这是治疗烧伤和烫伤的药膏。 This is an ointment for burns and scalds.
我把衬衫烫 胡了. I scorched my shirt when I was ironing it.
别摸那个盘子--烫极了! Don't touch that dish it's very hot!
熨斗太热了, 你会把衣服烫焦的. The iron's too hot, you'll singe the dress.
锅炉爆炸时她被烫伤了。 She was scalded when the boiler exploded.
哎哟!沙子这么烫!会烫伤脚的。 Ouch! The sand is so hot! I can burn my feet.
把土豆和青菜传一传--小心,烫手。 Pass the potatoes and the greens--careful, they're hot.
被旅馆服务人员洗烫得很整洁的衬衣 Shirts that were neatly laundered by the hotel staff.