/ to demand instant success/ impatient for result/ impetuous 及早* 6 ji2 zao3at the earliest possible time/ as soon as possible 急躁* 6 ji2 zao4irritable/ irascible/ impetuous 给予* 6 ji3 yu3to accord/ to give/ to show (respect) 继承* 6 ji4 cheng2to inherit/ to carry on/ to succeed 季度* 6 ji4 du4quarter (finance; publishing; schools etc)/ season (sports)/ period of three months 忌讳* 6 ji4 hui4taboo/ to avoid as taboo/ to abstain from 计较* 6 ji4 jiao4to haggle/ to bicker/ to argue 寂静* 6 ji4 jing4quiet 季军* 6 ji4 jun1third in a race/ bronze medalist 技能* 6 ji4 neng2technical ability/ skill 技巧* 6 ji4 qiao3skill/ technique 寄托* 6 ji4 tuo1to have sb look after sb/ to entrust the care of sb/ to place (hope etc) on 继往开来* 6 ji4 wang3 kai1 lai2to follow the past and herald the future (idiom)/ part of a historical transition/ forming a bridge between earlier and later stages 迹象* 6 ji4 xiang4mark/ indication/ sign/ indicator 记性* 6 ji4 xing5memory/ recall 纪要* 6 ji4 yao4minutes/ written summary of a meeting 记载* 6 ji4 zai3write down/ record/ written account 家常* 6 jia1 chang2the daily life of a family 加工* 6 jia1 gong1to process/ processing/ working (of machinery) 家伙* 6 jia1 huo5household dish; implement or furniture/ domestic animal/ guy (slang)/ chap 加剧* 6 jia1 ju4to intensify/ to sharpen/ to accelerate/ to aggravate/ to exacerbate/ to embitter 家属* 6 jia1 shu3family member/ (family) dependent 佳肴* 6 jia1 yao2fine food/ delicacies/ delicious food 家喻户晓* 6 jia1 yu4 hu4 xiao3understood by everyone (idiom)/ well known/ a household name 夹杂* 6 jia1 za2to mix together (disparate substances)/ to mingle/ a mix/ to be tangled up with 假设* 6 jia3 she4suppose that.../ hypothesis/ conjecture 假使* 6 jia3 shi3if/ in case/ suppose/ given ... 坚定* 6 jian1 ding4firm/ steady/ staunch/ resolute 监督* 6 jian1 du1to control/ to supervise/ to inspect 尖端* 6 jian1 duan1sharp pointed end/ the tip/ the cusp/ tip-top/ most advanced and sophisticated/ highest peak/ the best 坚固* 6 jian1 gu4firm/ firmly/ hard/ stable 艰难* 6 jian1 nan2difficult/ hard/ challenging 坚韧* 6 jian1 ren4tough and durable/ tenacious 坚实* 6 jian1 shi2firm and substantial/ solid 监视* 6 jian1 shi4to monitor/ to oversee/ to keep a close watch over/ to spy on 坚硬* 6 jian1 ying4hard/ solid 监狱* 6 jian1 yu4prison 兼职* 6 jian1 zhi2to hold concurrent posts/ part-time/ concurrent job/ moonlighting * 6 jian3to choose/ to pick/ to sort out/ to pick up 剪彩* 6 jian3 cai3to cut the ribbon (at a launching or opening ceremony) 简化* 6 jian3 hua4simplify 简陋* 6 jian3 lou4simple and crude (of a room or building) 检讨* 6 jian3 tao3to examine or inspect/ self-criticism/ review 简体字* 6 jian3 ti3 zi4simplified Chinese character; as opposed to traditional Chinese character 繁體字|繁体字[fan2 ti3 zi4] 检验* 6 jian3 yan4to inspect/ to examine/ to test 简要* 6 jian3 yao4concise/ brief * 6 jian4splash 鉴别* 6 jian4 bie2to differentiate/ to distinguish 间谍* 6 jian4 die2spy 鉴定* 6 jian4 ding4to appraise/ to identify/ to evaluate 见多识广* 6 jian4 duo1 shi2 guang3experienced and knowledgeable (idiom) 间隔* 6 jian4 ge2compartment/ gap/ interval/ to divide 间接* 6 jian4 jie1indirect 见解* 6 jian4 jie3opinion/ view/ understanding 健全* 6 jian4 quan2robust/ strong 践踏* 6 jian4 ta4to trample 舰艇* 6 jian4 ting3warship/ naval vessel 见闻* 6 jian4 wen2what one sees and hears/ knowledge/ information 见义勇为* 6 jian4 yi4 yong3 wei2to see what is right and act courageously (idiom; from Analects)/ to stand up bravely for the truth/ acting heroically in a just cause 鉴于* 6 jian4 yu2in view of/ seeing that/ considering/ whereas 将近* 6 jiang1 jin4almost/ nearly/ close to 将军* 6 jiang1 jun1(Military) admiral/ (chess) to check/ to embarrass 僵硬* 6 jiang1 ying4stark/ stiff * 6 jiang3oar/ paddle 奖励* 6 jiang3 li4reward (as encouragement) 奖赏* 6 jiang3 shang3reward/ prize/ an award 降临* 6 jiang4 lin2to descend to 交叉* 6 jiao1 cha1to cross/ to intersect 交代* 6 jiao1 dai4to hand over/ to explain/ to make clear/ to brief (sb)/ to account for/ to justify oneself/ to confess/ to finish (colloquial) 焦点* 6 jiao1 dian3focus/ focal point 焦急* 6 jiao1 ji2anxiety/ anxious 娇气* 6 jiao1 qi4delicate/ squeamish/ finicky 交涉* 6 jiao1 she4to negotiate/ relating to 交往* 6 jiao1 wang3to associate/ to contact/ association/ contact 交易* 6 jiao1 yi4(business) transaction/ business deal/ CL:筆|笔[bi3] 搅拌* 6 jiao3 ban4to stir/ to agitate 角落* 6 jiao3 luo4nook/ corner 缴纳* 6 jiao3 na4to pay (taxes etc) 较量* 6 jiao4 liang4to have a contest with sb/ to cross swords/ to measure up against/ to compete with/ to haggle/ to quibble 教养* 6 jiao4 yang3to train/ to educate/ to bring up/ to nurture/ education/ culture/ upbringing/ early conditioning * 6 jie1all/ each and every/ in all cases 阶层* 6 jie1 ceng2hierarchy/ stratum 揭发* 6 jie1 fa1to expose/ to bring to light/ to disclose/ revelation 接连* 6 jie1 lian2on end/ in a row/ in succession 揭露* 6 jie1 lu4to expose/ to unmask/ to ferret out/ to disclose/ disclosure 杰出* 6 jie2 chu1outstanding/ distinguished/ remarkable/ prominent/ illustrious 结果* 6 jie2 guo3result/ outcome/ effect/ in the event/ so that 竭尽全力* 6 jie2 jin4 quan2 li4to spare no effort (idiom)/ to do one's utmost 结晶* 6 jie2 jing1crystallization/ crystalline/ crystal 结局* 6 jie2 ju2conclusion/ ending 结算* 6 jie2 suan4to settle a bill/ to close an account 截至* 6 jie2 zhi4up to (a time)/ by (a time) 节奏* 6 jie2 zou4rhythm/ tempo/ musical pulse/ cadence/ beat 解除* 6 jie3 chu2to remove/ to sack/ to get rid of/ to relieve (sb of their duties)/ to free/ to lift (an embargo)/ to rescind (an agreement) 解雇* 6 jie3 gu4to fire/ to sack/ to dismiss 解剖* 6 jie3 pou1to dissect (an animal)/ to analyze/ anatomy 解散* 6 jie3 san4dissolve/ disband 解体* 6 jie3 ti3to break up into components/ to disintegrate/ to collapse/ to crumble 戒备* 6 jie4 bei4to take precautions/ to guard against (emergency) 借鉴* 6 jie4 jian4to use other people's experience/ to borrow from a source/ to use as reference 界限* 6 jie4 xian4boundary/ marginal 借助* 6 jie4 zhu4to draw support from/ with the help of 津津有味* 6 jin1 jin1 you3 wei4with keen interest pleasure (idiom)/ with gusto/ to relish/ eagerly/ with great interest 金融* 6 jin1 rong2banking/ finance/ financial 尽快* 6 jin3 kuai4as quickly as possible/ as soon as possible/ with all speed/ also written 盡快|尽快 尽量* 6 jin3 liang4as much as possible/ to the greatest extent 紧密* 6 jin3 mi4inseparably close 紧迫* 6 jin3 po4pressing/ urgent 锦绣前程* 6 jin3 xiu4 qian2 cheng2a bright future/ a rosy future/ brilliant prospects 进而* 6 jin4 er2and then (what follows next) 进攻* 6 jin4 gong1to attack/ to assault/ to go on the offensive/ attack/ assault/ offense (sports) 进化* 6 jin4 hua4evolution/ CL:個|个[ge4] 近来* 6 jin4 lai2recently/ lately 浸泡* 6 jin4 pao4to steep/ to soak/ to immerse 晋升* 6 jin4 sheng1to promote to a higher position 近视* 6 jin4 shi4shortsighted/ nearsighted/ myopia 劲头* 6 jin4 tou2enthusiasm/ zeal/ vigor/ strength 进展* 6 jin4 zhan3to make headway/ to make progress * 6 jing1stalk/ stem/ CL:條|条[tiao2] 精打细算* 6 jing1 da3 xi4 suan4(saying) meticulous planning and careful accounting 惊动* 6 jing1 dong4alarm/ alert/ disturb 经费* 6 jing1 fei4funds/ expenditure/ CL:筆|笔[bi3] 精华* 6 jing1 hua2best feature/ most important part of an object/ quintessence/ essence/ soul 精简* 6 jing1 jian3to simplify/ to reduce 兢兢业业* 6 jing1 jing1 ye4 ye4cautious and conscientious 精密* 6 jing1 mi4accuracy/ exact/ precise/ refined 惊奇* 6 jing1 qi2to be amazed/ to be surprised/ to wonder 精确* 6 jing1 que4accurate/ precise 经商* 6 jing1 shang1to trade/ to carry out commercial activities/ in business 精通* 6 jing1 tong1proficient 经纬* 6 jing1 wei3warp and woof/ longitude and latitude/ main points 精心* 6 jing1 xin1with utmost care/ fine/ meticulous/ detailed 惊讶* 6 jing1 ya4amazed/ astonished/ to surprise/ amazing/ astonishment/ awe 精益求精* 6 jing1 yi4 qiu2 jing1to perfect sth that is already outstanding (idiom)/ constantly improving 精致* 6 jing1 zhi4delicate/ fine/ exquisite/ refined * 6 jing3warn/ well/ surname Jing/ CL:口[kou3] 警告* 6 jing3 gao4to warn/ to admonish 警惕* 6 jing3 ti4to be on the alert/ vigilant/ alert/ on guard/ to warn 颈椎* 6 jing3 zhui1cervical vertebra/ the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck of humans and most mammals 境界* 6 jing4 jie4boundary/ state/ realm 敬礼* 6 jing4 li3salute 竞赛* 6 jing4 sai4race/ competition/ CL:個|个[ge4] 镜头* 6 jing4 tou2camera shot (in a movie etc)/ scene 竞选* 6 jing4 xuan3to take part in an election/ to run for office 纠纷* 6 jiu1 fen1a dispute/ entanglement (law) 纠正* 6 jiu1 zheng4to correct/ to make right 酒精* 6 jiu3 jing1alcohol/ ethanol CH3CH2OH/ ethyl alcohol/ also written 乙醇/ grain alcohol 救济* 6 jiu4 ji4emergency relief/ to help the needy with cash or goods 就近* 6 jiu4 jin4nearby/ in a close neighborhood 就业* 6 jiu4 ye4looking for employment/ getting a job/ to start a career 就职* 6 jiu4 zhi2take office/ assume a post 鞠躬* 6 ju1 gong1to bow 拘留* 6 ju1 liu2to detain (a prisoner)/ to keep sb in custody 拘束* 6 ju1 shu4to restrict/ to restrain/ constrained/ awkward/ ill at ease/ uncomfortable/ reticent 居住* 6 ju1 zhu4to reside/ to dwell/ to live in a place/ resident in 局部* 6 ju2 bu4part/ local 局面* 6 ju2 mian4aspect/ phase/ situation 局势* 6 ju2 shi4situation/ state (of affairs) 局限* 6 ju2 xian4limit 举动* 6 ju3 dong4act/ action/ activity/ move/ movement 咀嚼* 6 ju3 jue2to chew 沮丧* 6 ju3 sang4dispirited/ dejected/ dismayed 举世闻名* 6 ju3 shi4 wen2 ming2(saying) world famous 举世瞩目* 6 ju3 shi4 zhu3 mu4attract worldwide attention 举足轻重* 6 ju3 zu2 qing1 zhong4a foot's move sways the balance (idiom)/ to hold the balance of power/ to play the decisive role 剧本* 6 ju4 ben3script for play; opera; movie etc/ screenplay 聚精会神* 6 ju4 jing1 hui4 shen2to concentrate one's attention (idiom) 剧烈* 6 ju4 lie4violent/ acute/ severe/ fierce 据悉* 6 ju4 xi1according to reports/ it is reported (that) 决策* 6 jue2 ce4strategic decision/ decision-making/ policy decision/ to determine policy 绝望* 6 jue2 wang4desperation/ forlorn/ hopeless 觉悟* 6 jue2 wu4consciousness/ awareness/ Buddhist enlightenment (Sanskrit: cittotpāda) 觉醒* 6 jue2 xing3to awaken/ to come to realize/ awakened to the truth/ the truth dawns upon one/ scales fall from the eyes/ to become aware 军队* 6 jun1 dui4army troops/ CL:支[zhi1];個|个[ge4] 卡通* 6 ka3 tong1cartoon 开采* 6 kai1 cai3to extract (ore or other resource from a mine)/ to exploit/ to mine 开除* 6 kai1 chu2to expel 开阔* 6 kai1 kuo4wide/ open (spaces)/ to open up 开朗* 6 kai1 lang3spacious and well-lit/ open and clear/ to open out (onto a wider vista)/ optimistic/ cheerful/ carefree/ easy-going/ open-minded 开明* 6 kai1 ming2enlightened/ open-minded/ enlightenment 开辟* 6 kai1 pi4to open up/ to set up/ to start/ to build 开水* 6 kai1 shui3boiled water/ boiling water 开拓* 6 kai1 tuo4to break new ground (for agriculture)/ to open up (a new seam)/ to develop (border regions)/ fig. to open up (new horizons) 开展* 6 kai1 zhan3(begin to) develop/ unfold/ to start/ to launch/ to open/ to carry out 开支* 6 kai1 zhi1expenditures/ pay/ expenses/ CL:筆|笔[bi3] 刊登* 6 kan1 deng1to carry a story/ to publish (in a newspaper or magazine) 勘探* 6 kan1 tan4exploration 刊物* 6 kan1 wu4publication 看待* 6 kan4 dai4to look upon/ to regard 看来* 6 kan4 lai2apparently/ it seems that/ it appears/ it seems 看望* 6 kan4 wang4to visit/ to pay a call to 慷慨* 6 kang1 kai3vehement/ fervent/ generous/ giving/ liberal 考察* 6 kao3 cha2to inspect/ to observe and study/ on-the-spot investigation 考古* 6 kao3 gu3archaeology 考核* 6 kao3 he2to examine/ to check up on/ to assess/ to review/ appraisal/ review/ evaluation 考验* 6 kao3 yan4to test/ to put to the test 靠拢* 6 kao4 long3to draw close to * 6 ke1to tap/ knock 颗粒* 6 ke1 li4kernel/ granule/ granulated (sugar; chemical product) 科目* 6 ke1 mu4subject 可观* 6 ke3 guan1considerable 可口* 6 ke3 kou3tasty/ to taste good 渴望* 6 ke3 wang4to thirst for/ to long for 可恶* 6 ke3 wu4repulsive/ vile/ hateful/ abominable 可笑* 6 ke3 xiao4funny/ ridiculous 可行* 6 ke3 xing2feasible 刻不容缓* 6 ke4 bu4 rong2 huan3to brook no delay/ to demand immediate action 客户* 6 ke4 hu4client/ customer 课题* 6 ke4 ti2task/ problem/ issue * 6 ken3to gnaw/ to nibble/ to bite 恳切* 6 ken3 qie4earnest/ sincere * 6 keng1pit/ to defraud 空洞* 6 kong1 dong4cavity/ empty/ vacuous 空前绝后* 6 kong1 qian2 jue2 hou4unprecedented and never to be duplicated/ the first and the last/ unmatched/ unique 空想* 6 kong1 xiang3daydream/ fantasy/ to fantasize 空虚* 6 kong1 xu1hollow/ emptiness/ meaningless * 6 kong3aperture/ opening/ hole 恐吓* 6 kong3 he4to threaten/ to menace 恐惧* 6 kong3 ju4fear/ dread/ phobia 空白* 6 kong4 bai2blank space 空隙* 6 kong4 xi4crack/ gap between two objects/ gap in time between two events 口气* 6 kou3 qi4tone of voice/ the way one speaks/ manner of expression/ tone 口腔* 6 kou3 qiang1oral cavity 口头* 6 kou3 tou2oral/ verbal 口音* 6 kou3 yin1accent 枯竭* 6 ku1 jie2used up/ dried up/ exhausted (of resources) 枯燥* 6 ku1 zao4dry and dull/ uninteresting/ dry-as-dust 苦尽甘来* 6 ku3 jin4 gan1 lai2bitterness finishes; sweetness begins (idiom)/ the hard times are over; the good times just beginning * 6 kua4to carry (esp. slung over the arm; shoulder or side) * 6 kua4to step across/ to stride over/ to straddle/ to span 快活* 6 kuai4 huo5happy/ cheerful 宽敞* 6 kuan1 chang5spacious/ wide 款待* 6 kuan3 dai4entertain 款式* 6 kuan3 shi4pattern/ style/ design/ CL:種|种[zhong3] * 6 kuang1basket/ CL:隻|只[zhi1] 框架* 6 kuang4 jia4frame/ framework/ fig. pattern/ outline/ organizing plan 旷课* 6 kuang4 ke4to play truant/ to cut classes 况且* 6 kuang4 qie3moreover/ besides/ in addition/ furthermore 亏待* 6 kui1 dai4to treat sb unfairly 亏损* 6 kui1 sun3deficit/ (financial) loss 昆虫* 6 kun1 chong2insect/ CL:隻|只[zhi1];群[qun2];堆[dui1] 捆绑* 6 kun3 bang3to bind 扩充* 6 kuo4 chong1to expand 扩散* 6 kuo4 san4to spread/ to proliferate/ to diffuse/ spread/ proliferation/ diffusion 扩张* 6 kuo4 zhang1expansion/ dilation/ to expand (e.g. one's power or influence)/ to broaden * 6 la1a phrase-final particle 喇叭* 6 la3 ba5horn (automobile; alarm siren; musical etc) which produces a sound/ loudspeaker/ brass wind instrument/ trumpet/ suona 鎖吶|锁呐[suo3 na4] 来历* 6 lai2 li4history/ antecedents/ origin 来源* 6 lai2 yuan2source (of information etc)/ origin 栏目* 6 lan2 mu4a column (in a newspaper or on a news website) 懒惰* 6 lan3 duo4idle/ lazy 狼狈* 6 lang2 bei4in a difficult situation/ to cut a sorry figure/ scoundrel! (derogatory) 朗读* 6 lang3 du2read aloud/ read loudly and clearly * 6 lao1to fish up/ to dredge up 唠叨* 6 lao2 dao5to prattle/ to chatter/ talkative/ garrulous/ to nag 牢固* 6 lao2 gu4firm/ secure 牢骚* 6 lao2 sao1discontent/ complaint 乐趣* 6 le4 qu4delight/ pleasure/ joy 乐意* 6 le4 yi4to be willing to do sth/ to be ready to do sth/ to be happy to do sth/ content/ satisfied 雷达* 6 lei2 da2radar (loanword) 类似* 6 lei4 si4similar/ analogous 冷淡* 6 leng3 dan4cold/ indifferent 冷酷* 6 leng3 ku4grim/ unfeeling/ callous 冷却* 6 leng3 que4to cool off/ cooling * 6 leng4to look distracted/ to stare blankly/ distracted/ blank/ (coll.) unexpectedly 黎明* 6 li2 ming2dawn/ daybreak 理睬* 6 li3 cai3to heed/ to pay attention to 里程碑* 6 li3 cheng2 bei1milestone 礼节* 6 li3 jie2etiquette 理所当然* 6 li3 suo3 dang1 ran2as it should be by rights (idiom)/ proper and to be expected as a matter of course/ inevitable and right 理直气壮* 6 li3 zhi2 qi4 zhuang4in the right and self-confident (idiom)/ bold and confident with justice on one's side/ to have the courage of one's convictions/ just and forceful 理智* 6 li3 zhi4reason/ intellect/ rationality 立场* 6 li4 chang3position/ standpoint/ CL:個|个[ge4] 历代* 6 li4 dai4successive generations/ successive dynasties/ past dynasties 利害* 6 li4 hai4pros and cons/ advantages and disadvantages/ gains and losses 立交桥* 6 li4 jiao1 qiao2overpass/ flyover 历来* 6 li4 lai2always/ throughout (a period of time)/ (of) all-time 利率* 6 li4 lv4interest rates 力所能及* 6 li4 suo3 neng2 ji2as far as one's capabilities extend (idiom)/ to the best of one's ability/ within one's powers 立体* 6 li4 ti3three-dimensional/ solid/ stereoscopic 力图* 6 li4 tu2try hard to/ strive to 例外* 6 li4 wai4(make an) exception 力争* 6 li4 zheng1to work hard for/ to do all one can/ to contend strongly 立足* 6 li4 zu2to stand/ to have a footing/ to be established/ to base oneself on 联欢* 6 lian2 huan1have a get-together 廉洁* 6 lian2 jie2honest/ not coercive/ honesty/ integrity/ incorruptible 联络* 6 lian2 luo4communication/ to get in touch with/ to contact/ connection (math.) 联盟* 6 lian2 meng2alliance/ union/ coalition 连年* 6 lian2 nian2successive years/ over many years 连锁* 6 lian2 suo3chain 连同* 6 lian2 tong2together with/ along with 联想* 6 lian2 xiang3to associate with something in thinking/ abbr. for 聯想集團|联想集团[Lian2 xiang3 Ji2 tuan2] 良心* 6 liang2 xin1conscience * 6 liang4to dry in the air 谅解* 6 liang4 jie3(reach) an understanding 辽阔* 6 liao2 kuo4vast/ extensive 列举* 6 lie4 ju3a list/ to list/ to enumerate * 6 lin2to drain/ to drench/ to drip/ diseases of the bladder 临床* 6 lin2 chuang2clinical 吝啬* 6 lin4 se4stingy/ mean/ miserly 凌晨* 6 ling2 chen2early in the morning 灵感* 6 ling2 gan3inspiration/ insight/ a burst of creativity in scientific or artistic endeavor 灵魂* 6 ling2 hun2soul/ spirit 伶俐* 6 ling2 li4clever/ witty/ intelligent 灵敏* 6 ling2 min3smart/ clever/ sensitive/ keen/ quick/ sharp 零星* 6 ling2 xing1fragmentary/ random/ bits and pieces/ sporadic 领会* 6 ling3 hui4to understand/ to comprehend/ to grasp 领事馆* 6 ling3 shi4 guan3consulate 领土* 6 ling3 tu3territory 领悟* 6 ling3 wu4to understand/ to comprehend 领先* 6 ling3 xian1to lead/ to be in front 领袖* 6 ling3 xiu4leader/ CL:個|个[ge4];位[wei4];名[ming2] * 6 liu1to slip away/ to escape in stealth/ to skate 流浪* 6 liu2 lang4to drift about/ to wander/ to roam/ nomadic/ homeless/ unsettled (e.g. population)/ vagrant 留恋* 6 liu2 lian4reluctant to leave/ to hate to have to go/ to recall fondly 流露* 6 liu2 lu4to express/ to reveal (one's thoughts or feelings) 流氓* 6 liu2 mang2rogue/ hoodlum/ gangster/ immoral behavior 留念* 6 liu2 nian4to keep as a souvenir/ to recall fondly 留神* 6 liu2 shen2to take care/ to be careful 流通* 6 liu2 tong1to circulate 聋哑* 6 long2 ya3deaf and dumb/ deaf-mute/ surdimutism 隆重* 6 long2 zhong4grand/ prosperous/ ceremonious/ solemn 垄断* 6 long3 duan4enjoy market dominance/ monopolize 笼罩* 6 long3 zhao4to envelop/ to shroud * 6 lou3to hold or embrace in one's arms 炉灶* 6 lu2 zao4stove 轮船* 6 lun2 chuan2steamship/ CL:艘[sou1] 轮廓* 6 lun2 kuo4an outline/ silhouette 轮胎* 6 lun2 tai1tire/ pneumatic tire 论坛* 6 lun4 tan2forum (for discussion) 论证* 6 lun4 zheng4to prove a point/ proof/ to expound on/ demonstrate or prove (through argument) 啰唆* 6 luo1 suo5to grumble 螺丝钉* 6 luo2 si1 ding1screw 落成* 6 luo4 cheng2to complete a construction project 落实* 6 luo4 shi2practical/ workable/ to implement/ to carry out/ to decide 络绎不绝* 6 luo4 yi4 bu4 jue2continuously/ in an endless stream (idiom) 屡次* 6 lv3 ci4repeatedly/ time and again 履行* 6 lv3 xing2to fulfill (one's obligations)/ to carry out (a task)/ to implement (an agreement)/ to perform 掠夺* 6 lve4 duo2to plunder/ to rob/ also written 略奪|略夺 略微* 6 lve4 wei1a little bit/ slightly 麻痹* 6 ma2 bi4paralysis/ palsy/ numbness/ to benumb 麻木* 6 ma2 mu4numb/ insensitive/ apathetic 麻醉* 6 ma2 zui4anesthesia/ fig. to poison (sb's mind) 码头* 6 ma3 tou2dock/ pier/ wharf/ CL:個|个[ge4] * 6 ma5(a modal particle) 埋伏* 6 mai2 fu2ambush 埋没* 6 mai2 mo4oblivion 埋葬* 6 mai2 zang4to bury * 6 mai4take a step 脉搏* 6 mai4 bo2a pulse (both medical and figurative) 埋怨* 6 man2 yuan4to complain 漫长* 6 man4 chang2very long/ endless 漫画* 6 man4 hua4caricature/ cartoon/ Japanese manga 慢性* 6 man4 xing4slow and patient/ chronic (disease)/ slow to take effect (e.g. a slow poison) 蔓延* 6 man4 yan2to extend/ to spread 忙碌* 6 mang2 lu4busy/ bustling 茫茫* 6 mang2 mang2boundless/ vast and obscure 盲目* 6 mang2 mu4blind/ aimless 茫然* 6 mang2 ran2ignorant/ to have no knowledge of sth 冒充* 6 mao4 chong1to feign/ to pretend to be/ to pass oneself off as 茂盛* 6 mao4 sheng4lush * 6 mei2classifier for coins; rings; badges; pearls; sporting medals; rockets; satellites etc 媒介* 6 mei2 jie4media/ medium 媒体* 6 mei2 ti3media; esp. news media 没辙* 6 mei2 zhe2(idiom) unable to solve/ no way to escape a problem 美观* 6 mei3 guan1pleasing to the eye/ beautiful/ artistic 美满* 6 mei3 man3happy/ blissful 美妙* 6 mei3 miao4beautiful/ wonderful/ splendid 门诊* 6 men2 zhen3outpatient service * 6 meng2drizzle/ mist 萌芽* 6 meng2 ya2sprout/ germ of a plant 猛烈* 6 meng3 lie4fierce/ violent (criticism etc) 梦想* 6 meng4 xiang3to dream of/ to hope in vain * 6 mi1to narrow one's eyes/ (Dialect) to nap/ to take a nap 弥补* 6 mi2 bu3to complement/ to make up for a deficiency 迷惑* 6 mi2 huo5to puzzle/ to confuse/ to baffle 弥漫* 6 mi2 man4to pervade/ to fill the air/ diffuse/ everywhere present/ about to inundate (water)/ permeated by (smoke)/ filled with (dust)/ to saturate (the air with fog; smoke etc) 迷人* 6 mi2 ren2fascinating/ enchanting/ charming/ tempting 迷失* 6 mi2 shi1lost/ not knowing one's location 迷信* 6 mi2 xin4superstition 密度* 6 mi4 du4density/ thickness 密封* 6 mi4 feng1seal up 免得* 6 mian3 de5so as not to/ so as to avoid 勉励* 6 mian3 li4to encourage 勉强* 6 mian3 qiang3to do with difficulty/ to force sb to do sth/ reluctant/ barely enough 免疫* 6 mian3 yi4immunity (to disease) 面貌* 6 mian4 mao4appearance/ face/ features/ CL:個|个[ge4] 面子* 6 mian4 zi5outer surface/ outside/ honor/ reputation/ face (as in "losing face")/ self-respect/ feelings/ (medicinal) powder 描绘* 6 miao2 hui4to describe/ to portray 渺小* 6 miao3 xiao3minute/ tiny/ negligible/ insignificant 蔑视* 6 mie4 shi4to loathe/ to despise/ contempt 灭亡* 6 mie4 wang2to be destroyed/ to become extinct/ to perish/ to die out/ to destroy/ to exterminate 民间* 6 min2 jian1among the people/ popular/ folk/ non-governmental/ involving people rather than governments 民用* 6 min2 yong4(for) civilian use 敏感* 6 min3 gan3sensitive/ susceptible/ politically sensitive (pretext for censorship) 敏捷* 6 min3 jie2nimble/ quick/ shrewd 敏锐* 6 min3 rui4keen/ sharp/ acute 名次* 6 ming2 ci4position in a ranking of names 名额* 6 ming2 e2fixed number of people/ quota 名副其实* 6 ming2 fu4 qi2 shi2not just in name only; but also in reality (idiom) 明明* 6 ming2 ming2obviously/ plainly/ undoubtedly/ definitely 名誉* 6 ming2 yu4fame/ reputation/ honor/ honorary/ emeritus (of retired professor) 命名* 6 ming4 ming2to give a name to/ to dub/ to christen/ to designate/ named after/ naming 摸索* 6 mo1 suo5to feel about/ to grope about/ to fumble/ to do things slowly * 6 mo2membrane/ film 摩擦* 6 mo2 ca1friction/ rubbing/ chafing/ fig. disharmony/ conflict/ same as 磨擦 模范* 6 mo2 fan4model/ fine example 魔鬼* 6 mo2 gui3devil 磨合* 6 mo2 he2to break in/ to wear in 模式* 6 mo2 shi4mode/ method 魔术* 6 mo2 shu4magic 模型* 6 mo2 xing2model/ mould/ matrix/ pattern 抹杀* 6 mo3 sha1to erase/ to cover traces/ to obliterate evidence/ to expunge/ to blot out/ to suppress 莫名其妙* 6 mo4 ming2 qi2 miao4unfathomable mystery (idiom)/ subtle and ineffable/ unable to make head or tail of it/ boring (e.g. movie) 默默* 6 mo4 mo4in silence/ not speaking 墨水儿* 6 mo4 shui3 r5ink/ CL:瓶[ping2] 谋求* 6 mou2 qiu2to seek/ to strive for 模样* 6 mu2 yang4look/ style/ appearance/ approximation/ about/ CL:個|个[ge4] 母语* 6 mu3 yu3native language/ mother language 目睹* 6 mu4 du3to witness/ to see at first hand/ to see with one's own eyes 目光* 6 mu4 guang1sight/ vision/ view/ gaze/ look 沐浴* 6 mu4 yu4to take a bath/ to bathe/ to immerse 拿手* 6 na2 shou3expert in/ good at 纳闷儿* 6 na4 men4 r5puzzled/ bewildered 耐用* 6 nai4 yong4durable 难得* 6 nan2 de2seldom/ rare/ hard to come by 难堪* 6 nan2 kan1hard to take/ embarrassed 难免* 6 nan2 mian3hard to avoid/ difficult to escape from 难能可贵* 6 nan2 neng2 ke3 gui4rare and commendable/ estimable 恼火* 6 nao3 huo3to get angry/ irritated/ to annoy/ to aggravate/ annoying 内涵* 6 nei4 han2meaning/ content/ essential properties implied or reflected by a notion/ intention/ connotation/ self-possessed 内幕* 6 nei4 mu4inside story/ non-public information/ behind the scenes/ internal 内在* 6 nei4 zai4intrinsic/ innate 能量* 6 neng2 liang4energy/ capabilities * 6 ńg(a groaning sound) 拟定* 6 ni3 ding4to draw up/ to draft/ to formulate 年度* 6 nian2 du4year (e.g. school year; fiscal year) * 6 nie1to pinch (with one's fingers)/ to knead/ to make up * 6 ning2to pinch/ wring 凝固* 6 ning2 gu4to freeze/ to solidify/ to congeal/ fig. with rapt attention 凝聚* 6 ning2 ju4to condense/ to coagulate/ coacervation (i.e. form tiny droplets)/ aggregation/ coherent 凝视* 6 ning2 shi4gaze 宁肯* 6 ning4 ken3would rather.../ it would be better.../ would prefer 宁愿* 6 ning4 yuan4would rather/ better 纽扣儿* 6 niu3 kou4 r5button 扭转* 6 niu3 zhuan3to reverse/ to turn around (an undesirable situation) 浓厚* 6 nong2 hou4dense/ thick (fog; clouds etc)/ to have a strong interest in/ deep/ fully saturated (color) 农历* 6 nong2 li4the traditional Chinese calendar/ the lunar calendar 奴隶* 6 nu2 li4slave * 6 nuo2to shift/ to move 虐待* 6 nve4 dai4to mistreat/ to maltreat/ to abuse/ mistreatment/ maltreatment * 6 o4oh/ ah 殴打* 6 ou1 da3to beat up/ to come to blows/ battery (law) 欧洲* 6 Ou1 zhou1Europe/ European 呕吐* 6 ou3 tu4to vomit * 6 pa1to lie on one's stomach 排斥* 6 pai2 chi4to reject/ to exclude/ to eliminate/ to remove/ to repel 排除* 6 pai2 chu2to eliminate/ to get rid of/ to remove 排放* 6 pai2 fang4emission/ discharge/ exhaust (gas etc) 徘徊* 6 pai2 huai2to dither/ to hesitate/ to pace back and forth/ by ext. to hover around/ to linger 派别* 6 pai4 bie2denomination/ group/ school/ faction/ school of thought 派遣* 6 pai4 qian3to send (on a mission)/ to dispatch 攀登* 6 pan1 deng1to climb/ to pull oneself up/ to clamber/ to scale/ fig. to forge ahead in the face of hardships and danger 盘旋* 6 pan2 xuan2to spiral/ to circle/ to go around/ to hover/ to orbit * 6 pan4bank/ field-path 判决* 6 pan4 jue2judgment (by a court of law) 庞大* 6 pang2 da4huge/ enormous/ tremendous 抛弃* 6 pao1 qi4discard/ dump/ abandon 泡沫* 6 pao4 mo4foam/ (soap) bubble/ (economic) bubble 培训* 6 pei2 xun4to cultivate/ to train/ to groom/ training 培育* 6 pei2 yu4to train/ to breed 配备* 6 pei4 bei4to allocate/ to provide/ to outfit with 配偶* 6 pei4 ou3consort/ mate/ spouse 配套* 6 pei4 tao4to form a complete set/ coherent 盆地* 6 pen2 di4basin (low-lying geographical feature)/ depression 烹饪* 6 peng1 ren4cooking/ culinary arts * 6 peng3to clasp/ to cup the hands/ to hold up with both hands/ to offer (esp. in cupped hands)/ to praise/ to flatter * 6 pi1to hack/ to chop/ to split open/ see 噼啪|劈啪; onomat. for crack; slap; clap; clatter etc 批发* 6 pi1 fa1wholesale/ bulk trade/ distribution 批判* 6 pi1 pan4criticize/ CL:個|个[ge4] 疲惫* 6 pi2 bei4beaten/ exhausted/ tired 皮革* 6 pi2 ge2leather/ CL:張|张[zhang1] 疲倦* 6 pi2 juan4to tire/ tired 脾气* 6 pi2 qi5temperament/ disposition/ temper/ CL:個|个[ge4] 屁股* 6 pi4 gu5buttocks/ bottom/ ass 譬如* 6 pi4 ru2for example/ for instance/ such as 偏差* 6 pian1 cha1bias/ deviation 偏见* 6 pian1 jian4prejudice 偏僻* 6 pian1 pi4remote/ desolate/ far from the city 偏偏* 6 pian1 pian1(indicates that sth turns out just the opposite of what one would expect or what would be normal)/ unfortunately/ against expectations 片段* 6 pian4 duan4fragment (of speech etc)/ extract (from book etc)/ episode (of story etc) 片刻* 6 pian4 ke4short period of time/ a moment 漂浮* 6 piao1 fu2to float/ to hover/ to drift (also fig.; to lead a wandering life)/ to rove/ showy/ superficial 飘扬* 6 piao1 yang2wave/ flutter/ fly 拼搏* 6 pin1 bo2to struggle/ to wrestle 拼命* 6 pin1 ming4to do one's utmost/ with all one's might/ at all costs/ (to work or fight) as if one's life depends on it 贫乏* 6 pin2 fa2lack/ incomplete 频繁* 6 pin2 fan2frequently/ often 贫困* 6 pin2 kun4impoverished/ poverty 频率* 6 pin2 lv4frequency 品尝* 6 pin3 chang2to taste a small amount/ to sample 品德* 6 pin3 de2moral character 品行* 6 pin3 xing2behavior/ moral conduct 品质* 6 pin3 zhi4quality 平凡* 6 ping2 fan2commonplace/ ordinary/ mediocre 评估* 6 ping2 gu1to evaluate/ to assess/ assessment/ evaluation 评论* 6 ping2 lun4to comment on/ to discuss/ comment/ commentary/ CL: 篇[pian1] 平面* 6 ping2 mian4plane (flat surface)/ print media 平坦* 6 ping2 tan3level/ even/ smooth/ flat 平行* 6 ping2 xing2parallel/ of equal rank/ simultaneous 平原* 6 ping2 yuan2field/ plain/ CL:個|个[ge4] 屏障* 6 ping2 zhang4protective screen * 6 po1slope/ CL:個|个[ge4] * 6 po1to splash/ to spill/ rough and coarse/ brutish * 6 po1very/ considerably 迫不及待* 6 po4 bu4 ji2 dai4impatient (idiom)/ in a hurry/ itching to get on with it 迫害* 6 po4 hai4to persecute/ persecution 破例* 6 po4 li4to make an exception 魄力* 6 po4 li4courage/ daring/ boldness/ resolution/ drive * 6 pu1to assault/ to pounce/ to rush at sth/ to throw oneself on * 6 pu1to spread/ to extend/ to pave/ to lay 普及* 6 pu3 ji2popular/ to popularize/ universal/ ubiquitous/ pervasive 朴实* 6 pu3 shi2plain/ simple/ guileless/ down-to-earth/ sincere and honest 瀑布* 6 pu4 bu4waterfall 欺负* 6 qi1 fu5to bully 凄凉* 6 qi1 liang2desolate 欺骗* 6 qi1 pian4to deceive/ to cheat 期望* 6 qi1 wang4hope/ expectation 期限* 6 qi1 xian4time limit/ deadline/ allotted time 奇妙* 6 qi2 miao4fantastic/ wonderful 旗袍* 6 qi2 pao2Chinese-style dress/ cheongsam 齐全* 6 qi2 quan2complete 歧视* 6 qi2 shi4to discriminate against/ discrimination 齐心协力* 6 qi2 xin1 xie2 li4to work with a common purpose (idiom)/ to make concerted efforts/ to pull together/ to work as one 旗帜* 6 qi2 zhi4ensign/ flag 起草* 6 qi3 cao3draft (a bill)/ draw up (plans) 启程* 6 qi3 cheng2to set out on a journey 起初* 6 qi3 chu1originally/ at first/ at the outset 起伏* 6 qi3 fu2to move up and down/ to undulate/ ups and downs 乞丐* 6 qi3 gai4beggar 起哄* 6 qi3 hong4to heckle/ rowdy jeering/ to create a disturbance 起码* 6 qi3 ma3at the minimum/ at the very least 启示* 6 qi3 shi4enlightenment/ revelation/ apocalypse 启事* 6 qi3 shi4announcement (written; on billboard; letter; newspaper or website)/ to post information/ a notice 起义* 6 qi3 yi4uprising/ insurrection/ revolt 岂有此理* 6 qi3 you3 ci3 li3how can this be so? (idiom)/ preposterous/ ridiculous/ absurd 起源* 6 qi3 yuan2origin/ to originate/ to come from 器材* 6 qi4 cai2equipment/ material 气概* 6 qi4 gai4lofty quality/ mettle/ spirit 气功* 6 qi4 gong1qigong; a system of deep breathing exercises 器官* 6 qi4 guan1organ (part of body tissue)/ apparatus 迄今为止* 6 qi4 jin1 wei2 zhi3so far/ up to now/ still (not) 气魄* 6 qi4 po4spirit/ boldness/ positive outlook/ imposing attitude 气色* 6 qi4 se4complexion 气势* 6 qi4 shi4momentum/ manner/ energy/ look of great force or imposing manner/ powerful 气味* 6 qi4 wei4odor/ scent 气象* 6 qi4 xiang4meteorological feature/ CL:個|个[ge4]/ meteorology/ atmosphere or scene 气压* 6 qi4 ya1atmospheric pressure/ barometric pressure * 6 qia1to pick (flowers)/ to pinch/ to clutch/ (slang) to fight 恰当* 6 qia4 dang4appropriate/ suitable 恰到好处* 6 qia4 dao4 hao3 chu4it's just perfect/ it's just right 恰巧* 6 qia4 qiao3fortunately/ unexpectedly/ by coincidence 洽谈* 6 qia4 tan2to discuss 牵扯* 6 qian1 che3to involve/ to implicate 签订* 6 qian1 ding4to agree to and sign (a treaty etc) 千方百计* 6 qian1 fang1 bai3 ji4lit. thousand ways; a hundred plans (idiom)/ by every possible means 迁就* 6 qian1 jiu4to yield/ to adapt to/ to accommodate to (sth) 签署* 6 qian1 shu3to sign (an agreement) 迁徙* 6 qian1 xi3to migrate/ to move 谦逊* 6 qian1 xun4humble/ humility/ modesty 牵制* 6 qian1 zhi4to control/ to curb/ to restrict/ to impede/ to pin down (enemy troops) 前景* 6 qian2 jing3foreground/ vista/ (future) prospects/ perspective 潜力* 6 qian2 li4potential/ capacity 潜水* 6 qian2 shui3to dive/ to go under water/ lurker (Internet slang for sb who reads forum posts but never replies) 前提* 6 qian2 ti2premise/ precondition/ prerequisite 潜移默化* 6 qian2 yi2 mo4 hua4imperceptible influence/ to influence secretly 谴责* 6 qian3 ze2to denounce/ to condemn/ to criticize/ condemnation/ criticism 抢劫* 6 qiang1 jie2to rob/ looting 强制* 6 qiang2 zhi4to enforce/ enforcement/ forcibly/ compulsory 抢救* 6 qiang3 jiu4rescue 强迫* 6 qiang3 po4to compel/ to force 桥梁* 6 qiao2 liang2bridge/ fig. connection between two areas * 6 qiao4to raise 锲而不舍* 6 qie4 er2 bu4 she3to chip away at a task and not abandon it (idiom)/ to chisel away at sth/ to persevere/ unflagging efforts 切实* 6 qie4 shi2feasible/ earnestly/ conscientiously/ realistic/ practical 侵犯* 6 qin1 fan4to infringe on/ to encroach on/ to violate 钦佩* 6 qin1 pei4to admire/ to look up to/ to respect sb greatly 亲热* 6 qin1 re4affectionate/ intimate/ warm-hearted 亲身* 6 qin1 shen1personal/ oneself 勤俭* 6 qin2 jian3hardworking and frugal 勤恳* 6 qin2 ken3diligent and attentive/ assiduous/ sincere * 6 qing1hydrogen (chemistry) 清澈* 6 qing1 che4clear/ limpid 清晨* 6 qing1 chen2early morning 清除* 6 qing1 chu2eliminate/ get rid of 轻而易举* 6 qing1 er2 yi4 ju3easy/ with no difficulty 清洁* 6 qing1 jie2clean/ purity 清理* 6 qing1 li3clear/ to put in order/ to check up 倾听* 6 qing1 ting1to listen attentively 清晰* 6 qing1 xi1clear/ distinct 倾向* 6 qing1 xiang4trend/ tendency/ orientation 倾斜* 6 qing1 xie2to incline/ to lean/ to slant/ to slope/ to tilt 清醒* 6 qing1 xing3clear-headed/ sober/ awake 清真* 6 qing1 zhen1Islamic/ Muslim/ halal (of food)/ clean/ pure 情报* 6 qing2 bao4(spy) intelligence/ information-gathering 情节* 6 qing2 jie2plot/ circumstances 晴朗* 6 qing2 lang3sunny and cloudless 情理* 6 qing2 li3reason/ sense 情形* 6 qing2 xing2circumstances/ situation/ CL:個|个[ge4] 请柬* 6 qing3 jian3invitation card/ written invitation 请教* 6 qing3 jiao4consult 请示* 6 qing3 shi4ask for instructions 请帖* 6 qing3 tie3invitation card/ written invitation 丘陵* 6 qiu1 ling2hills 区分* 6 qu1 fen1to differentiate/ to find differing aspects 屈服* 6 qu1 fu2to surrender/ to yield 区域* 6 qu1 yu4area/ region/ district 曲折* 6 qu1 zhe2complicated/ winding 驱逐* 6 qu1 zhu2to expel/ to deport/ banishment 渠道* 6 qu2 dao4irrigation ditch/ medium or channel of communication 取缔* 6 qu3 di4to ban/ to prohibit (publications; customs etc)/ to outlaw/ to suppress (violators) 曲子* 6 qu3 zi5poem for singing/ tune/ music/ CL:支[zhi1] 趣味* 6 qu4 wei4fun/ interest/ delight/ taste/ liking/ preference 圈套* 6 quan1 tao4trap/ snare/ trick 权衡* 6 quan2 heng2to weigh/ to consider/ to assess/ to balance/ to trade-off 全局* 6 quan2 ju2overall situation 全力以赴* 6 quan2 li4 yi3 fu4do at all costs/ make an all-out effort 拳头* 6 quan2 tou5fist/ clenched fist/ competitive (product)/ superior quality/ CL: 個|个 权威* 6 quan2 wei1authority/ authoritative/ power and prestige 权益* 6 quan2 yi4rights and benefits * 6 quan3dog 缺口* 6 que1 kou3nick/ jag/ gap/ shortfall 缺席* 6 que1 xi2absence/ absent 缺陷* 6 que1 xian4a defect/ a flaw * 6 que2lame 确保* 6 que4 bao3to ensure/ to guarantee 确立* 6 que4 li4to establish/ to institute 确切* 6 que4 qie4definite/ exact/ precise 确信* 6 que4 xin4to be convinced/ to be sure/ to firmly believe/ to be positive that/ definite news 群众* 6 qun2 zhong4mass/ multitude/ the masses * 6 ran3to dye/ to catch (a disease)/ to acquire (bad habits etc)/ to contaminate/ to add colour washes to a painting 让步* 6 rang4 bu4to concede/ to give in/ to yield/ a concession 饶恕* 6 rao2 shu4forgiveness/ spare 扰乱* 6 rao3 luan4to disturb/ to perturb/ to harass 惹祸* 6 re3 huo4stirring up trouble/ to invite disaster 热泪盈眶* 6 re4 lei4 ying2 kuang4eyes brimming with tears of excitement (idiom)/ extremely moved 热门* 6 re4 men2popular/ hot/ in vogue 仁慈* 6 ren2 ci2benevolent/ charitable/ kind/ kindly/ kindness/ merciful 人道* 6 ren2 dao4human sympathy/ humanitarianism/ humane/ the "human way"; one of the stages in the cycle of reincarnation (Buddhism)/ sexual intercourse 人格* 6 ren2 ge2personality/ integrity/ dignity 人工* 6 ren2 gong1artificial/ manpower/ manual work 人家* 6 ren2 jia5other/ other people/ him(her; them)/ I 人间* 6 ren2 jian1man's world/ the world 人士* 6 ren2 shi4person/ figure/ public figure 人为* 6 ren2 wei2artificial/ man-made/ having human cause or origin/ human attempt or effort 人性* 6 ren2 xing4human nature/ humanity/ human/ the totality of human attributes 人质* 6 ren2 zhi4hostage 忍耐* 6 ren3 nai4to show restraint/ to repress (anger etc)/ to exercise patience 忍受* 6 ren3 shou4to bear/ to endure 认定* 6 ren4 ding4to maintain (that sth is true)/ to determine (a fact)/ determination (of an amount)/ of the firm opinion/ to believe firmly/ to set one's mind on/ to identify with 认可* 6 ren4 ke3to approve/ approval/ acknowledgment/ OK 任命* 6 ren4 ming4to appoint and nominate 任性* 6 ren4 xing4willful/ headstrong/ uninhibited 任意* 6 ren4 yi4arbitrary/ at will/ at random 任重道远* 6 ren4 zhong4 dao4 yuan3a heavy load and a long road/ fig. to bear heavy responsibilities through a long struggle (cf Confucian Analects; 8.7) 仍旧* 6 reng2 jiu4still (remaining)/ to remain (the same)/ yet 日新月异* 6 ri4 xin1 yue4 yi4daily renewal; monthly change (idiom)/ every day sees new developments/ rapid progress 日益* 6 ri4 yi4day by day/ more and more/ increasingly/ more and more with each passing day 溶解* 6 rong2 jie3dissolve/ solution 容貌* 6 rong2 mao4one's appearance/ one's aspect/ looks/ features 容纳* 6 rong2 na4to hold/ to contain/ to accommodate/ to tolerate (different opinions) 容器* 6 rong2 qi4receptacle/ vessel 融洽* 6 rong2 qia4harmonious/ friendly relations/ on good terms with one another 容忍* 6 rong2 ren3to put up with/ to tolerate * 6 rou2to knead/ to massage/ to rub 柔和* 6 rou2 he2gentle/ soft 弱点* 6 ruo4 dian3weak point/ failing 若干* 6 ruo4 gan1a certain number or amount/ how many?/ how much? 撒谎* 6 sa1 huang3to tell lies * 6 sai1cheek (esp. lower cheek)/ jaw/ gills (of fish) 三角* 6 san1 jiao3triangle 散文* 6 san3 wen2prose/ essay 散发* 6 san4 fa1distribute/ emit/ issue 丧失* 6 sang4 shi1to lose/ to forfeit 嫂子* 6 sao3 zi5(informal) older brother's wife/ sister-in-law/ CL:個|个[ge4] 色彩* 6 se4 cai3tint/ coloring/ coloration/ character 刹车* 6 sha1 che1to brake (when driving)/ to stop/ to switch off/ to check (bad habits)/ a brake * 6 sha2(dialect) what 筛选* 6 shai1 xuan3to filter 山脉* 6 shan1 mai4mountain range/ CL:條|条[tiao2] 闪烁* 6 shan3 shuo4flicker/ twinkling 擅长* 6 shan4 chang2to be good at/ to be expert in 擅自* 6 shan4 zi4without permission/ of one's own initiative 扇子* 6 shan4 zi5fan/ CL:把[ba3] 商标* 6 shang1 biao1trademark/ logo 伤脑筋* 6 shang1 nao3 jin1knotty/ troublesome/ bothersome 上级* 6 shang4 ji2higher authorities/ superiors/ CL:個|个[ge4] 上进心* 6 shang4 jin4 xin1aggressiveness/ gumption/ enterprising spirit 上任* 6 shang4 ren4take office 上瘾* 6 shang4 yin3to get into a habit/ to become addicted 上游* 6 shang4 you2upper reaches/ advanced position * 6 shao1tip of branch * 6 shao1to bring sth to sb (news etc) * 6 shao4a whistle/ sentry 奢侈* 6 she1 chi3luxurious/ extravagant/ wasteful 涉及* 6 she4 ji2to involve/ to touch upon (a topic) 设立* 6 she4 li4to set up/ to establish 社区* 6 she4 qu1community 摄取* 6 she4 qu3absorb (nutrition)/ take a photo 摄氏度* 6 she4 shi4 du4degrees centigrade 设想* 6 she4 xiang3to imagine/ to assume/ to envisage/ tentative plan/ to have consideration for 设置* 6 she4 zhi4to set up/ to install 深奥* 6 shen1 ao4profound/ abstruse/ recondite/ profoundly 申报* 6 shen1 bao4to report (to the authorities)/ to declare (to customs) 深沉* 6 shen1 chen2deep/ extreme/ dull/ low pitched (sound) 深情厚谊* 6 shen1 qing2 hou4 yi4profound friendship 绅士* 6 shen1 shi4gentleman 呻吟* 6 shen1 yin2to moan/ to groan 神奇* 6 shen2 qi2magical/ mystical/ miraculous 神气* 6 shen2 qi4expression/ manner/ spirited/ vigorous 神情* 6 shen2 qing2look/ expression 神色* 6 shen2 se4expression/ look 神圣* 6 shen2 sheng4divine/ hallow/ holy/ sacred 神态* 6 shen2 tai4appearance/ manner/ bearing/ deportment/ look/ expression/ mien 神仙* 6 shen2 xian1Daoist immortal/ supernatural entity/ (in modern fiction) fairy; elf; leprechaun etc/ fig. lighthearted person/ used in advertising: Live like an immortal! 活神仙似 审查* 6 shen3 cha2to examine/ to investigate/ to censor out/ censorship 审理* 6 shen3 li3to hear (a case) 审美* 6 shen3 mei3esthetics/ appreciating the arts/ taste 审判* 6 shen3 pan4a trial/ to try sb 渗透* 6 shen4 tou4to permeate/ to infiltrate/ to pervade/ osmosis 慎重* 6 shen4 zhong4cautious/ careful/ prudent 牲畜* 6 sheng1 chu4domesticated animals/ livestock 生存* 6 sheng1 cun2to exist/ to survive 生机* 6 sheng1 ji1opportunity to live/ to reprieve from death/ life force/ vitality 生理* 6 sheng1 li3physiology 声明* 6 sheng1 ming2statement/ declaration/ CL:項|项[xiang4];份[fen4] 声势* 6 sheng1 shi4momentum 生疏* 6 sheng1 shu1unfamiliar/ strange/ out of practice/ not accustomed 生态* 6 sheng1 tai4way of life/ ecology 生物* 6 sheng1 wu4organism/ living creature/ life form/ biological/ CL:個|个[ge4] 生效* 6 sheng1 xiao4to take effect/ to go into effect 生锈* 6 sheng1 xiu4to rust/ to grow rusty/ to corrode/ oxidization 生育* 6 sheng1 yu4to bear/ to give birth/ to grow/ to rear/ to bring up (children) 声誉* 6 sheng1 yu4reputation/ fame 省会* 6 sheng3 hui4provincial capital 盛产* 6 sheng4 chan3superabundant/ to teem with/ to produce in abundance/ to abound in 胜负* 6 sheng4 fu4victory or defeat/ the outcome of a battle 盛开* 6 sheng4 kai1blooming/ in full flower 盛情* 6 sheng4 qing2great kindness/ magnificent hospitality 盛行* 6 sheng4 xing2to be in vogue/ to be prevalent 师范* 6 shi1 fan4teacher-training/ pedagogical/ normal (school; e.g. Beijing Normal University) 施加* 6 shi1 jia1to exert (effort or pressure) 尸体* 6 shi1 ti3dead body/ corpse/ carcass/ CL:具[ju4] 失误* 6 shi1 wu4lapse/ mistake/ to make a mistake/ fault/ service fault (in volleyball; tennis etc) 施展* 6 shi1 zhan3to use fully/ to put to use 狮子* 6 shi1 zi5lion 失踪* 6 shi1 zong1missing/ lost/ unaccounted for * 6 shi2to pick up/ to collate or arrange/ ten (banker's anti-fraud numeral) 识别* 6 shi2 bie2to distinguish/ to discern 时差* 6 shi2 cha1time difference/ time lag/ jet lag 时常* 6 shi2 chang2often/ frequently 时而* 6 shi2 er2occasionally/ from time to time 时光* 6 shi2 guang1time/ era/ period of time 实惠* 6 shi2 hui4tangible benefit/ material advantages/ advantageous (deal)/ substantial (discount) 时机* 6 shi2 ji1fortunate timing/ occasion/ opportunity 实力* 6 shi2 li4strength 实施* 6 shi2 shi1to implement/ to carry out 时事* 6 shi2 shi4current trends/ the present situation/ how things are going 实事求是* 6 shi2 shi4 qiu2 shi4to seek truth from facts (idiom)/ to be practical and realistic 石油* 6 shi2 you2oil/ petroleum 实质* 6 shi2 zhi4substance/ essence 时装* 6 shi2 zhuang1the latest fashion in clothes/ fashionable 十足* 6 shi2 zu2ample/ complete/ hundred percent/ a pure shade (of some color) 使命* 6 shi3 ming4mission (diplomatic or other)/ set task 势必* 6 shi4 bi4is bound to (happen) 世代* 6 shi4 dai4generation/ an era/ accumulation of years/ passing on from generation to generation 示范* 6 shi4 fan4to demonstrate/ to show how to do sth/ demonstration/ a model example 释放* 6 shi4 fang4to release/ to set free/ to liberate (a prisoner)/ to discharge 是非* 6 shi4 fei1right and wrong/ quarrel 事故* 6 shi4 gu4accident/ CL:樁|桩[zhuang1];起[qi3];次[ci4] 事迹* 6 shi4 ji4deed/ past achievement/ important event of the past 事件* 6 shi4 jian4event/ happening/ incident/ CL:個|个[ge4] 世界观* 6 shi4 jie4 guan1worldview/ world outlook/ Weltanschauung 视力* 6 shi4 li4vision/ eyesight 势力* 6 shi4 li5power/ (ability to) influence 逝世* 6 shi4 shi4to pass away/ to die 事态* 6 shi4 tai4situation/ existing state of affairs 试图* 6 shi4 tu2to attempt/ to try 示威* 6 shi4 wei1to demonstrate (as a protest)/ a demonstration/ a military show of force 事务* 6 shi4 wu4(political; economic etc) affairs/ work 视线* 6 shi4 xian4line of sight 事项* 6 shi4 xiang4matter/ item 试验* 6 shi4 yan4experiment/ test/ experimental/ CL:次[ci4];個|个[ge4] 视野* 6 shi4 ye3field of view/ horizon 事业* 6 shi4 ye4undertaking/ project/ activity/ (charitable; political or revolutionary) cause/ publicly funded institution; enterprise or foundation/ career/ occupation/ CL:個|个[ge4] 适宜* 6 shi4 yi2suitable/ appropriate 示意* 6 shi4 yi4to hint/ to indicate (an idea to sb) 收藏* 6 shou1 cang2to hoard/ to collect/ collection 收缩* 6 shou1 suo1to pull back/ to shrink/ to contract 收益* 6 shou1 yi4earnings/ profit 收音机* 6 shou1 yin1 ji1radio/ CL:臺|台[tai2] 手法* 6 shou3 fa3technique/ trick/ skill 守护* 6 shou3 hu4to guard/ to protect 手势* 6 shou3 shi4gesture/ sign/ signal 首要* 6 shou3 yao4the most important/ of chief importance 手艺* 6 shou3 yi4craftmanship/ workmanship/ handicraft/ trade 授予* 6 shou4 yu3to award/ to confer 受罪* 6 shou4 zui4to endure/ to suffer/ hardships/ torments/ a hard time/ a nuisance 舒畅* 6 shu1 chang4happy/ entirely free from worry 书法* 6 shu1 fa3calligraphy/ handwriting/ penmanship 疏忽* 6 shu1 hu5to neglect/ to overlook/ negligence/ carelessness 书籍* 6 shu1 ji2books/ works 书记* 6 shu1 ji5secretary/ clerk/ CL:個|个[ge4] 书面* 6 shu1 mian4in writing/ written (guarantee etc) * 6 shu3to count/ to enumerate/ to criticize (i.e. enumerate shortcomings) * 6 shu4to erect/ vertical/ vertical stroke (in Chinese characters) * 6 shu4to bind/ to tie/ bundle/ cluster/ restraint 数额* 6 shu4 e2amount/ sum of money/ fixed number 束缚* 6 shu4 fu4to bind/ to restrict/ to tie/ to commit/ fetters 树立* 6 shu4 li4to set up/ to establish 数目* 6 shu4 mu4amount/ number * 6 shua3to play with/ to juggle 衰老* 6 shuai1 lao3to age/ to deteriorate with age/ old and weak 衰退* 6 shuai1 tui4to decline/ to fall/ to drop/ to falter/ a decline/ recession (in economics) 率领* 6 shuai4 ling3lead/ command/ head 涮火锅* 6 shuan4 huo3 guo1to instant-boil (mutton; beef; vegetables; etc.) 双胞胎* 6 shuang1 bao1 tai1twin/ CL:對|对[dui4] 爽快* 6 shuang3 kuai4refreshed/ rejuvenated/ frank and straightforward 水利* 6 shui3 li4water conservancy/ irrigation works 水龙头* 6 shui3 long2 tou2faucet/ tap 水泥* 6 shui3 ni2cement/ CL:袋[dai4] 司法* 6 si1 fa3judicial/ (administration of) justice 司令* 6 si1 ling4commanding officer 思念* 6 si1 nian4think of/ long for/ miss 思索* 6 si1 suo3think deeply/ ponder 思维* 6 si1 wei2(line of) thought/ thinking 斯文* 6 si1 wen5refined/ educate/ cultured/ intellectual/ polite/ gentle 思绪* 6 si1 xu4train of thought/ emotional state/ mood/ feeling 私自* 6 si1 zi4private/ personal/ secretly/ without explicit approval 死亡* 6 si3 wang2death/ deadly 肆无忌惮* 6 si4 wu2 ji4 dan4absolutely unrestrained/ unbridled/ without the slightest scruple 饲养* 6 si4 yang3to raise/ to rear 四肢* 6 si4 zhi1the four limbs of the body * 6 song3to excite/ to raise up/ to shrug/ high/ lofty/ towering * 6 sou1classifier for ships/ Taiwan pr. sao1 搜索* 6 sou1 suo3to search/ to look for sth/ to scour (search meticulously)/ to look sth up/ internet search/ database search 苏醒* 6 su1 xing3to wake up/ to regain consciousness 俗话* 6 su2 hua4common saying/ proverb 素食主义* 6 su4 shi2 zhu3 yi4vegetarianism 诉讼* 6 su4 song4lawsuit 塑造* 6 su4 zao4to model/ to mould/ plastic (arts)/ flexible/ to portray (in sculpture or in words) 素质* 6 su4 zhi4inner quality/ basic essence/ change over time 算了* 6 suan4 le5let it be/ let it pass/ forget about it 算数* 6 suan4 shu4to count numbers/ to keep to one's word/ to hold (i.e. to remain valid)/ to count (i.e. to be important) 随即* 6 sui2 ji2immediately/ presently/ following which 随身* 6 sui2 shen1to (carry) on one's person/ to (take) with one 随手* 6 sui2 shou3conveniently/ without extra trouble/ while doing it/ in passing 随意* 6 sui2 yi4as one wishes/ according to one's wishes/ at will/ voluntary/ conscious 隧道* 6 sui4 dao4tunnel 岁月* 6 sui4 yue4years/ passing of time 损坏* 6 sun3 huai4to damage/ to injure 索赔* 6 suo3 pei2to ask for compensation/ to claim damages/ claim for damages 索性* 6 suo3 xing4you might as well (do it)/ simply/ just * 6 ta1collapse 踏实* 6 ta1 shi5practical/ down-to-earth/ realistic/ firmly based/ steadfast/ to have peace of mind/ free from anxiety 台风* 6 tai2 feng1hurricane/ typhoon 泰斗* 6 tai4 dou3leading scholar of his time/ magnate 太空* 6 tai4 kong1outer space 瘫痪* 6 tan1 huan4paralysis 贪婪* 6 tan1 lan2avaricious/ greedy/ rapacious/ insatiable/ avid 摊儿* 6 tan1 r5street vendor's stall or stand 贪污* 6 tan1 wu1corruption 弹性* 6 tan2 xing4flexibility/ elasticity (physics) 坦白* 6 tan3 bai2honest/ forthcoming/ to confess 探测* 6 tan4 ce4to probe/ to take readings/ to explore/ exploration 叹气* 6 tan4 qi4to sigh/ to heave a sigh 探索* 6 tan4 suo3to explore/ to probe/ commonly used in names of publications or documentaries 探讨* 6 tan4 tao3to investigate/ to probe 探望* 6 tan4 wang4to visit 糖葫芦* 6 tang2 hu2 lu5sugar coated Chinese hawthorn fruit on a stick/ tanghulu * 6 tao1to fish out (from pocket)/ to scoop 滔滔不绝* 6 tao1 tao1 bu4 jue2unceasing torrent (idiom)/ talking non-stop/ gabbling forty to the dozen 陶瓷* 6 tao2 ci2pottery and porcelain/ ceramics 淘气* 6 tao2 qi4naughty/ bad 淘汰* 6 tao2 tai4to wash out/ elimination (by selection)/ natural selection/ to knock out (in a competition)/ to die out/ to phase out 讨价还价* 6 tao3 jia4 huan2 jia4haggle over price 特长* 6 te4 chang2personal strength/ one's special ability or strong points 特定* 6 te4 ding4special/ specific/ designated/ particular 特色* 6 te4 se4characteristic/ distinguishing feature or quality 提拔* 6 ti2 ba2to promote to a higher job/ to select for promotion 题材* 6 ti2 cai2subject matter 提炼* 6 ti2 lian4to extract (ore; minerals etc)/ to refine/ to purify/ to process 提示* 6 ti2 shi4to prompt/ to present/ to point out/ to draw attention to sth/ hint/ brief/ cue 提议* 6 ti2 yi4proposal/ suggestion/ to propose/ to suggest 体谅* 6 ti3 liang4to empathize/ to allow (for something)/ to show understanding/ to appreciate 体面* 6 ti3 mian4dignity/ face (as in "losing face")/ honorable/ creditable/ pretty 体系* 6 ti3 xi4system/ setup/ CL:個|个[ge4] 天才* 6 tian1 cai2talent/ gift/ genius/ talented/ gifted 天伦之乐* 6 tian1 lun2 zhi1 le4pleasure of heavenly agreement (idiom)/ family love and joy/ domestic bliss 天然气* 6 tian1 ran2 qi4natural gas 天生* 6 tian1 sheng1innate/ natural 天堂* 6 tian1 tang2paradise/ heaven 天文* 6 tian1 wen2astronomy 田径* 6 tian2 jing4track and field (athletics) * 6 tian3to lick/ to lap 挑剔* 6 tiao1 ti5picky/ fussy 调和* 6 tiao2 he2harmonious/ harmony 调剂* 6 tiao2 ji4to adjust/ to balance/ to make up a medical prescription 调节* 6 tiao2 jie2to adjust/ to regulate/ to harmonize/ to reconcile (accountancy etc) 调解* 6 tiao2 jie3to mediate/ to bring parties to an agreement 条款* 6 tiao2 kuan3clause (of contract or law)/ CL:項|项[xiang4] 条理* 6 tiao2 li3arrangement/ order/ tidiness 调料* 6 tiao2 liao4condiment/ seasoning/ flavoring 条约* 6 tiao2 yue1treaty/ pact/ CL:個|个[ge4] 挑拨* 6 tiao3 bo1to incite disharmony/ to instigate 挑衅* 6 tiao3 xin4to provoke/ provocation 跳跃* 6 tiao4 yue4to jump/ to leap/ to bound/ to skip 停泊* 6 ting2 bo2anchorage/ mooring (of a ship) 停顿* 6 ting2 dun4pause 停滞* 6 ting2 zhi4stagnation/ at a standstill/ bogged down 亭子* 6 ting2 zi5pavilion 挺拔* 6 ting3 ba2tall and straight 通货膨胀* 6 tong1 huo4 peng2 zhang4inflation 通俗* 6 tong1 su2common/ everyday/ average 通用* 6 tong1 yong4common (use)/ interchangeable 同胞* 6 tong2 bao1born of the same parents/ fellow citizen or countryman 童话* 6 tong2 hua4children's fairy tales 铜矿* 6 tong2 kuang4copper mine 同志* 6 tong2 zhi4comrade/ homosexual (slang)/ CL:個|个[ge4] 统筹兼顾* 6 tong3 chou2 jian1 gu4an overall plan taking into account all factors 统计* 6 tong3 ji4statistics/ to count/ to add up 统统* 6 tong3 tong3totally 投机* 6 tou2 ji1to speculate (on financial markets)/ opportunistic/ congenial/ agreeable 投票* 6 tou2 piao4to vote/ vote 投降* 6 tou2 xiang2to surrender/ surrender 投掷* 6 tou2 zhi4to throw sth a long distance/ to hurl * 6 tu1bald/ blunt 突破* 6 tu1 po4to break through/ to make a breakthrough/ to surmount or break the back of (a task etc)/ (of ball sports) to break through a defense 图案* 6 tu2 an4design/ pattern 徒弟* 6 tu2 di4apprentice/ disciple 途径* 6 tu2 jing4way/ channel 涂抹* 6 tu2 mo3to paint/ to smear/ to doodle 土壤* 6 tu3 rang3soil 团结* 6 tuan2 jie2a rally/ to hold a rally/ to join forces 团体* 6 tuan2 ti3group/ organization/ team/ CL:個|个[ge4] 团员* 6 tuan2 yuan2member/ group member 推测* 6 tui1 ce4speculation/ to conjecture/ to surmise/ to speculate 推翻* 6 tui1 fan1overthrow 推理* 6 tui1 li3reasoning/ speculative/ inference 推论* 6 tui1 lun4to infer/ a deduction/ a corollary/ a reasoned conclusion 推销* 6 tui1 xiao1to market/ to sell 吞咽* 6 tun1 yan4to swallow/ to gulp 脱离* 6 tuo1 li2to separate oneself from/ to break away from/ diastasis (medicine)/ abscission/ abjunction (botany) 拖延* 6 tuo1 yan2to adjourn/ to delay/ to defer/ adjournment/ procrastination 托运* 6 tuo1 yun4to consign (goods)/ to check through (baggage) 妥当* 6 tuo3 dang5appropriate/ proper/ ready 妥善* 6 tuo3 shan4appropriate/ proper 妥协* 6 tuo3 xie2to compromise/ to reach terms/ a compromise 椭圆* 6 tuo3 yuan2oval/ ellipse/ elliptic 唾沫* 6 tuo4 mo5spittle/ saliva 挖掘* 6 wa1 jue2to excavate/ to dig/ to unearth 娃娃* 6 wa2 wa5baby/ small child/ doll 瓦解* 6 wa3 jie3to collapse/ to disintegrate/ to crumble * 6 wa5Wow!/ sound of child's crying 歪曲* 6 wai1 qu1to distort/ to misrepresent 外表* 6 wai4 biao3external/ outside/ outward appearance 外行* 6 wai4 hang2layman/ amateur 外界* 6 wai4 jie4the outside world/ external 外向* 6 wai4 xiang4outward-looking/ extrovert/ extroverted (personality)/ export-oriented (economy) * 6 wan2pill 完备* 6 wan2 bei4faultless/ complete/ perfect/ to leave nothing to be desired 完毕* 6 wan2 bi4to finish/ to end/ to complete 顽固* 6 wan2 gu4stubborn/ obstinate 玩弄* 6 wan2 nong4to play with/ to engage in/ to resort to/ to dally with 顽强* 6 wan2 qiang2tenacious/ hard to defeat 玩意儿* 6 wan2 yi4 r5toy/ plaything/ thing/ act/ trick (in a performance; stage show; acrobatics etc) 挽回* 6 wan3 hui2to retrieve/ to redeem 挽救* 6 wan3 jiu4to save/ to remedy/ to rescue 惋惜* 6 wan3 xi1to feel sorry for a person over sth that should have happened 万分* 6 wan4 fen1very much/ extremely/ one ten thousandth part 往常* 6 wang3 chang2habitually in the past/ as one used to do formerly/ as it used to be 网络* 6 wang3 luo4network (computing; telecommunications; transport etc)/ Internet 往事* 6 wang3 shi4past events/ former happenings 妄想* 6 wang4 xiang3to attempt vainly/ a vain attempt 微不足道* 6 wei1 bu4 zu2 dao4negligible/ insignificant 威风* 6 wei1 feng1might/ awe-inspiring authority/ impressive 微观* 6 wei1 guan1micro-/ sub-atomic 危机* 6 wei1 ji1crisis/ CL:個|个[ge4] 威力* 6 wei1 li4might/ formidable power 威望* 6 wei1 wang4prestige 威信* 6 wei1 xin4(of a government; etc.) prestige and public reliance 违背* 6 wei2 bei4to violate/ to be contrary to 维持* 6 wei2 chi2to keep/ to maintain/ to preserve 唯独* 6 wei2 du2only/ just (i.e. it is only that...)/ all except/ unique 为难* 6 wei2 nan2feel embarrassed or awkward/ to make things difficult (for someone)/ to find things difficult (to do or manage) 为期* 6 wei2 qi1(to be done) by (a certain date)/ lasting (a certain time) 维生素* 6 wei2 sheng1 su4vitamin 为首* 6 wei2 shou3head/ be headed by 维修* 6 wei2 xiu1maintenance (of equipment)/ to protect and maintain 委员* 6 wei3 yuan2committee member/ committee/ council/ CL:個|个[ge4] 伪造* 6 wei3 zao4to forge/ to fake/ to counterfeit 畏惧* 6 wei4 ju4to fear/ to dread/ foreboding 胃口* 6 wei4 kou3appetite 未免* 6 wei4 mian3unavoidable/ a bit too much/ over the top (you exaggerate) 慰问* 6 wei4 wen4to express sympathy; greetings; consolation etc 卫星* 6 wei4 xing1(space) satellite/ CL:顆|颗[ke1] 位于* 6 wei4 yu2to be located at/ to be situated at/ to lie 温带* 6 wen1 dai4temperate zone 温和* 6 wen1 he2moderate (policy etc) 文凭* 6 wen2 ping2diploma 文物* 6 wen2 wu4cultural relic/ historical relic/ CL:件[jian4];個|个[ge4] 文献* 6 wen2 xian4document 文雅* 6 wen2 ya3elegant/ refined 文艺* 6 wen2 yi4literature and art 问世* 6 wen4 shi4to be published/ to come out * 6 wo1nest/ pit or hollow on the human body/ lair/ den/ place/ to harbor or shelter/ to hold in check/ to bend/ classifier for litters and broods 乌黑* 6 wu1 hei1jet-black/ dark 污蔑* 6 wu1 mie4slander 诬陷* 6 wu1 xian4to entrap/ to frame/ to plant false evidence against sb 无比* 6 wu2 bi3matchless 无偿* 6 wu2 chang2free/ no charge/ at no cost 无耻* 6 wu2 chi3without any sense of shame/ unembarrassed/ shameless 无从* 6 wu2 cong2not to have access/ beyond one's authority or capability/ sth one has no way of doing 无动于衷* 6 wu2 dong4 yu2 zhong1aloof/ indifferent/ unconcerned 无非* 6 wu2 fei1only/ nothing else 无精打采* 6 wu2 jing1 da3 cai3dispirited and downcast (idiom)/ listless/ in low spirits/ washed out 无可奉告* 6 wu2 ke3 feng4 gao4(idiom) "no comment" 无可奈何* 6 wu2 ke3 nai4 he2have no way out/ have no alternative/ abbr. to 無奈|无奈 [wu2 nai4] 无赖* 6 wu2 lai4hoodlum/ rascal/ rogue/ rascally/ scoundrelly 无理取闹* 6 wu2 li3 qu3 nao4to make trouble without reason (idiom)/ deliberately awkward/ pointless provocation/ willful trouble maker 无能为力* 6 wu2 neng2 wei2 li4impotent (idiom)/ powerless/ helpless 无穷无尽* 6 wu2 qiong2 wu2 jin4vast and limitless (idiom)/ endless span of time/ no vestige of a beginning; no prospect of an end 无微不至* 6 wu2 wei1 bu4 zhi4in every possible way (idiom)/ meticulous 无忧无虑* 6 wu2 you1 wu2 lv4carefree and without worries (idiom) 无知* 6 wu2 zhi1ignorance 舞蹈* 6 wu3 dao3dance 侮辱* 6 wu3 ru3to insult/ to humiliate/ dishonor 武侠* 6 wu3 xia2martial arts chivalry (Chinese literary; theatrical and cinema genre)/ knight-errant 武装* 6 wu3 zhuang1arms/ equipment/ to arm/ military/ armed (forces) * 6 wu4do not 务必* 6 wu4 bi4must/ to need to/ to be sure to 误差* 6 wu4 cha1difference/ error/ inaccuracy 误解* 6 wu4 jie3to misunderstand/ to misread/ misunderstanding 物美价廉* 6 wu4 mei3 jia4 lian2cheap and fine/ attractive in price and quality 务实* 6 wu4 shi2pragmatic/ dealing with concrete issues 物资* 6 wu4 zi1goods and materials * 6 xi1creek/ rivulet 膝盖* 6 xi1 gai4knee 熄灭* 6 xi1 mie4to stop burning/ to go out (of fire)/ to die out/ extinguished 吸取* 6 xi1 qu3to absorb/ to draw (a lesson; insight etc)/ to assimilate 昔日* 6 xi1 ri4formerly/ in olden days 牺牲* 6 xi1 sheng1to sacrifice oneself/ to lay down one's life/ to do sth at the expense of/ beast slaughtered for sacrifice/ sacrifice/ CL:個|个[ge4] 夕阳* 6 xi1 yang2sunset/ the setting sun 媳妇* 6 xi2 fu5daughter-in-law/ wife (of a younger man)/ young married woman/ young woman 袭击* 6 xi2 ji1an attack (esp. surprise attack)/ raid/ to attack 习俗* 6 xi2 su2custom/ tradition/ local tradition/ convention 喜闻乐见* 6 xi3 wen2 le4 jian4a delight to see (idiom)/ an attractive spectacle 喜悦* 6 xi3 yue4happy/ joyous 细胞* 6 xi4 bao1cell (biology) 细菌* 6 xi4 jun1bacterium/ germ/ CL:種|种[zhong3] 系列* 6 xi4 lie4series 细致* 6 xi4 zhi4delicate/ fine/ careful/ meticulous/ painstaking * 6 xia2red clouds 狭隘* 6 xia2 ai4narrow/ tight/ narrow minded/ lacking in experience 峡谷* 6 xia2 gu3canyon/ gill/ ravine 狭窄* 6 xia2 zhai3narrow 夏令营* 6 xia4 ling4 ying2summer camp 下属* 6 xia4 shu3subordinate/ underling 先进* 6 xian1 jin4advanced (technology)/ to advance 鲜明* 6 xian1 ming2bright/ clear-cut/ distinct 掀起* 6 xian1 qi3to lift/ to raise in height/ to begin/ upsurge/ to set off (a campaign) 先前* 6 xian1 qian2before/ previously 纤维* 6 xian1 wei2fiber/ CL:種|种[zhong3] * 6 xian2bow string/ string of musical instrument/ watchspring/ chord (segment of curve)/ hypotenuse/ CL:根[gen1] * 6 xian2to dislike/ suspicion/ resentment/ enmity/ abbr. for 嫌犯|嫌犯[xian2 fan4]; criminal suspect 闲话* 6 xian2 hua4digression/ gossip/ complaint/ scandal/ CL:段[duan4] 贤惠* 6 xian2 hui4chaste/ virtuous 衔接* 6 xian2 jie1to join together/ to combine 嫌疑* 6 xian2 yi2suspicion/ (be) suspected (of) 显著* 6 xian3 zhu4outstanding/ notable/ remarkable 现场* 6 xian4 chang3lit. actual location/ the scene (of the incident)/ on-the-spot 现成* 6 xian4 cheng2ready-made/ readily available 宪法* 6 xian4 fa3constitution (of a country) 陷害* 6 xian4 hai4to frame (up)/ to make false charges against 馅儿* 6 xian4 r5stuffing/ filling; e.g. in 包子[bao3 zi5] or 饺子[jiao3 zi5] 陷入* 6 xian4 ru4to sink into/ to get caught up in/ to land in (a predicament) 线索* 6 xian4 suo3trail/ clues/ thread (of a story) 现状* 6 xian4 zhuang4current situation 相差* 6 xiang1 cha4to differ/ discrepancy between 相等* 6 xiang1 deng3equal/ equally/ equivalent 相辅相成* 6 xiang1 fu3 xiang1 cheng2to complement one another (idiom) 镶嵌* 6 xiang1 qian4to inlay/ to embed/ to set (e.g. a jewel in a ring)/ tiling/ tesselation 相应* 6 xiang1 ying4to correspond/ answering (one another)/ to agree (among the part)/ corresponding/ relevant/ appropriate/ (modify) accordingly 乡镇* 6 xiang1 zhen4village/ township 想方设法* 6 xiang3 fang1 she4 fa3to think up every possible method (idiom)/ to devise ways and means/ to try this; that and the other 响亮* 6 xiang3 liang4loud and clear/ resounding 响应* 6 xiang3 ying4respond to/ answer/ CL:個|个[ge4] * 6 xiang4lane/ alley * 6 xiang4neck/ sum/ funds 向导* 6 xiang4 dao3guide 向来* 6 xiang4 lai2always/ all along 向往* 6 xiang4 wang3to yearn for/ to look forward to 消除* 6 xiao1 chu2to eliminate/ to remove 消毒* 6 xiao1 du2to disinfect/ to sterilize 消防* 6 xiao1 fang2fire-fighting/ fire control 消耗* 6 xiao1 hao4to use up/ to consume 销毁* 6 xiao1 hui3to destroy (by melting or burning)/ to obliterate 消极* 6 xiao1 ji2negative/ passive/ inactive 小气* 6 xiao3 qi5stingy/ petty/ miserly/ narrow-minded 小心翼翼* 6 xiao3 xin1 yi4 yi4cautious and solemn (idiom)/ very carefully/ prudent/ gently and cautiously 孝顺* 6 xiao4 shun5filial piety/ to be obedient to one's parents 肖像* 6 xiao4 xiang4portrait 效益* 6 xiao4 yi4benefit 携带* 6 xie2 dai4to carry (on one's person)/ to support (old)/ Taiwan pr. xi1 dai4 协会* 6 xie2 hui4an association/ a society/ CL:個|个[ge4];家[jia1] 协商* 6 xie2 shang1to consult with/ to talk things over/ agreement 协议* 6 xie2 yi4agreement/ pact/ protocol/ CL:項|项[xiang4] 协助* 6 xie2 zhu4provide assistance/ aid 写作* 6 xie3 zuo4writing/ written works * 6 xie4crumbs/ filings/ worthwhile 谢绝* 6 xie4 jue2to refuse politely 泄露* 6 xie4 lu4to leak (information)/ to divulge 泄气* 6 xie4 qi4discouraged/ dejected/ demoralized/ despairing/ to want to give up/ to deflate (air from a tyre) 新陈代谢* 6 xin1 chen2 dai4 xie4metabolism (biology)/ the new replaces the old (idiom) 心得* 6 xin1 de2knowledge gained/ CL:個|个[ge4] 新郎* 6 xin1 lang2bridegroom/ groom 心灵* 6 xin1 ling2bright/ smart/ quick-witted/ heart/ thoughts/ spirit 新娘* 6 xin1 niang2bride 辛勤* 6 xin1 qin2hardworking/ industrious 薪水* 6 xin1 shui3salary/ wage 心态* 6 xin1 tai4attitude (of the heart)/ state of one's psyche/ way of thinking/ mentality 心疼* 6 xin1 teng2to love dearly/ the pain of love 欣慰* 6 xin1 wei4to be gratified 欣欣向荣* 6 xin1 xin1 xiang4 rong2luxuriant growth (idiom)/ flourishing/ thriving 心血* 6 xin1 xue4heart's blood/ expenditure (for some project)/ meticulous care 心眼儿* 6 xin1 yan3 r5one's thoughts/ mind/ intention/ willingness to accept new ideas/ baseless suspicions 新颖* 6 xin1 ying3lit. new bud/ fig. new and original 信赖* 6 xin4 lai4to trust/ to have confidence in/ to have faith in/ to rely on 信念* 6 xin4 nian4faith/ belief/ conviction 信仰* 6 xin4 yang3to believe in (a religion)/ firm belief/ conviction 信誉* 6 xin4 yu4prestige/ distinction/ reputation/ trust * 6 xing1fishy (smell) 兴高采烈* 6 xing1 gao1 cai3 lie4happy and excited (idiom)/ in high spirits/ in great delight 兴隆* 6 Xing1 long2Xinglong county in Chengde 承德[Cheng2 de2]; Hebei 兴旺* 6 xing1 wang4prosperous/ thriving/ to prosper/ to flourish 刑事* 6 xing2 shi4criminal/ penal 形态* 6 xing2 tai4shape/ form/ pattern/ morphology 行政* 6 xing2 zheng4administration/ administrative 性感* 6 xing4 gan3sex appeal/ eroticism/ sexuality/ sexy 幸好* 6 xing4 hao3fortunately 性命* 6 xing4 ming4life 性能* 6 xing4 neng2function/ performance 性情* 6 xing4 qing2nature/ temperament 兴致勃勃* 6 xing4 zhi4 bo2 bo2to become exhilarated (idiom)/ in high spirits/ full of zest 凶恶* 6 xiong1 e4fierce/ ferocious/ fiendish/ frightening 胸怀* 6 xiong1 huai2one's bosom (the seat of emotions)/ breast/ broad-minded and open/ to think about/ to cherish 凶手* 6 xiong1 shou3assailant/ murderer/ assassin 胸膛* 6 xiong1 tang2chest 雄厚* 6 xiong2 hou4robust/ strong and solid 羞耻* 6 xiu1 chi3(a feeling of) shame 修复* 6 xiu1 fu4restoration 修建* 6 xiu1 jian4to build/ to construct 修理* 6 xiu1 li3to repair/ to perform maintenance/ to overhaul/ to fix/ to prune/ to trim 修养* 6 xiu1 yang3accomplishment/ training/ self-cultivation * 6 xiu4to embroider 嗅觉* 6 xiu4 jue2sense of smell 虚假* 6 xu1 jia3false/ phony/ pretense 需求* 6 xu1 qiu2requirement/ demand (economics) 虚荣* 6 xu1 rong2vanity 虚伪* 6 xu1 wei3false/ hypocritical/ artificial/ sham 须知* 6 xu1 zhi1prerequisites/ rules that must be known before starting sth 许可* 6 xu3 ke3to allow/ to permit 酗酒* 6 xu4 jiu3heavy drinking/ to get drunk/ to drink to excess 畜牧* 6 xu4 mu4to raise animals 序言* 6 xu4 yan2preface/ introductory remarks/ preamble/ prelude 宣誓* 6 xuan1 shi4to swear an oath (of office)/ to make a vow 宣扬* 6 xuan1 yang2to proclaim/ to make public or well known 悬挂* 6 xuan2 gua4to suspend/ to hang/ suspension (cable car) 旋律* 6 xuan2 lv4melody/ rhythm 悬念* 6 xuan2 nian4suspense in a movie; play etc/ concern for sb's welfare 悬崖峭壁* 6 xuan2 ya2 qiao4 bi4cliffside 旋转* 6 xuan2 zhuan3to rotate/ to revolve/ to spin/ to whirl 选拔* 6 xuan3 ba2to select the best 选手* 6 xuan3 shou3athlete/ contestant 削弱* 6 xue1 ruo4to weaken 学历* 6 xue2 li4educational background/ academic qualifications 学说* 6 xue2 shuo1theory/ doctrine 学位* 6 xue2 wei4academic degree; e.g.: BSc 學士學位|学士学位[xue2 shi4 xue2 wei4]; MSc 碩士學位|硕士学位[shuo4 shi4 xue2 wei4]; Diploma 學位證書|学位证书[xue2 wei4 zheng4 shu1]; PhD 博士學位|博士学位[bo2 shi4 xue2 wei4] 雪上加霜* 6 xue3 shang4 jia1 shuang1to add hail to snow (idiom)/ one disaster on top of another/ to make things worse in a bad situation 血压* 6 xue4 ya1blood pressure 熏陶* 6 xun1 tao2nurturing (i.e. assimilate some branch of culture)/ seeped in 循环* 6 xun2 huan2to cycle/ to circulate/ circle/ loop 巡逻* 6 xun2 luo2to patrol (police; army or navy) 寻觅* 6 xun2 mi4to look for 循序渐进* 6 xun2 xu4 jian4 jin4in sequence; step by step (idiom)/ to make steady progress incrementally 押金* 6 ya1 jin1deposit/ cash pledge 压迫* 6 ya1 po4to oppress/ to repress/ to constrict/ oppression/ stress (physics) 压岁钱* 6 ya1 sui4 qian2money given to children as new year present 压缩* 6 ya1 suo1to compress/ compression 压抑* 6 ya1 yi4to constrain or repress emotions/ oppressive/ stifling/ depressing/ repression 压榨* 6 ya1 zha4to press/ to squeeze/ to extract juice; oil etc by squeezing 压制* 6 ya1 zhi4to suppress/ to inhibit/ to stifle 亚军* 6 ya4 jun1second place (in a sports contest)/ runner-up 烟花爆竹* 6 yan1 hua1 bao4 zhu2fireworks and crackers 淹没* 6 yan1 mo4to submerge/ to drown/ to flood/ to drown out (also fig.) 沿海* 6 yan2 hai3coastal 严寒* 6 yan2 han2bitter cold/ severe winter 严禁* 6 yan2 jin4strictly prohibit 严峻* 6 yan2 jun4grim/ severe/ rigorous 严厉* 6 yan2 li4severe/ strict 言论* 6 yan2 lun4speech/ expression of opinion/ public opinion 严密* 6 yan2 mi4strict/ tight (organization; surveillance etc) 延期* 6 yan2 qi1to delay/ to extend/ to postpone/ to defer 炎热* 6 yan2 re4blistering hot/ sizzling hot (weather) 延伸* 6 yan2 shen1to extend/ to spread 岩石* 6 yan2 shi2rock 延续* 6 yan2 xu4to continue/ to go on/ to last 演变* 6 yan3 bian4to develop/ to evolve 掩盖* 6 yan3 gai4to conceal/ to hide behind/ to cover up 眼光* 6 yan3 guang1vision 掩护* 6 yan3 hu4to screen/ to shield/ to cover/ protection/ cover/ CL:面[mian4] 演讲* 6 yan3 jiang3lecture/ to make a speech 眼色* 6 yan3 se4a wink/ to signal with one's eyes 眼神* 6 yan3 shen2expression or emotion showing in one's eyes/ meaningful glance/ wink/ eyesight (topolect) 掩饰* 6 yan3 shi4to conceal a fault/ to gloss over 演习* 6 yan3 xi2exercise/ practice/ to put on a play/ to act 眼下* 6 yan3 xia4now/ at present/ subocular (medicine) 演绎* 6 yan3 yi4to deduce/ to infer 演奏* 6 yan3 zou4to play a musical instrument/ to perform music 验收* 6 yan4 shou1to check on receipt/ an inventory of received goods/ to verify and accept (a delivery) 厌恶* 6 yan4 wu4to loath/ to hate/ disgusted with sth 验证* 6 yan4 zheng4to inspect and verify/ experimental verification 氧气* 6 yang3 qi4oxygen 样品* 6 yang4 pin3sample/ specimen 摇摆* 6 yao2 bai3to waver/ swaying (of building in an earthquake) 摇滚* 6 yao2 gun3to shake and boil/ rock and roll (music) 摇晃* 6 yao2 huang4to rock/ to shake/ to sway 遥控* 6 yao2 kong4remote control 谣言* 6 yao2 yan2rumor 遥远* 6 yao2 yuan3distant/ remote 咬牙切齿* 6 yao3 ya2 qie4 chi3gnashing one's teeth (idiom)/ displaying extreme anger/ fuming with rage between gritted teeth 要不然* 6 yao4 bu4 ran2otherwise/ or else/ or 要点* 6 yao4 dian3main point/ essential 要命* 6 yao4 ming4to cause sb's death/ very/ extremely/ frightening/ annoying 要素* 6 yao4 su4essential factor/ key constituent 耀眼* 6 yao4 yan3to dazzle/ dazzling 野蛮* 6 ye3 man2barbarous/ uncivilized 野心* 6 ye3 xin1ambition/ wild schemes/ careerism 依次* 6 yi1 ci4in order/ in succession 一度* 6 yi1 du4for a time/ at one time/ one time/ once 一帆风顺* 6 yi1 fan1 feng1 shun4single sail; gentle wind (idiom)/ plain sailing/ to go smoothly 一贯* 6 yi1 guan4consistent/ constant/ from start to finish/ all along/ persistent 依旧* 6 yi1 jiu4as before/ still 一举两得* 6 yi1 ju3 liang3 de2one move; two gains (idiom)/ two birds with one stone 依据* 6 yi1 ju4according to/ basis/ foundation 依靠* 6 yi1 kao4to rely on sth (for support etc)/ to depend on 依赖* 6 yi1 lai4to depend on/ to be dependent on 一流* 6 yi1 liu2top quality/ front ranking 一律* 6 yi1 lv4same/ uniformly/ all/ without exception 一目了然* 6 yi1 mu4 liao3 ran2obvious at a glance (idiom) 一如既往* 6 yi1 ru2 ji4 wang3just as in the past (idiom)/ as before/ continuing as always 衣裳* 6 yi1 shang5clothes 一丝不苟* 6 yi1 si1 bu4 gou3not one thread loose (idiom)/ strictly according to the rules/ meticulous/ not one hair out of place 依托* 6 yi1 tuo1to rely on/ to depend on 一向* 6 yi1 xiang4all along/ the whole time/ constantly/ earlier/ lately 一再* 6 yi1 zai4repeatedly 遗产* 6 yi2 chan3heritage/ legacy/ inheritance/ bequest/ CL:筆|笔[bi3] 遗传* 6 yi2 chuan2heredity/ inheritance/ to transmit 疑惑* 6 yi2 huo4to doubt/ to distrust/ unconvincing/ to puzzle over/ misgivings/ suspicions 遗留* 6 yi2 liu2(leave or be a) legacy/ left over/ hand down (to next generation) 仪器* 6 yi2 qi4instrument/ apparatus/ CL:臺|台[tai2] 遗失* 6 yi2 shi1to lose/ lost 仪式* 6 yi2 shi4ceremony 以便* 6 yi3 bian4so that/ so as to/ in order to 以免* 6 yi3 mian3in order to avoid/ so as not to 以往* 6 yi3 wang3in the past/ formerly 以至* 6 yi3 zhi4down to/ up to/ to such an extent as to ... (also written 以至於|以至于[yi3 zhi4 yu2]) 以致* 6 yi3 zhi4to such an extent as to/ down to/ up to * 6 yi4also * 6 yi4wing 异常* 6 yi4 chang2exceptional/ abnormal/ an anomaly 毅力* 6 yi4 li4perseverance/ willpower 意料* 6 yi4 liao4to anticipate/ to expect/ to reckon ahead 毅然* 6 yi4 ran2firmly/ resolutely/ without hesitation 意识* 6 yi4 shi2consciousness/ awareness/ consciously (i.e. deliberately)/ to be aware 意图* 6 yi4 tu2intent/ intention/ intend/ schematic diagram 意味着* 6 yi4 wei4 zhe5to signify/ to mean/ to imply 意向* 6 yi4 xiang4disposition 意志* 6 yi4 zhi4will/ willpower/ determination/ CL:個|个[ge4] 抑制* 6 yi4 zhi4to inhibit/ to keep down/ to suppress 阴谋* 6 yin1 mou2plot/ conspiracy 音响* 6 yin1 xiang3speakers or speaker (electronic)/ acoustics/ sound field (in a room or theater) 隐蔽* 6 yin3 bi4to conceal/ to hide/ covert/ under cover 引导* 6 yin3 dao3to guide/ to lead/ to conduct/ introduction 隐患* 6 yin3 huan4a danger concealed within sth/ hidden damage/ misfortune not visible from the surface 隐瞒* 6 yin3 man2to conceal/ to hide (a taboo subject)/ to cover up the truth 引擎* 6 yin3 qing2engine (transliteration) 饮食* 6 yin3 shi2food and drink 隐私* 6 yin3 si1secrets/ sth one hopes to conceal 引用* 6 yin3 yong4to quote/ to cite/ to recommend/ to appoint 隐约* 6 yin3 yue1vague/ faint/ indistinct 印刷* 6 yin4 shua1print 婴儿* 6 ying1 er2infant/ baby/ CL:個|个[ge4]/ lead (Pb) 英明* 6 ying1 ming2wise/ brilliant 英勇* 6 ying1 yong3bravery/ gallant/ valiant 盈利* 6 ying2 li4profit/ gain 迎面* 6 ying2 mian4directly/ head-on (collision)/ in one's face (of wind) 荧屏* 6 ying2 ping2fluorescent screen/ TV screen 应酬* 6 ying4 chou5social niceties/ social interaction/ a dinner party 应邀* 6 ying4 yao1at sb's invitation/ on invitation 拥护* 6 yong1 hu4to endorse/ to support 庸俗* 6 yong1 su2filthy/ vulgar/ debased 拥有* 6 yong1 you3to have/ to possess 永恒* 6 yong3 heng2eternal/ everlasting/ fig. to pass into eternity (i.e. to die) 涌现* 6 yong3 xian4to emerge in large numbers/ to spring up/ to emerge prominently 勇于* 6 yong3 yu2to dare to/ to be brave enough to 踊跃* 6 yong3 yue4to leap/ to jump/ eager/ enthusiastically 用功* 6 yong4 gong1diligent/ industrious (in one's studies)/ to study hard/ to make great effort 用户* 6 yong4 hu4user/ consumer/ subscriber/ customer 优胜劣汰* 6 you1 sheng4 lie4 tai4survival of the fittest 优先* 6 you1 xian1priority 优异* 6 you1 yi4exceptional/ outstandingly good 忧郁* 6 you1 yu4sullen/ depressed/ melancholy/ dejected 优越* 6 you1 yue4superior/ superiority 油腻* 6 you2 ni4grease/ greasy food/ oily/ rich (of food)/ fatty/ greasy and dirty/ a slippery character 油漆* 6 you2 qi1oil paints/ lacquer/ to paint/ CL:層|层[ceng2] 犹如* 6 you2 ru2similar to/ appearing to be 有条不紊* 6 you3 tiao2 bu4 wen3regular and thorough (idiom)/ methodically arranged 诱惑* 6 you4 huo4to entice/ to lure/ to induce/ to attract 幼稚* 6 you4 zhi4young/ childish/ naive 愚蠢* 6 yu2 chun3silly/ stupid 舆论* 6 yu2 lun4public opinion 愚昧* 6 yu2 mei4ignorant/ uneducated 渔民* 6 yu2 min2fisherman/ fisher folk 与日俱增* 6 yu3 ri4 ju4 zeng1to increase steadily/ to grow with each passing day 羽绒服* 6 yu3 rong2 fu2down garment 予以* 6 yu3 yi3to give/ to impose/ to apply * 6 yu4heal/ the more...the more/ to recover/ better * 6 yu4reconciled/ smooth 预料* 6 yu4 liao4to forecast/ to anticipate/ expectation 预期* 6 yu4 qi1expect/ expected 预赛* 6 yu4 sai4preliminary competition/ to hold preliminary heats 预算* 6 yu4 suan4budget 欲望* 6 yu4 wang4desire/ longing/ appetite/ craving 预先* 6 yu4 xian1beforehand/ prior 预言* 6 yu4 yan2to predict/ prophecy 寓言* 6 yu4 yan2fable/ CL:則|则[ze2] 预兆* 6 yu4 zhao4omen/ prognosis (in medicine) 冤枉* 6 yuan1 wang5hatred/ injustice/ bad luck/ unjust treatment/ wronged/ not worthwhile 原告* 6 yuan2 gao4complainant/ plaintiff 原理* 6 yuan2 li3principle/ theory 园林* 6 yuan2 lin2gardens/ park/ landscape garden 圆满* 6 yuan2 man3satisfactory 源泉* 6 yuan2 quan2fountainhead/ well-spring/ water source/ fig. origin 原始* 6 yuan2 shi3first/ original/ primitive/ original (document etc) 元首* 6 yuan2 shou3head of state 元素* 6 yuan2 su4element/ element of a set/ chemical element 原先* 6 yuan2 xian1former/ original 元宵节* 6 Yuan2 xiao1 jie2Lantern festival; the final event of the Spring festival 春節|春节; on 15th of first month of the lunar calendar 约束* 6 yue1 shu4to restrict/ to limit to/ to constrain/ restriction/ constraint 岳父* 6 yue4 fu4wife's father; father-in-law 乐谱* 6 yue4 pu3a musical score/ sheet music 蕴藏* 6 yun4 cang2to hold in store/ to contain (untapped reserves etc) 酝酿* 6 yun4 niang4(of alcohol) to ferment/ (of a crisis) to be brewing/ to mull over (an issue)/ to hold exploratory discussions 运算* 6 yun4 suan4(mathematical) operation 运行* 6 yun4 xing2be in motion/ to move/ to run 孕育* 6 yun4 yu4to be pregnant/ to produce offspring/ to nurture (a development; school of thought; artwork etc)/ fig. replete with (culture etc) * 6 za2smash/ smashed/ to fail/ to get it wrong 杂技* 6 za2 ji4acrobatics/ CL:場|场[chang3] 杂交* 6 za2 jiao1a hybrid * 6 za3(dialect) why/ how/ what 灾难* 6 zai1 nan4disaster/ catastrophe 栽培* 6 zai1 pei2to grow/ to cultivate * 6 zai3to slaughter livestock/ to govern or rule/ to cheat customers/ Imperial official in dynastic China 在乎* 6 zai4 hu5determined by/ to care about/ to mind 再接再厉* 6 zai4 jie1 zai4 li4to continue the struggle (idiom)/ to persist/ unremitting efforts 在意* 6 zai4 yi4to care about/ to mind * 6 zan3to accumulate/ to amass/ to hoard/ to save 暂且* 6 zan4 qie3for now/ for the time being/ temporarily 赞叹* 6 zan4 tan4to sigh or gasp in admiration/ high praise 赞同* 6 zan4 tong2to approve of/ to endorse/ (vote) in favor/ trad. also written 贊同 赞扬* 6 zan4 yang2to praise/ to approve of/ to show approval 赞助* 6 zan4 zhu4to support/ to assist/ sponsor 遭受* 6 zao1 shou4to suffer/ to sustain (loss; misfortune) 糟蹋* 6 zao1 ta4to waste/ to wreck/ to despoil/ to abuse/ to slander/ to insult/ to defile/ to trample on 遭殃* 6 zao1 yang1to suffer a calamity 遭遇* 6 zao1 yu4to meet with/ to encounter/ (bitter) experience 造反* 6 zao4 fan3rebel/ revolt 造型* 6 zao4 xing2modeling/ mold-making/ model or mold/ molding 噪音* 6 zao4 yin1rumble/ noise/ static 责怪* 6 ze2 guai4to blame/ to rebuke * 6 zei2thief/ wily/ deceitful/ evil/ extremely/ disagreeably 增添* 6 zeng1 tian1add to/ increase 赠送* 6 zeng4 song4give as a present/ present as a gift * 6 zha1slag (in mining or smelting)/ dregs * 6 zha1to prick/ to run or stick (a needle etc) into/ jug (a classifier for liquids such as beer) 扎实* 6 zha1 shi5strong/ solid/ sturdy/ firm/ practical * 6 zha3wink 诈骗* 6 zha4 pian4to defraud/ to swindle/ to blackmail 摘要* 6 zhai1 yao4summary/ abstract 债券* 6 zhai4 quan4bond/ debenture 沾光* 6 zhan1 guang1to bask in the light/ fig. to benefit from association with sb or sth/ reflected glory 瞻仰* 6 zhan1 yang3to revere/ to admire 斩钉截铁* 6 zhan3 ding1 jie2 tie3to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom)/ resolute and decisive/ unhesitating/ definitely/ without any doubt 展示* 6 zhan3 shi4to reveal/ to display/ to show/ to exhibit sth 展望* 6 zhan3 wang4outlook/ prospect/ to look ahead/ to look forward to 展现* 6 zhan3 xian4to come out/ to emerge 崭新* 6 zhan3 xin1brand new 战斗* 6 zhan4 dou4to fight/ to battle/ CL:場|场[chang2];次[ci4] 占据* 6 zhan4 ju4to occupy/ to hold 占领* 6 zhan4 ling3to occupy (a territory)/ to hold 战略* 6 zhan4 lve4strategy 战术* 6 zhan4 shu4tactics 战役* 6 zhan4 yi4military campaign 占有* 6 zhan4 you3to have/ to own/ to hold/ to possess 章程* 6 zhang1 cheng2rules/ regulations/ constitution/ statute/ articles of association (of company)/ articles of incorporation/ charter (of a corporation)/ by-laws 长辈* 6 zhang3 bei4elder generation 障碍* 6 zhang4 ai4barrier/ obstruction/ hindrance/ impediment/ obstacle 帐篷* 6 zhang4 peng5tent/ CL:頂|顶[ding3];座[zuo4] 朝气蓬勃* 6 zhao1 qi4 peng2 bo2full of youthful energy (idiom)/ vigorous/ energetic/ a bright spark 招收* 6 zhao1 shou1to hire/ to recruit 招投标* 6 zhao1 tou2 biao1bidding/ tender 着迷* 6 zhao2 mi2to be fascinated/ to be captivated 沼泽* 6 zhao3 ze2marsh/ swamp/ wetlands/ glade 照料* 6 zhao4 liao4to tend/ to take care of sb 照样* 6 zhao4 yang4as before/ (same) as usual 照耀* 6 zhao4 yao4shine/ illuminate 照应* 6 zhao4 ying4to correlate with/ to correspond to 遮挡* 6 zhe1 dang3to shelter from/ to keep out 折腾* 6 zhe1 teng5to toss from side to side (e.g. sleeplessly)/ to repeat sth over and over again/ to torment sb/ to play crazy * 6 zhe2to break/ to snap/ to suffer the loss of/ to turn/ to bend/ to admire/ to amount to/ to discoun/ to fold/ turning stroke (in Chinese character)/ booklet 折磨* 6 zhe2 mo2to persecute/ to torment 珍贵* 6 zhen1 gui4precious 侦探* 6 zhen1 tan4detective/ to do detective work 珍稀* 6 zhen1 xi1rare/ precious and uncommon 真相* 6 zhen1 xiang4the truth about sth/ the actual facts 真挚* 6 zhen1 zhi4sincere/ sincerity 珍珠* 6 zhen1 zhu1pearl 斟酌* 6 zhen1 zhuo2to consider/ to deliberate/ to fill up a cup to the brim 阵地* 6 zhen4 di4position/ front 镇定* 6 zhen4 ding4calm/ unperturbed/ cool 振奋* 6 zhen4 fen4to stir oneself up/ to raise one's spirits/ to inspire 震惊* 6 zhen4 jing1to shock/ to astonish 镇静* 6 zhen4 jing4calm/ cool 阵容* 6 zhen4 rong2troop arrangement/ battle formation/ line-up (of a sports team etc) 振兴* 6 Zhen4 xing1Zhengxing district of Dandong city 丹東市|丹东市[Dan1 dong1 shi4]; Liaoning 镇压* 6 zhen4 ya1suppression/ repression/ to suppress/ to put down/ to quell 争端* 6 zheng1 duan1dispute/ controversy/ conflict 争夺* 6 zheng1 duo2fight over/ contest/ vie over 蒸发* 6 zheng1 fa1to evaporate/ evaporation 征服* 6 zheng1 fu2conquer/ subdue/ vanquish 争气* 6 zheng1 qi4to work hard for sth/ to resolve on improvement/ determined not to fall short 征收* 6 zheng1 shou1to levy (a fine)/ to impose (a tariff) 争先恐后* 6 zheng1 xian1 kong3 hou4striving to be first and fearing to be last (idiom)/ outdoing one another 争议* 6 zheng1 yi4controversy/ dispute 正月* 6 zheng1 yue4first month of the lunar year 挣扎* 6 zheng1 zha2to struggle/ struggling 整顿* 6 zheng3 dun4to tidy up/ to reorganize/ to consolidate/ to rectify 正当* 6 zheng4 dang1honest/ reasonable/ fair/ sensible/ timely/ just (when needed) 正负* 6 zheng4 fu4positive and negative 正规* 6 zheng4 gui1regular/ according to standards 正经* 6 zheng4 jing5decent/ honorable/ proper/ serious/ according to standards 正气* 6 zheng4 qi4healthy environment/ healthy atmosphere/ righteousness/ vital energy (in Chinese medicine) 政权* 6 zheng4 quan2regime/ (wield) political power 证实* 6 zheng4 shi2to confirm (sth to be true)/ to verify 证书* 6 zheng4 shu1credentials/ certificate 正义* 6 zheng4 yi4justice/ righteous/ righteousness 郑重* 6 zheng4 zhong4serious 症状* 6 zheng4 zhuang4symptom (of an illness) * 6 zhi1branch/ classifier for sticks; rods; pencils etc 支撑* 6 zhi1 cheng1to prop up/ to support/ strut/ brace 支出* 6 zhi1 chu1to spend/ to pay out/ expense 脂肪* 6 zhi1 fang2body fat 知觉* 6 zhi1 jue2perception/ consciousness 支流* 6 zhi1 liu2tributary (river) 支配* 6 zhi1 pei4to dominate/ to allocate 支援* 6 zhi1 yuan2to provide assistance/ to support/ to back 支柱* 6 zhi1 zhu4mainstay/ pillar/ prop/ backbone 知足常乐* 6 zhi1 zu2 chang2 le4satisfied with what one has (idiom) 值班* 6 zhi2 ban1to work a shift/ on duty 直播* 6 zhi2 bo1live broadcast (not recorded)/ direct internet broadcasting 殖民地* 6 zhi2 min2 di4colony 职能* 6 zhi2 neng2function/ role 职位* 6 zhi2 wei4post/ office/ position 职务* 6 zhi2 wu4post/ position/ job/ duties 指标* 6 zhi3 biao1norm/ index/ target 指定* 6 zhi3 ding4to appoint/ to assign/ to indicate clearly and with certainty/ designated 指甲* 6 zhi3 jia5fingernail 指令* 6 zhi3 ling4order/ command/ instruction 指南针* 6 zhi3 nan2 zhen1compass 指示* 6 zhi3 shi4to point out/ to indicate/ to instruct/ directives/ instructions/ CL:個|个[ge4] 指望* 6 zhi3 wang4to hope for sth/ to count on/ hope 指责* 6 zhi3 ze2to criticize/ to find fault with/ to denounce 治安* 6 zhi4 an1law and order/ public security 制裁* 6 zhi4 cai2to punish/ punishment/ sanctions (incl. economic) 致辞* 6 zhi4 ci2to express in words or writing/ to make a speech (esp. short introduction; vote of thanks; afterword; funeral homily etc)/ to address (an audience)/ same as 致詞|致词 制订* 6 zhi4 ding4to work out/ to formulate 制服* 6 zhi4 fu2to subdue/ to check/ to bring under control/ (in former times) what one is allowed to wear depending on social status/ uniform (army; party; school etc)/ livery (for company employees)/ CL:套[tao4] 治理* 6 zhi4 li3to govern/ to administer/ to manage/ to control 智力* 6 zhi4 li4intelligence/ intellect 致力于* 6 zhi4 li4 yu2to devote to/ to dedicate to 滞留* 6 zhi4 liu2to detain/ retention 智能* 6 zhi4 neng2intelligent/ able/ smart (phone; system; bomb etc) 志气* 6 zhi4 qi4ambition/ resolve/ backbone/ drive/ spirit 智商* 6 zhi4 shang1IQ (intelligence quotient) 致使* 6 zhi4 shi3to cause/ to result in 制约* 6 zhi4 yue1to restrict/ condition 制止* 6 zhi4 zhi3to curb/ to put a stop to/ to stop/ to check/ to limit 忠诚* 6 zhong1 cheng2devoted/ fidelity/ loyal/ loyalty 终点* 6 zhong1 dian3the end/ end point/ finishing line (in a race)/ destination/ terminus/ CL:個|个[ge4] 中断* 6 zhong1 duan4to cut short/ to break off/ to discontinue 终究* 6 zhong1 jiu1in the end/ after all is said and done 中立* 6 zhong1 li4neutral 终年* 6 zhong1 nian2entire year/ throughout the year/ age at death 终身* 6 zhong1 shen1lifelong/ all one's life/ marriage 忠实* 6 zhong1 shi2faithful 衷心* 6 zhong1 xin1heartfelt/ wholehearted/ cordial 中央* 6 zhong1 yang1central/ middle/ center/ central authorities (of a state) 终止* 6 zhong1 zhi3to stop/ to terminate (law) 肿瘤* 6 zhong3 liu2tumor 种子* 6 zhong3 zi5seed/ CL:顆|颗[ke1];粒[li4] 种族* 6 zhong3 zu2race/ ethnicity 众所周知* 6 zhong4 suo3 zhou1 zhi1as everyone knows (idiom) 重心* 6 zhong4 xin1center of gravity/ central core/ main part * 6 zhou1prefecture/ state (e.g. of US)/ province (old)/ administrative division (old) * 6 zhou1boat * 6 zhou1porridge (of rice or millet) 周边* 6 zhou1 bian1periphery/ rim 周密* 6 zhou1 mi4careful/ thorough 周年* 6 zhou1 nian2anniversary/ annual 周期* 6 zhou1 qi1period/ cycle 周折* 6 zhou1 zhe2complication/ twists and turns/ problem/ setback 周转* 6 zhou1 zhuan3turnover (in cash or personnel)/ to have enough resources to cover a need 皱纹* 6 zhou4 wen2wrinkle/ CL:道[dao4] 昼夜* 6 zhou4 ye4day and night/ period of 24 hours/ continuously; without stop * 6 zhu1tree trunk/ stump (tree root)/ a plant/ classifier for trees or plants/ to involve others (in shady business) 诸位* 6 zhu1 wei4(pron) everyone/ Ladies and Gentlemen/ Sirs 逐年* 6 zhu2 nian2year after year/ with each passing year/ over the years * 6 zhu3to lean on/ to prop on 主办* 6 zhu3 ban4to organize/ to host (a conference or sports event) 主导* 6 zhu3 dao3to lead/ to manage 主管* 6 zhu3 guan3in charge/ responsible for 主流* 6 zhu3 liu2main stream (of a river)/ fig. the essential point/ main viewpoint of a matter 主权* 6 zhu3 quan2sovereignty 主题* 6 zhu3 ti2theme/ subject 助理* 6 zhu4 li3assistant 注射* 6 zhu4 she4injection/ to inject 注视* 6 zhu4 shi4to watch attentively/ to gaze 注释* 6 zhu4 shi4marginal notes/ annotation/ to annotate/ to add comments to text 助手* 6 zhu4 shou3assistant/ helper 铸造* 6 zhu4 zao4to cast (pour metal into a mold) 驻扎* 6 zhu4 zha1to station/ to garrison (troops) 住宅* 6 zhu4 zhai2residence/ tenement 注重* 6 zhu4 zhong4to pay attention to/ to emphasize 著作* 6 zhu4 zuo4to write/ literary work/ book/ article/ writings/ CL:部[bu4] * 6 zhuai4to drag/ to haul 专长* 6 zhuan1 chang2specialty/ special knowledge or ability 专程* 6 zhuan1 cheng2special-purpose trip 专科* 6 zhuan1 ke1specialized subject/ branch (of medicine)/ specialized training school 专利* 6 zhuan1 li4patent 专题* 6 zhuan1 ti2special topic 砖瓦* 6 zhuan1 wa3tiles and bricks 转达* 6 zhuan3 da2to pass on/ to convey/ to communicate 转让* 6 zhuan3 rang4transfer (technology; goods etc)/ conveyancing (property) 转移* 6 zhuan3 yi2to shift/ to divert or distract (attention etc)/ to change/ to transform/ metastasis (medicine) 转折* 6 zhuan3 zhe2shift in the trend of events/ plot shift in a book/ twists and turns 传记* 6 zhuan4 ji4biography/ CL:篇[pian1];部[bu4] 装备* 6 zhuang1 bei4equipment/ to equip/ to outfit 装卸* 6 zhuang1 xie4to load or unload/ to transfer/ to assemble and disassemble 庄严* 6 zhuang1 yan2stately 庄重* 6 zhuang1 zhong4grave/ solemn/ dignified * 6 zhuang4tents/ classifier for houses 壮观* 6 zhuang4 guan1spectacular/ magnificent sight 壮丽* 6 zhuang4 li4magnificence/ magnificent/ majestic/ glorious 壮烈* 6 zhuang4 lie4brave/ heroic 追悼* 6 zhui1 dao4mourning/ memorial (service etc) 追究* 6 zhui1 jiu1investigate/ look into 准则* 6 zhun3 ze2norm/ standard/ criterion 琢磨* 6 zhuo2 mo2to carve and polish (jade)/ to polish and refine a literary work 着手* 6 zhuo2 shou3to put one's hand to it/ to start out on a task/ to set out 着想* 6 zhuo2 xiang3to give thought (to others)/ to consider (other people's needs) 卓越* 6 zhuo2 yue4distinction/ excellence/ outstanding/ surpassing/ distinguished/ splendid 着重* 6 zhuo2 zhong4put emphasis on/ to stress/ to emphasize 资本* 6 zi1 ben3capital (as in capitalism) 资产* 6 zi1 chan3property/ assets 资深* 6 zi1 shen1senior (in terms of depth of accumulated experience)/ deeply qualified 姿态* 6 zi1 tai4attitude/ posture/ stance 滋味* 6 zi1 wei4taste/ flavor/ feeling 滋长* 6 zi1 zhang3to grow (usually of abstract things)/ to yield/ to develop 资助* 6 zi1 zhu4to subsidize/ to provide financial aid/ subsidy 子弹* 6 zi3 dan4bullet/ CL:粒[li4];顆|颗[ke1];發|发[fa1] 自卑* 6 zi4 bei1feeling inferior/ self-abased 自发* 6 zi4 fa1spontaneous 自力更生* 6 zi4 li4 geng1 sheng1regeneration through one's own effort (idiom)/ self-reliance 自满* 6 zi4 man3complacent/ self-satisfied 字母* 6 zi4 mu3letter (of the alphabet)/ CL:個|个[ge4] 自主* 6 zi4 zhu3to act for oneself/ autonomous 踪迹* 6 zong1 ji4tracks/ trail/ footprint/ trace/ vestige 棕色* 6 zong1 se4brown 宗旨* 6 zong1 zhi3objective/ aim/ goal 总而言之* 6 zong3 er2 yan2 zhi1in short/ in a word/ in brief 总和* 6 zong3 he2sum 纵横* 6 zong4 heng2lit. warp and weft in weaving/ vertically and horizontal/ length and breadth/ criss-crossed/ able to move unhindered/ abbr. for 合縱連橫|合纵连横[He2 zong4 Lian2 heng2]; School of Diplomacy during the Warring States Period (475 - 221 BC) 走廊* 6 zou3 lang2corridor/ aisle/ hallway/ colonnade/ passageway/ piazza/ veranda 走漏* 6 zou3 lou4to leak (of information; liquid etc)/ to divulge 走私* 6 zou3 si1to smuggle/ to have an illicit affair * 6 zou4to beat up/ to break to pieces 租赁* 6 zu1 lin4to rent/ to lease/ to hire 足以* 6 zu2 yi3sufficient to.../ so much so that/ so that * 6 zu3to form/ to organize/ class/ section 阻碍* 6 zu3 ai4to obstruct/ to hinder/ to block 祖父* 6 zu3 fu4father's father/ paternal grandfather 阻拦* 6 zu3 lan2to stop/ to obstruct 阻挠* 6 zu3 nao2to thwart/ to obstruct (sth) 钻研* 6 zuan1 yan2to study meticulously/ to delve into 钻石* 6 zuan4 shi2diamond/ CL:顆|颗[ke1] 嘴唇* 6 zui3 chun2lip/ CL:片[pian4] 遵循* 6 zun1 xun2to follow/ to abide by/ to comply with/ compliance 尊严* 6 zun1 yan2dignity/ sanctity/ honor/ majesty 左右* 6 zuo3 you4about/ approximately/ left and right/ around/ attendant 作弊* 6 zuo4 bi4to practice fraud/ to cheat/ to engage in corrupt practices 做东* 6 zuo4 dong1to act as host 作废* 6 zuo4 fei4to become invalid/ to cancel/ to delete/ to nullify 作风* 6 zuo4 feng1style/ style of work/ way 作息* 6 zuo4 xi1work and rest 座右铭* 6 zuo4 you4 ming2motto/ maxim 做主* 6 zuo4 zhu3make the decision/ take charge of/ back up/ support/ be host
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