这是为了对她自己有好处。 It is for her own good.
她认为自己懂得什么是生活。 She esteemed that she knew what life was.
我爱她就像爱自己的女儿一样。 I have loved her like a father should.
她向老板说明了自己那种表现的原因。 She explained her conduct to her boss.
他用一把小刀把自己的名字刻在墙上。 He scratched his name on the wall with a knife.
她自己省着吃,好让孩子们吃饱。 She stinted herself of food in order to let the children have enough.
那城市有自己的公用图书馆和公园。 The town has its own public library and public gardens.
只有知道如何生活的人们, 才会开始认识自己和人生。 Only those who learn how to live can come to know themselves and life.
请不要责怪你自己。 Please don't blame yourself.
政府坚持自己的政策。 The government stood pat in its policy.
他没意识到自己犯了错误。 He was unconscious of his mistake.
他对自己的缺点十分清楚。 He was very conscious of his shortcomings.
每个人都是自己命运的创造者。 Everyone is the architect of his own fortune.
他退休后觉得自己年老无用了。 When he retired he felt that he had outlived his usefulness.
他们大声地为自己的足球队喊加油。 They cheered loudly for their football team.
他冒着自己的生命危险救了我的命。 He saved my life at the risk of his own.
在一些问题上,他仍然保留自己的意见。 He still reserved his opinion on some points.
她为自己的孩子取得的成绩感到无比骄傲。 She takes great pride in her children's success.
不应该让退休的人感到自己是个闲人 A retired person should not be made to feel he's on the shelf.
他一想到自己对她的死负有责任就感到心如刀割。 The thought that he was responsible for her death preyed on his mind.
他要养活自己的七个孩子,更不必说还有妻子和父母了。 He had to support his seven children, to say nothing of his wife and parents.
亿万人的收入增加了,这是他们自己做梦也想不到的。 Incomes of millions upon millions of people have increased beyond their dreams.
他放弃了一份安定的工作而自己创业,表现出了极大的勇气。 He showed a lot of pluck to leave a safe job and set up his own business.
我们都要做好自己工作,并且要在工作中找到精神上的乐趣。 We must cultivate our own garden and find the joy of doing it in our own heart.
他忍受对自己人品的攻击而不发火,表现出巨大的自我控制能力。 He showed great moderation in not responding angrily to the attacks on his character.
人应当倾听自己的内心感觉。 He should listen to his intimate feelings.
他们把自己的家变成了无家可归的孤儿们的避难所。 They have made their home a haven for the homeless orphans.
当一个人一旦认为自己是有意思的时候,他就不再是有意思的人了。 The minute a man is convinced that he is interesting, he is not.
约翰靠他自己修理录音机。 John fixed the tape recorder by himself.
摩托车手必须戴头盔保护自己免受伤害。 Motorcyclists must wear helmets to shield them from injury.
刘师傅把每道工序做给我们看,然后让我们自己干。 Master Liu demonstrated to us each process, and let us do it ourselves.
我原以为自己画得不错, 可比起你的画儿来未免相形见绌. I thought I was quite a good artist, but your painting puts mine in the shade.
每个人都有自己的名字. Each man has his own name.
他总是坚持自己的立场。 He always stands his ground.
你用不着让自己这么不安的。 There's no need to upset yourself.
一个人一定要对自己有信心。 One has to be confident in himself.
你已经成年了, 这些问题要自己解决。 Since you are already of age now, you should solve the problems by yourself.
他很乐观, 认为自己一定很快就能找到工作. He's such an optimist that he's sure he'll soon find a job.
她讨厌打扮自己。 She hated being dressed up.
他是自己掏腰包的。 He paid for it out of his own pocket.
你不能自己去登山。 You can't go mountain climbing by yourself.
他已建立起自己的公司。 He has established his own firm.
他不喜欢自己的宽大的鼻孔。 He dislikes his wide nostrils.
他努力控制住自己的脾气。 He struggled to control his temper.
他按照自己的信念行事。 He acted in accordance with his beliefs.
他努力追求自己的奋斗目标. He pursues his aims with diligence.
他完全不顾及自己的安全。 He's quite reckless of his own safety.
你必须熟悉自己的新职务。 You must acquaint yourself with your new duties.
有一次他大胆提出了自己的看法。 Once he made bold to air his views.
我们全靠自己完成了这项工作。 We finished the job all by ourselves.
她把自己的第一本书献给了丈夫。 She dedicated her first book to her husband.
她把自己的原则体现在行动中。 She embodies her principles in her behavior.
我在故乡度过了自己的孩提时代。 I spent my early childhood in my hometown.
我们决不能满足于自己的成绩。 We must not be complacent about our achievements.
我盼望著能自己一人在这所房子 . I look forward to being alone in the house.
他喜欢读伟人传记来提高自己。 He likes to read biographies of great men to promote himself.
她以自己的名义支持这一崇高的事业。 She has lent her name to the lofty cause.
我们鼓励他坚持自己对此事的看法。 We encouraged him to assert his view of the matter.
他对于保健食品有他自己的一套奇怪的看法。 He has a bee in his bonnet about health foods.
他不喜欢对他自己的所作所为作出解释。 He didn't relish the prospect of having to explain his behavior.
他以自己的名字命名的冷冻食品成了名牌。 He gave his name to a well-known brand of frozen food.
他们自信地等待我自己发现事实真相。 They were waiting with assurance for me to discover the truth for myself.
爱你的敌人吧,因为他们让你知道自己的缺点。 Love your enemies, for they tell you your faults.
这项工作需要我拿出自己的全部精力和耐性。 The job called for all my resources of energy and patience.
她看到自己办公桌上又是一堆要处理的东西就暗自叫苦. She groaned inwardly as she saw the fresh pile of work on her desk.
对自己的错误后悔到不致重犯的程度是真正的后悔。 To regret one's errors to the point of not repeating them is true repentance.
他从前写过一些成功的小说,但在最近的一部中他才真正充分发挥了自己的特长。 He wrote successful novels before, but he really come into his own with the latest one.
他未叙述自己的理由。 He omitted to state his reasons.
他觉得自己在逐步走向死亡。 He saw himself dying by inches.
她自豪地看著自己的工作成果. She looked with pride at the result of her work.
他为了自己的革命原则而蒙受苦难。 He suffered for his revolutionary principles.
他只是偶尔一次公开自己的观点。 Only rarely does he let his own views become public.
哪怕失业,我也要遵循自己的原则。 I shall stand by my principles even if it means losing my job.
他号召工人为争取自己的权利而斗争。 He called on the workers to fight for their rights.
史密斯一个回头球,打到了自己的三柱门上。 Smith played a turning ball on to the stumps.
他为自己在科研方面所取得的巨大成就而自豪。 He is proud of his great success in scientific researches.
原始人用尖石块和兽骨为自己制作原始的工具。 Primitive man made himself primitive tools from sharp stones and animal bones.
他料到自己的作品总归要受到批判,所以总是以攻为守。 He's always expecting criticism of his work, so he's always on the offensive.
他对自己那本书的手稿先进行校订,然后才把它交给出版社。 He revised the manuscript of his book before sending it to the publisher.
她陶醉于自己的嗓音。 She is enamored of the sound of her own voice.
她已明确阐述了自己的观点. She has made her position very clear.
许多妇女常在自己的年龄上说谎话。 Many women lie about their age.
她不断修改自己的小说以使其趋于完善。 She matured her novel by constant revision.
猫一露面,老鼠急忙钻进自己的洞里。 The mouse scurried into its hole when the cat appeared.
她由于向党代表大会做了有力的演说而挽回了自己的声誉。 She redeemed her reputation with a powerful speech to the party convention.
她对自己的恐惧直言不讳。 She spoke about her fears with complete frankness.
这些警察戴着头盔保护自己。 These policemen wear helmets to protect them.
我们该怎样来改善自己的形象呢? How can we improve our image?
他毫不隐讳自己极左的观点. He made no bones about his extreme left-wing views.
把你自己身上掸掸--上面都是粉笔末. Dust yourself down you're covered in chalk.
使用两个镜子能看见自己的头的後部. If you use mirrors you can see the back of your head.
爱国者热爱、支持和保卫自己国家的人 One who loves, supports, and defends one's country.
演员背台词的时候经常自己嘀嘀咕咕。 Actors often mutter to themselves when rehearsing their lines.
她自己负责膳宿,她叔叔供给她学费。 She pays for her board and lodging, her uncle finds her in tuition.
她热爱自己的家庭, 但家庭却是她事业的累赘. She loves her family, but they're a drag on her career.
据《圣经》所叙, 上帝按自己的形象创造了人. According to the Bible, God created man in his image.
他承认自己不够条件[没有资格]担任那个职务. He recognized his lack of qualifications/that he was not qualified for the post.
他采取双重标准: 自己可以有外遇, 女方却不行. He's got a double standard: it's all right for him to have affairs but not for her.
在自己的影片里短暂露面是阿尔弗雷德·希区柯克的特点。 Appearing briefly in his own films was a trademark of Alfred Hitchcock.
让我们自己享受承认人类的弱点的快乐是一大慰藉。 It is a great relief to allow us ourselves the luxury of acknowledging our human frailties.
不努力是考不及格的, 因此不要欺骗自己(以为可以及格). You can't pass exams without working, so don't deceive yourself (into thinking you can).
"我对自己说过的话很懊悔"。"不必在意,反正我不会记在心上的。" "I'm sorry for what I said." "Forget it, I can't remember anyway."
知识分子决不应结婚;他们既不会享受婚姻生活,更不应复制自己。 Intellectual shall never marry; they will not enjoy it, and besides, they shall not reproduce themselves.
前年夏天它就坏了。虽然我早就许诺过我自己修,但是我从未腾出空来。 It had broken down the previous summer, and though I promised to repair it, I had never got round to it.
商店为了迎合“自己动手”的狂热心理,为消费者提供可以在家里组装的零件。 Shops cater for the do-it- yourself craze by offering consumers bits and pieces which they can assemble at home.
他总吹嘘自己在网球场上的杰出技术,可是帕姆毫不费力地连续数局败他,使他马上威风扫地。 He was boasting as usual about his prowess on the tennis court, but Pam soon cut him down to size by beating him effortlessly in straight sets.
进一步细想后,她明白了自己的错误。 On further reflection she saw her mistake.
她始终坚持自己的信念。 She always holds to her convictions.
他觉得很难说出自己的感受. He finds it hard to say what he feels.
她认定自己受到了迫害. She persists in the belief/in believing that she is being persecuted.
我极力控制住自己没对他喊叫起来。 I only just managed to stop myself from shouting at him.
他这人疑心太重, 连自己的母亲也不相信. He's so suspicious he would distrust his own mother.
这个老人再也担负不了对自己家庭的责任了。 The old man can hardly bear up to his family responsibility any more.
他是一个精明的商人,深知自己的利益所在。 He was a shrewd businessman. He knew which side his bread was buttered on.
他接近六十岁了,但他仍认为自己还是中年人。 He's nearly60, but he still considers himself to be middle-aged.
我们自己无法做这项工作, 所以要承包出去. We haven't the resources to do the work ourselves, so we'll put it out to contract.
见到老战友使我回想起自己在部队中的日子。 The sight of the old comrade-in-arms carried me back to my days in the army.
世人未必全都爱自己的爱人,但世人全都在注视他。 All the world may not love a lover but all the world watch him.
他在这笔交易中的失利完全是由于他自己的粗心大意。 His failure in this transaction was due to nothing else than his own carelessness.
年轻的军官一心取胜,他并不害怕与自己的将军比试一下。 He was so vain and reckless that he would break a lance or two with his general.
资产阶级政客们为了要在自己政党内确立有利地位而钻营策划。 The bourgeois politicians jockeyed about in order to establish advantageous positions within their party.
你一定要维护自己的权利. You must stand up for your rights.
对自己怀有奇特的优越感 Fantastic ideas about her own superiority.
他看著自己的孩子, 充满自豪. He looked at his children with evident pride.
他在自己的领域里已经出名了。 He has become famous in his own field.
她竭力争取自己想要的东西。 She fought like a tiger to get what she wanted.
他预知自己的旅程会被恶劣天气耽搁。 He foresaw that his journey would be delayed by bad weather.
机智在于知道自己可以过分到什么程度。 Tact consists in knowing how far we may go too far.
宇宙慢慢地向科学家展现了自己的秘密. The universe is slowly yielding up its secrets to scientists.
他近来一直诉说自己患了失眠和头痛症。 Lately he has been moaning about his insomnia and headache.
她泪眼蒙蒙,几乎不能认出自己的儿子。 She could hardly recognize her son through the mist of tears that filled her eyes.
他无法消除自己的疑心, 总觉得妻子不忠. He could not divest himself of the suspicion that his wife was being unfaithful.
工厂主们使用血汗劳动为自己挣得大量财产。 The mill owners used sweated labour to earn them fortunes.
这位乡下姑娘似乎觉得自己从来就没能很好地应酬她所交往的人。 It was as though the girl from the countryside never quite felt up to the company she kept.
她再与也不会干涉你了,你有了独立自主权,你已经有了你自己出入大门的钥匙。 She won't interfere with you any more; your independence is achieved and you have won your latchkey.
惯常想知道自己的孩子在哪里的旧式母亲,如今有了个想知道自己的母亲在哪里的孙子。 The old-time mother who used to wonder where her boy was now has a grandson who wonders where his mother is.
老师们纷纷表示,非常珍惜这次宝贵的学习机会,将会把学到的知识教给自己的同事和学生,使更多的人掌握电脑的基本知识。 The participants said they valued this special opportunity very much and would teach what they had learned to their colleagues and students to help more people master basic computer skills.
我告诫自己要冷静下来。 I told myself to calm down.
他从未忘记过自己出身卑微. He never forgot his humble origins.
他对自己目前的境遇颇为得意。 He is quite content with his present fortune.
她因其技术奇货可居,故可以主宰自己的薪金待遇。 Her skill is in such demand that she can dictate her own salary.
一位占星家对说她将在二十多岁时遇到自己的终身伴侣。 An astrologer tell her that she will meet her lifelong companion in her twenties.
除了卖给国家的余粮外,这个大队还建立了自己的粮食储备。 Above the surplus grain sold to the state, the brigade built up a good grain reserve of its own.
等到他被迫向朋友乞讨时, 他觉得自己的境况已糟到无以复加的地步了. When he was forced to beg from his friends he felt he had touched bottom and could sink no lower.
她觉得(自己)有点委屈. She feels (she's been) rather hard done by.
他对自己的愚蠢行为而懊恼。 He is repentant of his folly.
她竭力把自己的想法强加於全组的人. She imposed her ideas on the group.
女同胞从自己国家来的女人;女同胞 A woman from one's own country; a compatriot.
他喜欢在周末看滑稽剧来放松自己。 He likes to watch farces at weekends to relax himself.
自己运动的;自己推进的或自己驱动的 Moving by itself; self-propelling or self-propelled.
别让那些大孩子欺负你, 要保护你自己! Don't allow those big boys to bully you; stick up for yourself!
三天之后他在自己的房间里被发现, 已濒于死亡。 He was found three days later on the edge of death in his room.
债,是由人自己装设、自己置饵、然后故意自投的陷阱。 Debt is a trap which a man sets and baits himself, and then deliberately gets into.
切勿追逐自己的帽子——人家会乐意为你追回来的嘛,何必去扫人家的兴。 Never run after your own hat—others will be delighted to do it; why spoil their fun.
爱国主义在美国很容易了解;它意味着通过为国家提高警惕的方式来为自己提高警惕。 Patriotism is easy to understand in America; it means looking out for yourself by look out for your country.
一个人只要将自己的大脑与计算机连接起来,进入Cyberspace,就可以体验在该空间的一切遭遇。 Once his brain was linked with the computer, a man would undergo all experiences in the space.
对着英、美的一般大众当萧伯纳(挖苦人家),总比对着自己的家人当萧伯纳来得容易。 It's easier to be a Bernard Shaw to the British or American public than it is to be a Bernard Shaw to your own family.
任性的具有或以任性为特征的,通常与为了满足某人自己的冲动或癖好所期待、盼望或要求的完全相反 Given to or marked by willful, often perverse deviation from what is desired, expected, or required in order to gratify one's own impulses or inclinations.
优秀的学者“主动留心于”新信息,他们对读到的东西进行思索,以挑战的精神对待它,融会贯通,使之成为自己的东西。 Good learners become"actively involved" with new information.They think about what they read, challenge it, make it their own.
1986年布什所预料到的尴尬情形果然发生了。他的政治生涯的确受到威胁。他[对里根]的效忠到了瘫痪自己的程度。这固然是个人美德,但在政治上却是障碍。 The dilemma that Bush foresaw in1986 has come to pass. His political career is indeed at stake, and his paralyzing loyalty is becoming a political handicap as well as a personal virtue.
在大多数的主要交叉路口,都有一幅街道(朗巴德街、俄亥俄街、市场街等等)的详图刻在人行道的石头上。只要你低头看一下,就知道自己所在的位置了。 At most of the important crossings there is a plan of the streets(Lombard Street; Ohio Street; Market Street; and so on)cut into the stone of the sidewalk so that you can look down and see where you are.
他只顾自己, 不关心我们. He's too self-absorbed to care about us.
每人都有自己的长处和短处。 Everyone has his own strong and weak points.
他站起身给自己又倒了点咖啡。 He got up and helped himself to more coffee.
她在学习以提高自己的代数水平。 She was studying to build up her algebra.
他试图在名单上找到自己的名字。 He tried to find in the list his own name.
点名时,孩子们听到自己的名子一一答应。 At the roll-call the children answered up to their names.
谈到批改我们的作业,老师总是让我们自己改。 As to correct our homework, the teacher always make us do it ourselves.
他自己承认是个胆小鬼. He is a coward by his own admission.
她觉得自己的工作毫无乐趣。 She took no pleasure in her work.
我给自己一小时跑那一段路程。 I gave myself an hour for the journey.
他认为当教士是自己的使命. He believes it is his calling to become a priest.
人人为自己的利益着想或行事。 Every miller draws water to his own mill.
他想扩充自己在这一行业的知识。 He wants to widen his knowledge of the industry.
他以自己的名义支持这一崇高的事业。 He has lent his name to the lofty cause.
她把自己收藏的画借给了美术馆。 She loaned her collection of paintings to the gallery.
我们或是寻求供货,或者自己制造。 Either we will find a supply, or we will make the goods.
他们为自己的产品找到了一些新的市场。 They found some new outlets for their products.
他好想入非非, 觉得自己赢了一块金牌. He liked to fantasize that he had won a gold medal.
我不能帮你,这事是你自己一手造成的。 I can't help you. You brought this on yourself.
我从不后悔参军,我认为自己做得对。 I never regretted joining up. I think I did the right thing.
她拿自己的力量和危险的敌手进行较量 She measured her power with that of a dangerous adversary.
她把与顾客讨价还价看作自己的专长. She regards negotiating prices with customers as her special preserve.
你要么自己来,要么就托人办理这件事。 Either you come in person, or you entrust someone with the matter.
那个会计向营业部的职员介绍了自己的工作情况. The accountant described his work to the sales staff.
我常引用自己说过的话,那会使我的谈话增添情趣。 I often quote myself; it add spice to my conversation.
他们利用自己的实践经验,设计了一台气冷柴油机。 Drawing on their practical experience, they designed an air-cooled diesel motor.
那个德国姑娘在100米比赛中刷新了自己以往最好的成绩. The German girl improved on her previous best performance in the 100 metres.
他渴望当演员, 你就得容他时间让他施展自己的抱负. He desperately wants to be an actor, so you'll have to give him time to get it out of his system.
这些领导可能会走出来,打出自己的旗号,并向群众大会演说。 The leaders may go out to show the flag and address mass rallies.
我曾经犯过不少错误,但从未犯过宣称自己未犯过错误的错误。 I have made mistakes, but I have never made the mistake of claiming that I never made one.
靠自己刻苦奋斗而后成功的人,其所完成的工作,没有一个好到令女性不想给他稍加修改的程度。 No self-making man ever do such a good job that some woman do not want to make a few alteration.
他连自己的五分钟时间都不愿拿出,证明他对这一个解决问题的方法不感兴趣,与前一段统计中不赞成这一同样用法的比率百分之九十三相比,没有什么大的差别 His unwillingness to give five minutes of his time proves that he is disinterested in finding a solution to the problem, a proportion that is not significantly different from the93 percent who disapproved of the same usage in an earlier survey.
爱邻居犹如爱自己。 Love your neighbors as yourself.
人人都爱听夸奖自己容貌的话. One likes to hear complimentson one's appearance.
由于他是牧师,言行须顾虑到自己的身份。 As he is a parson, he has to respect the cloth.
我庆幸自己不必在天气这样恶劣的夜晚外出. I'm glad I don't have to go out on such a dirty night.
很多著名的流行音乐歌星都因使用毒品而毁了自己。 Many a famous pop star has been ruined by drugs.
她挑拨两个对手相争, 自己却获得了那份工作. She played her two rivals off against each other and got the job herself.
尽管他碰到一些困难,但他对自己的成功依然满怀信心。 Although he met with some difficulties, he was none the less sure of his success.
孩子们经常有他们自己的天地,你最好不要干涉他们的事。 Children are often in a world by themselves. You'd better not interfere in their business.
一些独居的男人宁肯靠罐头食品过日子,也不愿自己烧饭吃。 Some men on their own will live out of tins rather than cook meals for themselves.
人生是一所病院,每一个住院患者都一心想换自己的床。 Life is a hospital in which every patient is possessed by the desire to change his bed.
若要老婆留意自己所说的话,作丈夫的只要把话向其他女性说便成了。 If a man want his wife to pay attention to what he say, he address his remarks to another woman.
他在家自己酿造啤酒. He brews his own beer at home.
她得知自己不能怀孕. She was told she couldn't conceive.
你自己拿一只烤栗子吧。 Grab yourself a roast chestnut.
她在海滨拥有自己的房子。 She owns a house at the seaside.
她对自己的不良行为感到羞耻。 She was full of shame at her bad behavior.
她呜咽着叙述她自己悲哀的身世。 She sobbed out an account of her sad life.
这件偷窃事没有人承认是自己干的。 Nobody owned up to the theft.
我屡次梦见自己变成了大象. I have a recurrent dream that I've turned into an elephant.
他对自己所处何种地步茫无所知. Little does he know (ie He doesn't know) what trouble he's in.
普罗特斯一个能任意改变自己外形的海神 A sea god who could change his shape at will.
公司绝不愿将自己的信誉孤注一掷。 The company would do anything but risk their prestige at stake.
他在聚会上竭力表现自己使她感到很难堪. She was embarrassed by his exhibitionism at the party.
他的新房子是他自己一块砖一块砖砌起来的。 His new house was built by himself, brick by brick.
他很快使自己适应了这个国家炎热的天气。 He adjusted himself very quickly to the heat of the country.
为了把烦恼忘却,他让自己忙于花园的工作。 To forget his trouble, he busied himself in his garden .
她为抛弃婴儿事辩称自己抚养不起. She rationalized her decision to abandon her baby by saying she could not afford to keep it.
每个人都埋怨自己的记忆力,却无人埋怨自己的判断力。 Everyone complain of his memory, no one of his judgement.
这名吟游诗人在全国游历,吟唱他自己写的诗歌。 The minstrel travelled about the country singing songs and poems written by him.
我非常惊讶, 连忙掐了自己一把看是否这一切都是一场梦. I was so amazed I had to pinch myself in case it was all a dream.
史密斯先生擅长做很多事情,但他从来不表现自己。 Mr Smith is expert at a lot of things, but he always hides his light under a bushel.
全是狂人,不过,凡是能够分析自己的妄想者就被称为哲学家。 All are lunatics, but he who can analyze he delusion is called a philosopher.
老年人可以找自己的朋友而不会在情感上太依赖他们的子女。 Older people may seek their own friends rather than become too emotionally dependent on their children.
只因为莫尔不能为自己辨护,米尔便乘机攻击他,这是不公正的。 It was unfair for Mill to attack More just because the latter could not answer( him) back.
这个被俘的将军,挺着身子走向刑场,直到临终还保持着自己的尊严。 The captured general maintained his dignity to the end, walking ramrod-straight to his execution.
横向性某些植物或其器官安排他们自己以正确的角度而得到一种刺激的趋向 The tendency of certain plants or their parts to arrange themselves at right angles to a stimulus.
雅典人不介意人家聪明伶俐,只要他只对他自己施展那份聪明伶俐的劲儿就行了。 The Athenians do not mind a man being clever, as long as he keeps it to himself.
霍勒斯沾沾自喜于自己的权力。他就是那个拉动响鞭发号令的是暴徒,是头子。 Horace was relishing his power. He was the tough, the big shot, who gave orders with the crack of a whip.
我们这世界,是人们不知道自己想要什么而甘心赴汤蹈火为了把它弄到手的地方。 Ours is a world where people do not know what they want and are willing to go through hell to get it.
及时反馈自己的意见和建议,以便不断提高我们节目的质量和促进俱乐部的发展。 Meanwhile, you are allowed to feedback your thoughts and opinions regularly to develop our program and the club.
酗酒成性的人承认饮酒过度是弊多利少,他这样说实际是自己打自己的嘴巴。 By admitting that excessive drinking does more harm than good, the man who indulged in the practice was condemned out of his own mouth.
全部艰苦的工作都是我做的,但是我的老板却宣布那是他自己的发现,窃取了我的发明创造。 I did all the hard work but my boss stole my thunder by announcing the discovery as his own
她用一个问答的方式引起她的演讲。这支乐队通过全国巡回演出来创下了自己的记录 She followed her lecture with a question-and-answer period. The band followed its hit record with a national tour.
如果这种婚姻出自一个女人的自愿选择,甚至是不顾亲友的劝告而选择的,那么就让她自己去品尝这枚果实的滋味吧。 But this never fails, if the bad husbands were of their own choosing, against their friends consent; for then they will be sure to make good their own folly.
他不惜工本为自己造了一幢别墅。 He spares no expense in building a villa for himself.
"不要泄气,不要泄气,"我一直对自己说。 "Don't give up. Don't give up, " I kept telling myself.
防卫技巧,自卫保护自己的技术或技巧;自卫 The science or art of defending oneself; self-defense.
有人送你到边境, 然後你就得自己走了. You will be accompanied as far as the border; thereafter you must find your own way.
工会在目前纠纷中高估自己实力有失败之虞. The union is in danger of overplaying its hand in the current dispute.
有人问她为什麽要这样做, 她则极力为自己辩解. When asked to explain her behaviour, she gave a very defensive answer.
当我告诉他那个消息时我自己不知不觉地哽咽起来。 I couldn't account for the lump in my throat when I told him the news.
想起自己坎坷的一生,他不由仰天长叹。 He could not but look up to the sky and sigh deeply when his lifetime of frustrations passed through his mind.
她工作努力从而提高了自己的声誉[为学校增添了荣誉]. Her hard work redounds to her credit/to the honour of the school.
两极是相通的嘛——当牙鳕把自己的尾巴放进口里时说。 Extremes meet, as the whiting said with its tail in its mouth.
该电影明星以自己的名义努力募款帮助洪涝灾民。 The film star lent his name to the efforts to raise money to help the flood victims.
让每一个渴望名声的人捡他自己(喜欢)的式样的内裤去吧。 Let every man who pants for fame select his own style of pants and go ahead.
那场运动后,自耕农再也不能拥有并在他们自己的土地上耕耘了。 The yeoman could never own and work on their land after the movement.
在这个可怕的地方呆了将近4个星期的时间,我完全依靠自己的力量生活。 During nearly for weeks in this glorious place I have lived on my own hump.
基督教加尔文派教义中上帝没有指明该诅咒的人,只决定了自己的选民 The Calvinist doctrine that God neglected to designate those who would be damned, positively determining only the elect.
尽管如此,最近一个现代雕塑品展览会使有些人--包括我自己--感到吃惊。 In spite of this, some people including myself- were surprised by a recent exhibit of modern sculpture.
现代的新闻工作,以“最庸俗者生存”这伟大的达尔文式的原则来为自己的存在辩护。 Modern journalism justify its own existence by the great Darwinian principle of the survival of the vulgar.
公社一个比较小、常在乡村的公社,它的成员分享公共财产、工作和收入,并常集中自己的财产 A relatively small, often rural community whose members share common interests, work, and income and often own property collectively.
过去的已经过去,且一去不返,而聪明人总是努力着眼于现在和将来的事情,所以对过去耿耿于怀着无非是在捉弄自己罢了。 That which is past is gone, and irrevocable; and wise men have enough to do, with things present and to come; therefore they do but trifle with themselves, that labor in past matters.
海涅,亨利希1797-1856德国作家,自1831年之后生活在巴黎。他的浪漫主义诗歌及社会论文充满了他对自己祖国土地和人民的热爱,对众多德国现代研究机构的嘲笑 German writer who lived in Paris after1831. His romantic poems and social essays are marked by his love for the German land and people and derision for many modern German institutions.
他的妻子琼是一个健壮、浅薄的女人,也是孩子们随和的母亲。当她一听说自己高贵的地位时,便立刻想入非非,暗自打算为她的年轻漂亮的女儿找一个显赫、门当户对的婆家。 And no sooner had Joan, his handsome, shallow-minded wife, the easy-going mother of his many children, heard of her exalted estate than her romantic soul began secretly to devise a brilliant and fitting alliance for her beautiful young daughter.