我们在下午四点钟喝茶。 We have tea at four o'clock in the afternoon.
这个商人收到了一船茶叶。 The merchant had received a shipment of tea.
他们坐在凉亭里,边喝茶边聊天。 They sat in the arbor and chatted over tea.
你想喝茶吗? Would you like a cup of tea?
再给你倒杯茶好吗? Can I pour you another cup of tea?
我们到草坪上去喝茶吧。 Let's have tea on the lawn.
印度向许多国家出口茶叶和棉花. India exports tea and cotton to many different countries.
完整的茶具是在十八世纪发展起来的。 Complete tea services were developed in the 18th century.
我偶尔喝杯咖啡, 但平常都喝茶. I drink an occasional cup of coffee; but usually I take tea.
恋爱与丑闻,是喝茶的最佳甜点心。 Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea.
我们沏了一壶好茶. We brewed (up) a nice pot of tea.
大吉岭茶一种上等的红茶,尤其生长在印度北部地区 A fine variety of black tea grown especially in the northern part of India.
《茶馆》正在首都剧场上演。 "The Teahouse" is playing at the Capital Theater.
`你喝茶有什麽喜好?'`我喜欢淡一些的.' `How do you like your tea?' `I like it rather weak.'
乌龙(茶)一种在干燥前局部发酵的中国红茶 A dark Chinese tea that has been partially fermented before drying.
武夷红茶,红茶一种中国红茶,起初是精选出来的高等级品,后来质量较差 A black Chinese tea, originally the choicest grade but later an inferior variety.
医生说:“和护士们一起喝茶休息是十分值得的。我们总是谈本行。实际上我们只有这个时候才能一起聊聊我们病人的情况。” The doctor says,"a tea break with the nurses in immensely valuable. We always talk shop. It's the only real chance we get to chat about our patients."
她喝茶时弯起小指头。 She crooked her little finger as she drank her tea.
他在水龙头下面冲洗茶壶, 以便把茶叶冲掉. He rinsed the teapot out under the tap, to get rid of the tea-leaves.
喝一杯茶吧--除非你想喝冷饮。 Have a cup of tea unless you'd prefer a cold drink.
我常怀念早晨你给我送茶的情景! I miss you bringing me cups of tea in the mornings!
茶馆里有个人在非常自负地侃政治。 A man in the teahouse was laying the law down on politics.
她列出了我们要购买的东西--糖、 茶叶、 肥皂等. She enumerated the items we had to buy sugar, tea, soap, etc.
在我家里, 咖啡取代了茶。 Coffee has taken the place of tea in my home.
它是一种有菊花味的特别茶叶。 It was a special tea which tasted of chrysanthemum.
我去睡觉,茶沏好后告诉我一声。 I'm going to sleep, tip me the wink when tea's ready.
你一定要急急忙忙走吗?为何不留下喝杯茶呢? Must you dash off? Why not stay for a cup of tea?