这方案表面上看来似乎很实际。 The scheme seems on the surface to be quite practical.
工人们已经表明反对这些方案. Workers have already demonstrated their opposition to the plans.
劳资双方仍在商谈制订和解方案. Managers and workers are still working out a peace formula.
我指出那方案的缺点, 但他申辩说各项计划尚未完成. I pointed out the shortcomings of the scheme, but he countered that the plans were not yet finished.
长期地经验使他们能制订出一个正确和切实的方案 Long experience enabled them to hammer out a correct and practical scheme.
那项政策的失败使他们又回到若干时间以前提出的一项方案。 The failure of that policy threw them back on a scheme which had been put forward some time previously.
计算机在检查了16000种可能的设计方案之后,选出了以最低的成本生产最多化工产品的工厂的设计方案。 After running through16, 000 possible designs, the computer picked out the plan for the plant that would produce the most chemicals at the lowest cost.
情况不妙,请电告补救方案。 Matter turning worse advise what remedy.
毁灭,摧毁因为方案不完善或为了安全的原因,经常通过遥控对已发射的宇宙飞船、火箭或导弹实施的有意的摧毁 The intentional, usually remote-controlled destruction of a space vehicle, rocket, or missile after launching, as for defective performance or reasons of safety.