请把门打开。 Open the door, please.
把这本书给她。 Give her the book.
请把菜单给我。 Please show me the menu.
我把袜子穿破了. I've worn holes in my socks.
你把帽子戴反了。 You have put your hat on backwards.
她把头发拍整齐了. She patted her hair into place/shape.
不要把过去的事都翻出来。 Don't rake up the past.
她把我介绍给她的朋友。 She introduced me to her friend.
她提出把汽车借给我用。 She offered me the loan of her car.
两把椅子坐起来都不舒服。 Neither chair is comfortable.
他用一把刀子将苹果切开。 He cleaved an apple with a knife.
别把刚才跟你说的事忘了。 Don't forget what I told you just now.
你把这个句子中的动词丢了。 You have omitted the verb in the sentence.
把这些信送到对面邮局去。 Take these letters over to the post office.
离开房间前,请把灯关掉。 Please turn the light off before leaving the room.
她把幸福和有钱联想到一起。 She associated happiness with having money.
他急急忙忙地把孩子们推进汽车。 He huddled the children into the automobile.
这顿饭我请客,你把钱收起来吧。 This meal is my treat, so put your money away.
画完后请把东西都放回原处。 Please put all those things away when you finish drawing.
把面包切成小片,然后给我两片。 Cut the bread into small rounds and give me two.
细心的人总是把东西放得很整齐。 Careful people usually put everything in good order.
他用一把小刀把自己的名字刻在墙上。 He scratched his name on the wall with a knife.
老师要求我把演说的要点记下来。 The teacher asked me to note down the main points of the speech.
把这些数字加起来,告诉我总数是多少。 Add this numbers together and give me the total.
他走了,把所有没做完的工作都留给了我。 He was gone and left all the work undone to me.
那把椅子原本是为你准备的,但是被她拿走了。 The chair was intended for you, but she took it away.
这一情况出现得很突然,把我们的计划全都打乱了。 This sudden development turned all our plans topsy-turvy.
如果你到今晚把手头上的工作做完,你明天就可以休息。 Provided/Providing (that) you clear your desk by this evening, you can have tomorrow off.
请把字典递给我。 Please pass the dictionary to me.
请把电源关掉。 Please turn off the electric power.
他把网球打过了网。 He hit the tennis ball over the net.
酸把地毯烧了个洞。 The acid burnt a hole in the carpet.
落日把天空染成金色。 The setting sun gilds the sky.
她把来访者引进屋子里。 She ushered the visitor into the room.
他似乎把正号误作负号了。 He seems to have mistaken a plus for a minus.
出门之前把窗户关严。 Make the windows secure before leaving the house.
他把醋洒在鱼和土豆片上。 He sprinkled vinegar on his fish and chips.
一阵大风吹来,把门关上了。 A gust of wind blew the door shut.
他骗我把自行车借给了他。 He beguiled me into lending him my bicycle.
她把她的意思解释得清清楚楚。 She made her meaning crystal clear.
她在一年后才把孩子的奶断掉。 She had her baby weaned a year later.
他把硬币倒过来,仔细检查。 He reversed the coin and examined it carefully.
我们可以把动物分成很多种类。 We can group animals into many types.
我们决定把婚礼推迟到明年。 We decided to delay our wedding until next year.
她把杯子小心地放在架子边。 She carefully positioned the cup on the edge of the shelf.
他把一盒食品从汽车上拿进来。 He brought the box of groceries in from the car.
我们准备把多余的苹果全部送人。 We are giving away all our surplus apples.
把这条句子的各个成份加以分析。 Analyze the sentence into its constituent parts.
我把一个长方形的盒子放在桌子上。 I put a rectangular box on the table.
我用一个纸夹把那几页纸夹在一起。 I fastened the pages together with a paperclip.
别胡闹了,快来帮我把这个抬起来。 Stop playing silly buggers and help me lift this.
我拿起了那把刀,把它扔到了窗外。 I picked up the knife and threw it out of the window.
我每天至少要把厨房地板擦洗一次。 I have to mop the kitchen floor at least once a day.
把被单好好煮一煮,好让它们白一些。 Give the sheets a good boil to get them white.
下课后,班长把练习册收了起来。 The monitor collected the exercise books after the class was over.
群众高声喊叫把演讲人的声音压了下去。 The crowd shouted the speaker down.
这家公司希望把新工厂设在河边。 The company wished to locate its new factory beside the river.
把你的名字填写在每页上端的括号内。 Put your name in brackets at the top of each page.
请把窗子弄干净,我几乎看不到外面。 Please clean the window as I can hardly see out.
她总胡乱摆弄手表,结果把它弄坏了。 She fiddled with her watch so much that it broke.
她工作的时候就把小儿子送到托儿所。 She sent her little son to a nursery when she was working.
这幅画被他看中了,所以他就把他买了下来。 The painting took his fancy, so he bought it.
我得把电话号码记下来,以免待会儿忘记。 I'll just jot down their phone number before I forget it.
他用自来水龙头流出的凉水把手洗干净。 He cleaned his hands in the cold water from the tap.
我上来取我的手提袋,我把它忘在我的办公室了。 I've come up for my bag, I left it in my office.
我们必须把理论与实践相结合是个重要的原则。 It is an essential principle that we must combine theory with practice.
前一代人制造出来的空洞理论,下一代人把它们打破。 One generation blows bubbles, and the next breaks them.
那些喜欢和他一起踢足球的小男孩都把他当作叔叔。 He is uncle to all the little boys who like to play football with him.
他把文件使劲扔在我的桌子上便怒气冲冲地走了出去。 He slammed the papers down on my desk and angrily walked out.
我在会上真出了洋相了--一站起来就把问题忘了. I made a real ass of myself at the meeting standing up and then forgetting the question.
现在就想回去,为了冷却他那急切的心,暂把他送到法国的哥哥家中。 Now he wanted to go back, but to damp down the urge he was sent to his brother's home in France.
他向新闻记者讲了这次谈话的情况,却不愿把实况录音磁带放给他们听。 He told the newspapermen about the conversation, but would not play them the actual tape of it.
她把孩子抱在怀里. She nestled the baby in her arms.
我把赚的钱都花光了。 I've spent all my earnings.
他妨碍我把工作做好。 He impedes me to do the job well.
她把糖搅和到咖啡里。 She stirred the sugar into her coffee.
他把椅子从窗户中抛出。 He hove a chair through the window.
天黑了,我把窗帘拉上。 I drew the curtain as it was getting dark.
每年春天河水把山谷淹没。 Every spring the river floods the valley.
他打算把财产转让给儿子。 He intends to transfer the property to his son.
他们把火车的车厢连接好。 They coupled the carriages of the train together.
他们用绳索把犯人捆起来。 They tied their prisoner up with a piece of rope.
粉刷房间就要把钢琴搬出去。 Painting the room involved moving out the piano.
我把钥匙掉在这附近某个地方了。 I dropped my key somewhere about here.
咱们来把它们用胶水粘在一块儿。 Let's stick them together with gum.
他用蒸汽把信封上的邮票揭下来。 He steamed the stamp off the envelope.
打完电话后,请把听筒放回原位。 Please put the receiver back after calling.
我们会把决定及早通知申请者。 Applicants will be notified of our decision in good season.
我刚才把你的一个瓷器装饰品弄掉了。 I've just dropped one of your china ornamental.
请把面粉和牛奶调至恰当的浓度。 Please mix the flour and milk to the right consistency.
如果你再迟到,老板就会把你解雇。 If you are late again the boss will give you the sack.
警方把建筑物的所有出口都封锁住了. Police sealed off all the exits from the building.
如果机器出故障,就把开关关掉。 Turn off the switch when anything goes wrong with the machine.
这座城市已经把旧的电车轨道拆除了。 The city has taken the old streetcar tracks up.
别把热水倒进玻璃杯里,不然它会炸的。 Don't pour hot water into the glass or it will crack.
咱们索性把蛋糕吃完吧, 也没剩多少了. We might as well finish (up) the cake; there isn't much left.
在重要的节日, 人们把国旗悬挂在门外。 People hang national flags out on important holidays.
他们跟她开玩笑, 把她往游泳池里浸了一下. They dunked her in the swimming-pool as a joke.
他并没有把这首诗的意义真正揭示出来. The meaning of the poem doesn't really come out in his interpretation.
他们把自己的家变成了无家可归的孤儿们的避难所。 They have made their home a haven for the homeless orphans.
我认为咱们不在家时不能把孩子都硬塞给你父母看管。 I don't think we can wish the children on your parents while we're away.
中国人民正在努力工作,把国家建设得更加富饶美丽。 Chinese people are working hard to make the country richer and more beautiful.
刀刃把他的腿划破了。 The blade slashed his leg open.
这把重斧头不好用。 The heavy axe was awkward to use.
我在击剑时用的是把重剑。 I use a heavy sabre in fencing.
她把手伸到喷泉中玩水。 She dabbled her hands in the fountain.
她昂着头,把背挺得笔直。 She held her head erect and her back straight.
老人把他的储蓄存在银行里。 The old man kept his savings in the bank.
魔术师把青蛙变成了公主。 The magician transformed the frog into a princess.
她用细尼龙线把珠子串了起来。 She strung the beads with a fine nylon.
要是站起来, 能把独木舟弄翻. If you stand up you'll overbalance the canoe.
她用海绵把地板 使劲儿擦了一遍. She gave the floor a vigorous sponge all over.
倒果汁前,先把瓶子摇几下。 Give the bottle a couple of shakes before pouring the juice.
那人用斧头把一块木头劈成两半。 The man cleft a block of wood in two with an axe.
他把花茎折断,汁液就流了出来。 The sap flowed out when he broke the stem of the flower.
把蔬菜煮上20分钟,然后把水沥掉。 Boil the vegetables for 20 minutes and then drain off the water.
汤姆每次转身都把被子往他那边再拉一些。 Every time Tom rolled over he pulled more of the bedclothes to his side.
他把派克大衣兜帽两边都绑得紧紧的来挡住雪。 He held both sides of the parka hood closed against the snow.
魔术师口中念念有词, 把兔子从礼帽中掏了出来. `Abracadabra,' said the conjuror as he pulled the rabbit from the hat.
这个百万富翁已把他一半的股票移交给他的长子。 The millionaire has handed over 50 percent of his stock to his first son.
他不敢把令人不快的真情告诉他们。他是条哑吧狗。 He is afraid to tell them the unpalatable truths. He is a dumb dog.
那架喷气式飞机低飞掠过房顶, 隆隆声把大家吓了一跳. The jet zoomed low over the houses, frightening everyone.
我不知道他着了什么魔,在那条热闹的街上把车子开得这么快。 I don't know what possessed him to drive so fast down that busy street.
有人指定拉姆奇夫人把钱装在一只纸盒子里,并把纸板盒放在她的门外边。 Mrs Ramsay was instructed to place the money in a cardboard box and to leave it outside her door.
这世上有些人把整个时间花费于搜寻正义,却腾不出时间来付诸实践。 Some folks in this world spend their whole time hunting after righteousness and can not find any time to practice it.
糟糕!我把伞丢了。 Damnation! I've lost my umbrella.
请把账单给我好吗? Could I have the bill, please?
法官把囚犯释放了。 The judge discharged the prisoner.
把德语课本翻到第28页。 Open your German readers at page 28.
请把铅笔借给我用用好吗? Would you please lend me your pencil?
炸弹把那座建筑夷为平地。 The bombs razed the building to the ground.
他(用手巾)轻轻把脸拍乾. He patted his face dry (with a towel).
你要把蔬菜煮熟还是生吃? Do you want your vegetables cooked or raw?
咱们把课文[生词]再复习一遍。 Let's go over the lesson[new words]again.
玛利把许多吃的放在冰箱里了。 Mary put a lot of food in the refrigerator.
她把画儿上的一小部分擦乾净了. She cleaned a small segment of the painting.
谁把我写在黑板上的数字擦掉了? Who's rubbed my figures off the blackboard?
包饺子前,我把瘦肉细细剁碎。 I minced the lean meat finely before making dumplings.
公爵命令仆人把一封信送给国王。 The duke ordered the servant to send a letter to the king.
你把玩具玩儿完了以後放进柜子里去. Put your toys away in the cupboard, when you've finished playing.
听到煤气的嘶嘶声,他冲进来把它关掉。 Hearing the hiss of gas, he rushed in and turned it off.
她把新歌剧院叫作 “那讨厌的庞然大物”。 She calls the new opera house "that hideous erection".
我的铅笔钝了,你能借我把刀子削一削吗? My pencil is blunt, could you lend me a knife to sharpen it?
你需用泵著实抽吸几分钟, 才能把油箱灌满. You will need to pump hard for several minutes to fill the tank.
这台泵通过这个阀门把(容器中的)空气抽出. The pump sucks air out (of the vessel) through this valve.
刘师傅把每道工序做给我们看,然后让我们自己干。 Master Liu demonstrated to us each process, and let us do it ourselves.
先把系帐篷的桩子打进地里,再把绳子系在桩子上。 First hammer the tent pegs into the ground, then tie the ropes onto them.
她需要使请求语气柔婉,以便尽可能把它变成有礼貌与客气。 She needed to soften her request to make it as polite and courteous as she could.
把你们的学习室收拾一下,孩子们,"妈妈说,"你们把所有的书都弄得乱七八糟的了。" "Tidy up your study, kids, "Mother said, "all your books are in a muddle."
一道耀眼的闪光,把人们的眼睛都照花了……紧接着轰隆隆传来一声巨雷。 And then there came a blinding flash… and hard upon the heels of it, a great tow-row of thunder.
扫帚梆在一块儿的枝条、干草或刺毛,缚在一根棍或把柄上,作清扫之用 A bunch of twigs, straw, or bristles bound together, attached to a stick or handle, and used for sweeping.
她把书包了起来. She parcelled up the books.
有要紧的事把他叫走了。 Something urgent has called him away.
她不应该把我的信公开。 She should not give publicity to my letter.
天气很暖和,我就把大衣脱了。 I took off my overcoat since it was warm.
我们把一切事情都交给他处理。 We placed everything at his disposal.
把画挂在窗户对面的墙上. Hang the picture on the wall opposite the window.
你能把那一点指出来,我感到很高兴。 I'm glad you raised that point.
出门前你应该把房间收拾整齐。 You should straighten up your room before going out.
有人已经把他的名字从名单上划去了。 Somebody has scratched his name off the list.
他总是把女朋友的相片放在身边。 He always kept the picture of his girlfriend's close at hand.
我把那封信挂号寄出了,因为里面有钱。 I registered the letter because it contain some money.
我差点儿把对整个这件事的看法向他讲了。 I came near to telling him just what I thought of the whole business.
她是那些老是把困难往最坏处想的女人之一。 She is one of those women who always make the worst of their troubles.
成年地做一种单调工作, 能把活人也做成机器人. Years of doing the same dull job can turn you into a machine.
他们把船拖上岸。 They hauled the boat up the beach.
他把裤带扣得紧紧的。 He buckled up his belt tightly.
先把东西堆在那边。 Just dump everything over there.
划船把我送到对岸去吧. Row me across (the river).
命运把我们连在一起了. Destiny drew us together.
把围巾围在你的脖子上. Wrap a scarf round your neck.
他把球踢到看台上了。 He kicked the ball to the stand.
有人把我的手套拿走了. Someone has taken my gloves.
她把海报贴在墙上了. She pasted posters onto the wall.
猫把我的围巾撕烂了。 The cat has torn my scarf to ribbons.
他们把种子撒在地里。 They strewed seeds over the earth.
我们把奶油涂到面包上。 We spread butter on bread.
他把毛巾系在脖子上。 He knotted a towel about his neck.
请把这个消息转告她。 Please pass on the news to her.
把食品装罐加以保存。 Food is tinned to preserve it.
他把两手插入衣袋里。 He thrust his hands into his pockets.
他把书放回到书架上。 He replaced the book in the shelf.
他们把箭射向敌人。 They discharged their arrows at the enemy.
我们把小麦磨成面粉。 We grind up the wheat to make flour.
他把手表拆开来修理。 He took the watch apart to repair it.
他用手把硬币捧了起来. He scooped the coins up in his hands.
他把包放在行李架上。 He put his bag on the luggage rack.
他把地图平铺在地上。 He spread the map flat out on the floor.
他把工资的一部份存起来。 He sets aside part of his salary.
请把那条毛巾给我扔过来. Please throw me that towel.
心脏把血液送至血管。 The heart pumps blood into the veins.
他们把饼干倒在盘子里。 They emptied the biscuits onto the plate.
他故意把那个老人撞倒。 He knocked the old man down on purpose.
我把你划到湖对岸去吧. Let me row you over to the other side of the lake.
他从地毯上把表捡起来。 He picked the watch up from the carpet.
我需要把美金换成法郎. I need to change my dollars into francs.
不要把烟灰掉在地毯上。 Don't drop cigarette ash on the carpet.
她把那小鸟握在掌心里. She held the small bird in the hollow of her hand.
他们正在把小麦磨成面粉。 They are grinding wheat into flour.
她把头紧靠在我的肩膀上。 She burrowed her head into my shoulder.
我已经把颜料和油混合起来了。 I have mixed pigment with oil.
是把这面红旗打开的时候了。 It's time to shake out the red flag.
他把汽车送到修车厂修理。 He sent his car to the garage for repair.
我把手套落在公共汽车上了。 I've left my gloves on the bus.
把标签粘贴在你的手提箱上。 Stick a label on your suitcase.
小猫把那个盒子当做它的床。 The kitten uses that box as its bed.
他把钱包放在里面的口袋里. He kept his wallet in an ,inside pocket.
他把桌子移到房间中心。 He moved the table over to the center of the room.
太阳把这本书的书皮晒弯了. The hot sun had warped the cover of the book.
她把两手插在上衣口袋里。 She plunged her hands into her coat pockets.
没有人敢把视线离开地面。 Nobody dared lift their eyes from the ground.
他用无线电报把消息告诉我。 He sent me the news by wireless telegraph.
我当时正把机密文件切碎。 I was shredding top-secret documents at that time.
他把箱子放在行李寄存处。 He deposited the case in the left luggage office.
他叫秘书把文件复制一份。 He asked his secretary to make a copy of the document.
他把东西装进箱子里就动身了。 He packed up his things and left.
公司想把总部设在北方. The company wants to situate its headquarters in the north.
这一事故把汽车损坏得很厉害. The accident did a lot of damage to the car.
别把镜头弄脏了, 我刚刚擦过. Don't smear the lens; I've just polished it.
把这句子的各个成分加以分析. Analyse the sentence into its constituent parts.
我不会把我的钱投资到他的公司。 I won't invest my money in his company.
班长把试卷分发给同学们。 The monitor handed the papers out to the classmates.
请把我的信件转到我的新地址。 Please forward my mail to my new address.
她把一张白纸插入打字机里。 She inserted a new sheet of paper into the typewriter.
别把秘密告诉他,他的嘴不严。 Never tell him a secret; he's got a loose tongue.
那小女孩把鼻子贴在窗户上。 The child pressed her nose against the window.
我把打碎的盘子藏在餐桌后面了。 I hid the broken plate behind the table.
她把自己的第一本书献给了丈夫。 She dedicated her first book to her husband.
别说了, 要不你把我全搞糊涂了. Stop talking, or you'll muddle me (up) completely.
她把自己的原则体现在行动中。 She embodies her principles in her behavior.
你应该把房屋建得尽可能结实。 You must make the houses as strong as possible.
他抓住我的领子把我拉倒他面前。 He grabbed my collar and pulled me towards him.
你可以把这些磁带当作听力材料。 You can use these tapes as aural material.
要把前景中的人物画得合比例. Try to draw the figures in the foreground in proportion.
我把一棵花种到了新买的花盆里。 I potted up a flower in the newly bought flowerpot.
哎呀,我把毛活儿落在公共汽车上了。 Oh dear, I've left my knitting on the bus!
把发生的事情尽可能仔细地回忆一下. Try to recall (to mind) exactly what happened.
他举了具体的例子才把论点讲透彻。 He drove home his point by citing specific examples.
我们不得不把汽车拖到最近的修车厂。 We have to tow that car to the nearest garage.
他那热情的样子并没把我们欺骗多久. His friendly manner did not deceive us for long.
他老是把钱借给她,心肠也太软了。 He's always lending her money; he's too soft-hearted.
共同的利益把这两人联系到一起。 me in strength but Common interest brings these two together.
她的活泼与兴高采烈的情绪把他迷住了. He was charmed by her vivacity and high spirits.
他背上的重负似乎要把他压倒在地。 The burden on his back seemed to be crushing him to the earth.
一个守时的人总是把事情提前做好。 A punctual person always finishes everything ahead of time.
搬运工会把你的行李搬到你的房间去的。 The porter will carry your luggage to your room.
你可以使用联机打印机把数据打印出来。 You may use an online printer to print out the data.
这把尺上有厘米的刻度和英寸的刻度. This ruler has one scale in centimetres and another in inches.
那个喜剧演员讲的笑话把人们都逗笑了。 The comedian tickled the crowd with his jokes.
把我的电视机修好要花去我10000日元。 It cost me ten thousand yen to have my television set repaired.
修汽车前,你得用千斤顶把汽车抬起来。 You need a jack to lift the car before repairing it.
他试著用叉子把罐头里的肉使劲叉出来。 He tried to hoick the meat out of the tin with a fork.
他把他的一生都献给了当代艺术研究。 He had devoted his whole life to the study of contemporary art.
我插进了几则笑话,把我的讲话拉长了。 I made my speech longer by padding it with a few jokes.
她那灵巧的手指把羊毛纺织成了细线。 Her skillful fingers spun the wool out to a fine thread.
只要把它完成了,你怎么做我并不计较。 I'm not particular how you do it as long as it gets done.
我那辆可靠的旧车会把我们安全地送回家的。 My trusty old car will get us home safely.
不要把馒头放在桌子上,它会干硬的。 Don't leave that steamed bread on the table, it will dry out.
孩子们在游泳池里互相把对方按入水中。 The children ducked each other in the swimming pool.
这棵树向那边倒下就会把那所房子压坏。 If the tree fall that way, it will destroy the house.
亲爱的,把脸转过去,这场面不适合你看。 Look away dear, the sight is not fit for your eyes.
她紧张地咽了一下,似乎那问题把她难住了。 She gulped nervously, as if the question bothered her.
许多妇女把她们的全部精力投入到职业中。 Many women throw all of their energies into a career.
他与世隔绝一个月,力图把功课赶上去。 He shut himself away for a month to catch up on his academic work.
这场革命把国家引上了通往民主的道路。 The revolution set the country on the road to democracy.
这个小女孩太可爱了,我把她叫做小精灵。 The little girl is so lovely that I call her a sprite.
那个流浪者把所有的东西捆成一包背在背上. The tramp carried his belongings in a pack on his back.
在离开办公室之前, 应把所有物品摆放好。 Before you leave the office, everything should be put in place.
他原来很著急, 我总算把他的情绪稳定下来了. He had been quite anxious, but I managed to settle his mind.
这个价钱把全部固定装置和设备都打在里面了。 The price includes all fixtures and fittings.
她把糖放进咖啡里,用勺子把它们混合起来。 She put the sugar into the coffee and mixed them up with a spoon.
我用毯子把病人的腿包了起来,让他暖和一点儿。 I wrapped the rug around the sick man's legs to keep him warm.
如今有些年轻人穿的服装真会把你吓一跳。 The clothes some young people wear nowadays really make your hair curl.
他明确地把整个经过都对我讲了,一点不含糊。 He told me the whole story in spades and there's no doubt about it.
不要把感情浪费在他身上,他是永远不会爱你的。 Don't squander your affection on him, he'll never love you.
如果你感兴趣,你来后我把详细情况告诉你。 If you would be interested, I'll tell you all the details when you get here.
从她那封信的字里行间我得知, 她把他赶了出去。 Reading between the lines of her letter, I learned she had driven him out.
其实用不着在清晨3点钟就把我叫醒吧. I could have done without being (ie I wish I hadn't been) woken up at 3 o'clock in the morning.
把这份报告中的有关事项提交委员会讨论。 The relative items in this report will be submitted to the committee for discussion.
李把他在生意中的道德标准运用到私人关系中去。 Lee carries over his business ethics into his personal relationships.
我们正处于严重危险之中,我们必须把军人动员起来。 Our country's in great danger; we must mobilize the army.
他把空余时间都用在园艺上了, 没有任何其他爱好. He spent his spare time gardening, to the exclusion of all other interests.
和面的方法很简单,只要把水和在面粉里就行了。 The way to make dough is very simple as you need only to mix flour with water.
我没来得及把每件事都安排好, 因此心里七上八下的. I haven't had time to arrange everything, so I'm all at sixes and sevens.
我希望我能穿一件深色的衣服把这个正式场合应付过去。 I hope I can get by in a dark suit for this formal occasion.
在天气干燥时把点燃的香烟扔进树林可能会引起火灾。 A cigarette thrown into the woods in dry weather may start a fire.
把这两个计划仔细地加以对比就可以看出一些关键性的差异. Careful contrast of the two plans shows up some key differences.
那个聪明的男孩把他老师所能教他的所有的知识都吸收了。 The clever boy absorbed all the knowledge his teacher could give him.
虽然她彻底地用力擦洗那只旧壶,但她无法把它完全洗干净。 Although she scrubbed the old pot thoroughly, she could not make it look completely clean.
你本来应该有足够的常识,在拆开电线之前先把电源切断。 You should have had enough sense to turn off the electricity supply before disconnecting the wires.
异种移植术用外科手术的方法把某一个体或物中的组织移植到另一个体或物体上 The surgical grafting of tissue obtained from one individual or species to another.
在你生日之际,向你致以亲切的祝贺。生日意味着一个新的开端,意味着重新把握生活的机会。 Affectionate birthday greetings. Birthday means a new beginning and a new chance to take hold on life.
请把胡椒粉递给我。 Please pass me the pepper.
他把包裹扛上了肩。 He hoisted the package over his shoulder.
他把驾驶员当做人质。 He kept the pilot as a hostage.
他把妻子当作奴隶看待。 He treats his wife like a slave.
他用绳子把包裹扎紧。 He tied the package with a cord.
她把三幅布缝接在一起。 She joined the three widths of cloth.
公司把汽车当做抵押品。 The company took the cars as hostage.
狮子抓住猎物,把它吃了。 The lion seized its prey and ate it.
他把钥匙插入锁里转动。 He put the key in the lock and turned it.
酸把银器的表面腐蚀了。 Acid had pitted the surface of the silver.
他把他的成功归功于幸运。 He ascribes his success to good luck.
她正把烟筒里的黑灰扫掉。 She is sweeping the soot off the chimney.
我在黑暗中摸索着门把手。 I groped for the door handle in the dark.
他一拳就把对手打倒在地。 He laid his opponent low with a single punch.
气候潮湿,把书都霉坏了。 The dampness of the climate decayed the books.
他们的狗把我的裤子咬了个窟窿。 Their dog bit a hole in my trousers.
我得把墙上的那条裂缝填补好. I must fill that crack in the wall.
他把一间屋子改建成了卧室。 He altered one of the rooms into a bedroom.
他身体的重量把树枝压弯了. The branch began to give under his weight.
他把口袋都塞满了糖果。 He crammed as much candy into his pockets as they would hold.
爆炸的力量把塔炸得粉碎。 The tower was blown to atoms by the force of the explosion.
我们把码头工人罢工当作头条新闻 We'll lead with the dock strike.
她把食物和饮料放在客人面前。 She set the foods and drink before the guest.
婴儿把吃进去的东西吐在桌子上了. The baby spat its food (out) onto the table.
他掀起垫子把钥匙悄悄放在下面. He lifted the mat and slid the key under (it).
神父把圣水洒在婴儿的额头上. The priest sprinkled holy water on the baby's forehead.
请你把废物扔到预备好的垃圾箱里. Please put your litter in the bin provided.
把那棵植物在水里浸泡几分钟。 Please immerse the plant in water for a few minutes.
我们用粗绳把所有包裹捆扎妥当。 We tied up both package well with heavy cord.
这条路把所有的新城镇都连接起来了。 The road links all the new towns.
政府决心把通货膨胀率降低。 The government is determined to bring down inflation.
他拣起信封时,一把钥匙掉了出来。 As he picked up the envelope, a key dropped out.
我把石头搬起来时,那只甲虫跑了。 The beetle scuttled away when I lifted the stone.
园艺叉子的一个尖齿把他的脚扎了. One of the prongs of the garden fork went through his foot.
她把她姓名的起首字母绣在手帕上。 She embroidered her initials on the handkerchief.
我们得把发动机拆卸开来找出毛病。 We'll have to strip the engine down to find the fault.
他使劲儿把食物咽下去, 嘴唇都扭曲起来. His lips worked as he tried to swallow the food.
音乐的声音太大了,把我耳朵震得直响。 The music was so loud it made my ears ring.
猎人把狮子的头挂在墙上当纪念品。 The hunter put the lion's head on the wall as a trophy.
我很匆忙, 所以随便地把衣服穿上了。 I was in such a hurry that I put my clothes on anyhow.
雕刻家把大理石块凿成优美的雕像. The sculptor chiselled the lump of marble into a fine statue.
如果你不把煤气调小一点,肉就要焦了。 The meat will scorch if you don't lower the gas.
他用塑料铲把盆里的混合料刮了出来. He scraped the mixture out of the bowl with a plastic spatula.
经理把工作尽量平均分配给雇员. The manager tried to even out the distribution of work among his employees.
把无辜的人投入监狱显然是审判不公. Sending an innocent man to prison is a clear miscarriage of justice.
他的母亲已经把他训练成循规蹈矩的人。 His mother has trained him to be a very proper young man.
一艘拖轮牵引着那条船的船头把它转了个方向。 A tug pulled the bow of the ship round.
那把刀子被卡住了,她猛地一拔,把它拔了出来。 The knife was stuck but she pulled it out with a jerk.
他要求他们把他著作的销售情况随时告诉他。 He ask them to keep him posted about the sale of his book.
把方向盘往右边转转, 好修正驾驶上的偏差. Turn the wheel to the right to correct the steering.
你可以用热水把菜盘上凝结的油污冲洗掉。 You may use hot water to rinse the congealed fat off the dinner plates.
今晚大概会有霜冻,一定要把花草都遮盖好。 It may freeze tonight, so make sure the plant should be covered.
沙漠那边吹来的风把所有的东西都蒙上了一层沙子. The wind blew from the desert and covered everything with sand.
把路上的耽搁算进去, 你要用半小时才能到车站. It will take you half an hour to get to the station, allowing for traffic delays.
把全部家具都塞进那个小房间是很费了一番心思的。 It took some ingenuity to squeeze all the furniture into the little room.
他在办公室里老是目不转睛地盯著我,真把我气坏了。 I'm extremely annoyed at the way he always stares at me in the office.
蚊子会吸我们的血。更糟的是,它会把毒注入我们的体内。 The mosquito will suck our blood. What's even worse, it will inject poison into our bodies.
他仅把结婚当作达到目的的手段, 他只是想要妻子的财产. He regarded his marriage merely as a means to an end: he just wanted his wife's wealth.
他对自己那本书的手稿先进行校订,然后才把它交给出版社。 He revised the manuscript of his book before sending it to the publisher.
史密斯悄悄地向地向拍卖人做手势,然后把出价又抬高了1,000元。 Smith signaled the auctioneer quietly and kicked the bid up another thousand.
销售开始下跌,公司财务不久便出现赤字,他们只得把那幢大楼卖掉。 Sales began to drop and the company was soon in the red. They had to sell the building.
把铝和其他金属混合,科学家们能够制造出各种合金,其中一些具有钢一样的强度,但其重量只是钢的三分之一。 By mixing aluminium with other metals, scientists have been able to produce a variety of alloys, some of which have the strength of steel but weigh only one third as much.
他已把木板刨平。 He has planed the plank smooth.
他把刀子当杠杆用. He employed his knife as a lever.
我们把船停泊在码头处. We tied (the boat) up alongside the quay.
这把石斧是古代的遗物。 This stone axe is a relic of ancient times.
把它放下,不然我就揍你。 Put that down or else I'll smack you.
请把那些杯子和碟子收拾好。 Please pick up those cups and saucers.
他们把原木锯成一块块厚板。 They are sawing a log into planks.
这种噪声快要把我逼疯了. That noise is driving/sending me up the wall.
蝗虫把树上的叶子都吃光了。 Locust had stripped the leaves off the trees.
她一斧头把木块劈成两半。 She chopped the block of wood in two with a single blow.
他们把那栋房屋分成许多套住房。 They divided the house into flats.
他把小屋的阁楼当作阅读室。 He made the attic in the small house a reading room.
那流氓用一根绳子把她勒死了。 The hooligan strangled her with a piece of string.
他遇雪崩被埋住了,得把他挖出来。 He was buried by an avalanche and had to be dug out.
警方把失踪姑娘的照片放大了. The police had the photograph of the missing girl enlarged.
那个粗心的侍者把盘子摔到了地上。 The careless waiter dropped the dish onto the ground.
这个房间把她绘画的优点充分显示出来。 The room shows off her paintings to good effect.
这次地震把这堵墙震得下陷并开始崩塌. The earthquake made the wall sink and start to crumble.
噪声很大, 她用棉花团把耳朵堵上了. The noise was so loud that she put wads of cotton wool in her ears.
她需要把阿拉伯语学好才能到开罗工作. She needs to perfect her Arabic before going to work in Cairo.
小女孩把贝壳穿成一串,戴在脖子上。 The little girl threaded the shells together and wore them round her neck.
他们不仅抢夺你的财物,还要把每样东西都捣毁。 Not only do they rob you, they smash everything too.
一个厨房里的小火炉就会把整个房子都熏黑。 One small fire in the kitchen will cover the whole house in soot.
她未请示上级擅自把所有这些请柬都发了出去. She issued all these invitations without any reference to her superiors.
它至少能把沉重的仪器携带到大部分大气团之上。 It can at least carry heavy equipment above most of the atmospheric mass.
在英国,用刀把食物送进嘴里被认为是粗鲁的行为。 Putting food into one's mouth with a knife is considered vulgar in England.
在我还没工夫往掌上吐一口唾沫之前,他已经把那件工作做完了。 Before I had time to spit in my hands, he finished the work.
我用力把螺丝往木头上拧,可是拧不进去,又掉出来了。 I've put the screw in the wood as tightly as I can, but it won't stay in, it keeps slipping out.
管弦乐队新来的指挥一上任就先把较差的演奏人员清除出去了。 The new conductor start by weed out the weaker player in the orchestra.
不一会儿,她把话题岔开了,不过全凭她施展出深通人情世故的女人的全部本事。 Presently, thought with all the skill of a woman of the world, she shuffled away the subject.
我要把原有的油漆全部铲去,并要涂上新的内涂层和上光剂。我要彻底地干一下,决不马马虎虎。 I want all the existing paint stripped off and new undercoat and gloss applied. I want a thorough job, with no half measures.
你绝对有把握? You're absolutely certain?
我想把草坪扩大. I want to enlarge the lawn.
谁把我的火柴拿走了? Who's bagged my matches?
我把衬衫烫 胡了. I scorched my shirt when I was ironing it.
你怎麽不把胡子刮掉? Why don't you shave your beard off?
你把这东西叫做啤酒吗? Do you call this stuff beer?
用这条毛巾把手擦乾. Dry your hands on this towel.
把这些衬衣送去洗熨. Send these shirts to be laundered.
他用一把钝刀子切肉。 He cut the meat with a blunt knife.
我真的需要把它抄下来吗? Do I really need to copy it?
你可把我完全弄糊涂了! Now you've mixed me up completely!
那个牡蛎把壳合拢起来。 That oyster closed up its valves.
能劝得她把房子卖了吗? Can she be persuaded to sell (the house)?
他把食品存放在碗橱里。 He stored foods in his cupboard.
把饼乾放到上面的架子上. Put the biscuits on the shelf above.
请你把这封信复印一份好吗? Could you Xerox this letter please?
别忘了把牙刷放到箱子里去! Don't forget to pack your toothbrush!
谁那麽讨厌把我的毛巾拿走了. Some so-and-so has pinched my towel.
把那刀子放下,以免伤人! Put down that knife before you hurt somebody!
他把一张红桃J 藏在口袋里。 He hid a knave of hearts in his pocket.
别把澳大利亚和奥地利混淆了。 Please don't confuse Australia with Austria.
熨斗太热了, 你会把衣服烫焦的. The iron's too hot, you'll singe the dress.
他瞄准羚羊射击, 把它打倒了. He aimed, fired and brought down the antelope.
先把黄油融化, 然後加入面粉. Melt the butter and then blend in the flour.
他把裤子往上拉起,然後坐下。 He hitched up his trousers before sitting down.
我能把这些秘密计划委托给你吗? Can I entrust you with the secret plans?
要是把眼睛闭上就什麽也看不见了。 If you shut your eyes you can't see.
琼斯夫人丈夫的死讯把她吓蒙了。 Her husband's death knocked Mrs.Jones off her feet.
你有没有绳子来把这些箱子捆好? Have you got some twine to tie this box up?
把你自己身上掸掸--上面都是粉笔末. Dust yourself down you're covered in chalk.
风把雪吹积成长埂, 堵塞了道路. The wind drifted the snow into a high bank, blocking the road.
他们正在考虑把办事处搬出伦敦。 They are pondering moving their offices outside London.
请你把这颗纽扣缝到我的衬衫上好吗? Would you sew this button onto my shirt?
把这种软膏搽在皮肤上,让它渗进去。 Rub the cream on your skin and let it sink in.
用一把这么钝的刀子切菠萝是不可能的。 It's impossible to cut a pineapple with such a dull knife.
你把议事日程表给(我)复印二十份好吗? Could you run (me) off twenty copies of the agenda?
我们需要有人自愿帮忙把布景搭起、 画好. We need volunteers to help build and paint the set.
看,你这是往哪里走?差点儿把我撞倒了 Can't you look where you're going? You nearly knocked me over!
请把那本地图册从书架上取下来(递给我). Please reach (me) the atlas down from the bookshelf.
他急忙伸出手臂把她扶住,她才没有跌倒。 He flung his arm out just in time to stop her falling.
政府想把更多的资源用於教育方面. The government intends to free more resources for educational purposes.
把这个字抄写十遍就能记住怎麽拼写了. Write out this word ten times so that you learn how to spell it.
他把晚年用在教书和编纂以前的著作。 He spent his last years (in) teaching and editing earlier writings.
她把旅行的事大大地渲染(夸张)了一番. She gave a highly coloured (ie exaggerated) account of her travels.
把这件事当作你的教训, 再也不要玩火柴了! Let this be a lesson to you never to play with matches!
我从未答应过把汽车借给你: 你是在做梦吧! I never promised to lend you my car: you must be dreaming!
让我把一切都得解释得那麽详细, 可真烦人. It wearies me to have to explain everything in such detail.
你是把水果装在罐里保存呢,还是冷冻起来保存? Do you bottle your fruit or freeze it?
她生在伦敦, 但现在把巴黎看成是她的家乡. She was born in London, but she now looks on Paris as her home.
在中世纪时期,诗人常把天空叫作“苍穹”。 In medieval times, poets often called the sky "the vault of heaven".
我不敢把比尔放到花园去--他会把花全都拔掉的。 I daren't let Bill loose on the garden he'd pull up all the flowers.
那麽说是你把金属线穿过那个小孔的了, 真灵巧! So you fitted that wire through that little hole there: that's very ingenious!
一个小贼在黑暗的街上拦住玛丽,把她的钱包拿走了。 A thief stopped Mary on a dark street and made off with her wallet.
他们把通货膨胀大幅度增长归咎于石油价格的上涨。 They blamed the rise in oil prices for the big increase in inflation.
用放大镜把阳光聚到乾叶子上, 叶子就能燃烧. If you focus the sun's rays through a magnifying glass on a dry leaf, it will start to burn.
我们应该实事求是地先把费用算出来, 然後再做决定. We must be practical and work out the cost before we make a decision.
必须把滥竽充数的科研人员调到其他工作岗位上去。 The scientific research personnel who held the post without qualification must be transferred to another post.
喂,把桥牌轰出去吧;让咱们找个更愉快的方式一同难受好了。 I say banishing bridge; let's find some pleasant way of being miserable together.
我们把旅客登记簿翻了一下,发现我们的采购员三天前就已登记了。 Looking through the reception book of the hotel we found our purchasing agent had booked in three days before.
埃尔顿把他在夜里睡不着时所记熟的故事,几乎一字不错的复述了一遍。 Almost word for word, Elton repeated a story which he had committed to heart in the watches of the night.
约翰和利兹二人把奖金分了--约翰用他分到的那一半奖金购买了文字处理机. John and Liz shared the prize money between them John used his half to buy a word processor.
雷蒙:他说没什麽,他只是把我的脚踝浸在一些中药里,然后贴上一块膏药。 Raymond: He didn't say anything. He just soaked my ankle in some herbal medicine and then put a patch on it.
他在那些大胆而残忍的妇女把所有她们的男子杀死之后,曾经在雷姆诺岛旁边经过。 He later journeyed through the isle of Lemnos whose bold and heartless females, earlier, had slaughtered every male upon the island;
我花了50英镑在商场上买了一件所谓的便宜瓷器,结果却是一文不值。我只得把此事引以为训。 I paid fifty pounds in the market for a so-called bargain piece of porcelain which turned out to be worthless; I'll just have to chalk it up to experience.
把词典时时 放在手边. Keep your dictionary ready (to hand) at all times.
我们将把这房子租给你一年。 We will lease you the house for one year.
你再迟到一次, 就把你开除. Arrive late once more and (ie If you arrive late once more) you're fired.
他的回答只不过是把我的讲义重复了一遍。 His answer is just a rehash version of my lecture.
他很关心别人, 因而大家都把他当作亲人. He showed such concern that people took him to be a relative.
我们本周有紧急任务, 所以人人都该出把力. We've an urgent job on this week, so it's (a case of) all hands to the pump.
报社记者把部长团团围住,坚持要他发表一个声明。 Newspaper reporters pushed round the Minister, urging him to give them a statement.
把你的青菜吃光。 Eat up your vegetables.
请把行李预先送出. Send your luggage on in advance.
他们使劲把门撞破. They rammed the door to smash it down.
她对成功已确有把握。 Success is within her grasp.
你不能把油和水混合。 You can't mix oil with water.
枪声把马吓惊了. The horse bolted in terror at the sound of the gun.
我把这消息传达给他了。 I conveyed the information to him.
我只得把他让进客厅。 I felt obliged to invite him into the parlor.
把这些宝石藏在保险箱里. Shut the jewels up in the safe.
我必须找人把收音机修理好。 I must get the radio fixed.
把植物的根插入混合肥料中. Bed the roots in the compost.
把我应付你的钱都加在一起。 Add up all the money I owe you.
他们把领土割让给邻国。 They ceded territory to a neighboring state.
这女孩把线的两端结起来。 The girl tied the ends of the thread.
我们把书在地板上堆起来。 We put the books in piles on the floor.
他把一些书放在窗台上。 He keeps some books on the window ledge.
她不把我们的警告放在心上。 She paid no heed to our warnings.
她把钱均分给两个孩子. She portioned out the money equally between both children.
她把我拉到一旁,对我耳语。 She drew me aside and whispered in my ear.
这台机器把麦子磨成面粉。 This machine crushes wheat grain to make flour.
她把山羊毛纺成毛线. She spins goat's hair into wool/spins wool from goat's hair.
你需用快刀才能把结切断. You need a sharp knife to cut through the knot.
他的评论把她气得火冒三丈。 She was seething with rage at his remarks.
把学生召集到学校的礼堂里. Summon the pupils together in the school hall.
他很自私, 不想把汽车借给我. He's too selfish to think of lending me his car.
她把盖子轻拍了几下使它松动. She gave the lid a few gentle taps to loosen it.
把小麦从农场运到面粉厂。 Wheat is transported from the farms to the mills.
把多余的杯子都重新装入箱中. Repack all the superfluous cups in the box.
你要把这些书按字母顺序排好. You must arrange these books in alphabetical order.
她把书放在一旁, 点了一支香烟. She set aside her book and lit a cigarette.
我已经把数据输入到计算机中了。 I have inputted the data into a computer.
他最后总算把那几个特务甩掉了。 The spies were finally thrown off his track.
他已把各项任务分配给队员们. He apportioned the members of the team their various tasks.
军队正在把大量旧装备拍卖掉. The Army is auctioning off a lot of old equipment.
我在比赛前把手表交妻子保管. Before the game I gave my watch to my wife for safe keeping.
把客人都挤在剩余的几个房间里了。 Guests were crowded into the few remaining rooms.
他把一捆就杂志卖给了旧书店。 He sold a bundle of old magazines to the second hand bookstore.
我一点头, 就是暗示你把会议中断. When I nod my head, that's your cue to interrupt the meeting.
把学生的兴趣尽力引导到理科方面. Try to orientate your students towards the science subjects.
这俱乐部被知识分子小集团把持著. The club is dominated by a small clique of intellectuals.
不能让你着凉。快去把湿衣服换掉。 I can't have you catching cold. Run and change your wet things.
她责备他竟把他们的结婚周年纪念日忘了. She reproached him for forgetting their anniversary.
他对那把墨水倒翻在书上的孩子臭骂了一顿。 He swore at the boy who dropped ink on the book.
把你们的器材准备好,开始行动的时刻到了。 Get your equipment ready, it's coming up to zero hour.
报告人把所要的传达的重点讲得非常透彻。 The speakers struck home the points he wanted to convey.
你只要拉这个拉出器,就可以很容易地把罐头打开。 You may open the tin simply by pulling the puller.
指挥官决定把大规模的进攻推迟到春天进行. The commander decided to postpone the big push until the spring.
你不应该把香烟卖给没到岁数的青少年. You shouldn't sell cigarettes to teenagers who are under age/to under-age teenagers.
他在水龙头下面冲洗茶壶, 以便把茶叶冲掉. He rinsed the teapot out under the tap, to get rid of the tea-leaves.
有人把来客订旅馆房间的麻烦事交给我干。 Someone has landed onto me the job of fixing hotel rooms for the visitors.
太阳能电池能把阳光的能量转化为电能。 The solar cell can convert the energy of sunlight into electric energy.
地质学在此把人类历史的延续移交给考古学。 Geology here passes over the continuation of the history of man to Archeology.
不要出难题了,我们必须赶五点钟前把这项工作干完。 Don't be awkward: we have to get this finished by five o'clock.
母亲总是想把我们的谈话引回到家庭争吵的话题上来。 Mother always tries to lead the conversation back to the family quarrel.
他把事故的经过告诉了她,但赶紧随即补充说没有人受伤。 He told her about the accident, but hastened to add that no one was hurt.
即使这工作要花掉我六个星期的时间,我仍决心要把它完成。 Even if it will take me six weeks, I am determined to finish the job.
开汽车的人让两个小学生上车,把他们一直带到了县城。 The motorist picked up a couple of pupils and took them as far as the county town.
变压器的功用就是把电力从一种电压改变为加一种电压。 The function of the transformers is to change electric power from one voltage to another.
把他跟他们党内的极端分子等同看待是不对的--他的观点其实很温和. It's wrong to bracket him with the extremists in his party his views are very moderate.
中国教育的主要目的是教授所需的科技知识以把中国变成现代化的社会主义国家。 The min purpose of Chinese education is to teach the science and technology needed to made China into a modern socialist nation.
在你看来,停车时把汽车的保险杆部分突出在人行道上似乎是微不足道的,但就法制观念而言,这仍旧是一种犯法的行为。 Parking with your car bumper overhanging the pavement may seem trivial to you, but in the eyes of the law it is still an offence.
把塞子拔掉. Pull the plug out.
这个把柄松了. The handle has come loose.
把那绳子再搓几下. Give the rope a few more twists.
她把枕头弄得鼓鼓的. She plumped up the pillows.
把床单好好泡一泡. Give the sheets a good soak.
她把那孩子搂在怀里. She pressed the child to her.
把棍子慢慢插进洞里. Work the stick into the hole.
她把球抛起又接住. She threw the ball up and caught it again.
她把垫子绣上了花. She embroidered the cushion with flowers.
他把钱放在柜台上. He placed the money on the counter.
他用枕头把婴儿闷死了. He smothered the baby with a pillow.
她把孩子紧紧抱在怀里。 She clasped the baby to her bosom.
他们竭力要把火焰扑灭. They tried to extinguish the flames.
拔掉塞子, 把水放掉. Pull (out) the plug and let the water drain away.
冰山把那船撞出了窟窿. The ship was holed by an iceberg.
裁缝把这套衣服做坏了。 The tailor has butchered this suit.
他把金属丝重新焊上去了。 He soldered the wire back on.
他把凳子推到桌子下面。 He pushed the stool under the table.
编辑把整段全删掉了. The editor struck out the whole paragraph.
警方把暴乱镇压了下去. The police succeeded in quelling the riot.
把你的外衣挂在那个挂钩上. Hang your coat (up) on that hook.
报纸把我的话全都歪曲了。 The papers twisted everything I said.
你可以把外套挂在钩子上。 You may hang your coat on the hook.
到柜子那儿把果酱取下来。 Go to the cupboard and get down the jam.
有些昆虫把卵产在地上. Some insects deposit their eggs on the ground.
请把绳子挂在那根钉子上。 Please hook the rope over the nail.
入侵者把村镇变为废墟。 The invader laid towns and villages in ruins.
她把葡萄放到一个大盘子上。 She put the grapes onto the platter.
把绳子绑牢,免得它松脱。 Bind the rope fast lest it should come loose.
他们一再发牢骚把他惹火了. He was irritated by their perpetual complaints.
把你的游泳衣里的水拧出去. Wring the water out of your wet bathing costume.
她把窗台漆上鲜艳的颜色。 She painted the window sills a bright colour.
锁锈住了,我们得把门砸开。 The lock was rusty, so we had to smash the door open.
我监督工人把货物装上卡车. I supervised the workers loading the lorry.
他被绑在一把椅子上, 就那样待著. He was bound to a chair and left.
他们把掠夺来的东西装进大车里. They loaded the carts with plunder.
把水引入一系列灌溉渠中. Water is channelled through a series of irrigation canals.
这次爆炸把那个旧烟囱给炸倒了. The explosion toppled the old chimney.
不久,解放军就把他们歼灭了。 Soon the Liberation Army knocked them out.
她佩戴了一把小梳子作为装饰品。 She wore a small comb as an ornament.
我需要一个漏斗把汽油灌进油箱. I need a funnel to pour petrol into the tank.
他猛力一拧, 将那把手拧了下来. With a violent twist, he wrenched off the handle.
我们遗憾地把我们的决定通知她。 We informed her with regret of our decision.
那位年轻的母亲把孩子抱在怀里。 The young mother held the baby to her bosom.
我想把这些美元兑换成英镑。 I should like to change these dollars to pounds.
他把那块石头凿成一个女人像。 He chiseled that rock into the figure of a woman.
操纵这台机器要转动这个把手. You operate the mechanism by winding this handle.
我们把这座旧房子的窗户都钉死了。 We nailed up the windows of the old house.
别把档案弄乱了, 我刚整理好. Don't mess the files around, I've just put them in order.
在翻地时应把肥料均匀地混入土壤中. The manure should be well dug in.
我们必须力求把记帐方法制度化. We must try to systematize the way we do the accounts.
他把诗中记得住的都背诵出来了。 He recited as much of the poem as he could remember.
把狗放开,它已被拴了几个钟头了。 Release the dog. He has been chained up for hours.
我们把钱用在兴建灌溉工程上了. We used the money to set up an irrigation project.
把嘴张大,让我看一下你的喉咙。 Open your mouth wide so that I can look at your throat.
他们出国时把家具送到仓库保管起来. They've stored their furniture while they go abroad.
通往宫殿的所有道路都有部队把守。 All the approaches to the palace are guarded by troops.
驾驶员把失灵的飞机降落在田地里。 The pilot brought his crippled plane down in a field.
他发疯了,开始把这块地方砸得粉碎。 He went stark raving mad and began smashing the place up.
他要想当选就得把观点改得缓和些. He'll have to modify his views if he wants to be elected.
从前的人把监犯的头钉在尖桩上. In former times, prisoners' heads were impaled on pointed stakes.
一连串的意外事件把店里弄得乱七八糟。 A series of accidents disordered the shop.
警方企图把他的话歪曲成承认有罪. The police tried to twist his statement into an admission of guilt.
那些奴隶艰难地把沉重的石块拖上山。 The slaves toiled up the hill pulling the heavy blocks.
通过管道把热水从锅炉输送到散热器里. Pipes convey hot water from the boiler to the radiators.
我把一切东西都锁在保险箱里以防万一。 I took the precaution of locking everything in the safe.
把锅从炉子上端开时, 汤就不再沸腾了. The boiling soup subsided when the pot was taken off the heat.
母亲在白天把她的孩子交托给幼儿园。 The mother gave her child over to the kindergarten during the day.
那座大楼倒塌时把下面的很多人都砸死了. Many people were crushed when the building collapsed on top of them.
我们已经把今年拨给我们的全部经费都花光了. We've spent our entire allocation for the year.
他朝那特务的下巴一拳打去,把他打昏在地。 He hit the secret agent on the jaw and completely laid him out.
我见她打扮得像个小丑,把我笑得直不起腰来。 I just curled up when I saw her dressed as a clown.
我买汽车时总要把燃油消耗量考虑在内. I always take fuel consumption into consideration when buying a car.
要照出清晰的照片,就要把焦点对准物体。 Bring the object into focus if you want a sharp photograph.
如果我们不把价格压低,就甭想拿到订单。 If we do not keep the price down, go bang our chance of get the order.
在火上一下子添上很多煤, 反而能把火闷死. If you put too much coal on the fire at once you'll smother it.
参谋人员在地图上把这个地区精确地标了出来。 The staff officers mapped out the area thoroughly.
他把名单给我再念一遍,我一一进行核对。 He read back the list of name to me, and I checked them off one by one.
就在我们犹豫不决的时候, 别人把那所房子买下了. While we were wavering, somebody else bought the house.
他有个很能干的伙伴,替他把一切弄得井井有条。 He has a practical partner who organizes everything for him.
把电炉打开,在穿睡衣睡裤之前把它们先烤热。 Put on the electric fire and warm your pyjamas before putting them on.
政府力求今年把通货膨胀率再减低百分之二. The government will be looking to reduce inflation by a further two per cent this year.
把孩子的头发用梳子梳梳,他可不能这样参加聚会。 Run a comb through the childs hair he can't go to a party looking like that.
他们把车厢上面的中央部分打开以增进空气的流通。 They increased ventilation by opening the top center part of the carriage window.
威利玩他父亲的手枪时不小心走火了, 把墙壁打出一个洞。 Willie accidentally lets off his father's shotgun and made a hole in the wall.
第一架飞机是不完善的,但是并不因此就把它砸烂抛掉。 The first airplane was not perfect but is was not chopped up and abandoned on that score.
当我的眼睛习惯了洞中的黑暗之后。我看见地上有一把旧铲子。 After my eyes became used to the dim light in the cave, I saw an old shovel on the ground.
一定要用毛巾把孩子们彻底擦干,他们浑身湿透了,说不定会着凉的。 Do towel the children down very thoroughly, they're wet to the skin and might catch cold!
我们有了孩子以后不可能再居住在单间套房里了,爹爹帮了我们大忙,把买房的定金借给了我们。 It was impossible living in a one-roomed flat after we had the baby but Dad pulled the chestnuts out of the fire by lending us the deposit for a house.
老师们纷纷表示,非常珍惜这次宝贵的学习机会,将会把学到的知识教给自己的同事和学生,使更多的人掌握电脑的基本知识。 The participants said they valued this special opportunity very much and would teach what they had learned to their colleagues and students to help more people master basic computer skills.
把汤搅拌一下. Give the soup a stir.
劫匪把钞票一把抢走了. The robber swooped up the banknotes.
你把屁股挪一挪, 我想坐下. Move your stern, I want to sit down.
把沙司搅拌一下以免结块。 Stir the sauce to prevent it lumping.
他把滑翔机降落在田地里了. He put the glider down in a field.
把面粉和牛奶搅成很稠的糊. Stir the flour and milk to a stiff paste.
把幼苗移栽到含泥炭的土壤里. Transplant the seedlings into peaty soil.
这个女孩从容地把砖堆砌起来 The girl stacked the blocks with deliberation.
把混合料搅拌到发起来为止. Beat the mixture until it has a light, puffy texture.
他们决定把小单元廉价出租. They decided to let (off) the smaller flats at lower rents.
他把幼苗移栽到含泥炭的土壤里。 He transplanted the seedlings into peaty soil.
英吉利海峡把英法两国分隔开来. The English Channel divides England from France.
人们总是把老师比喻为燃烧的蜡烛。 Teachers are often compared to burning candles.
我出门之前,把煤气的总阀关掉了。 I turned the gas off at the mains before I went out.
中国人把莲花看作是纯洁的象征。 Chinese people regard lotus as an emblem of purity.
窃贼把失火的仓库里的货物都偷走了. Thieves snaffled all the goods from the burnt warehouse.
把瓶盖儿盖好, 要不汁液就洒出来了. Put the cap back on the bottle, otherwise the juice will spill.
汤姆把那所房子想像成有传奇色彩的废墟. Tom visualized the house as a romantic ruin.
他把所得利润的一半交给歹徒作为保护费。 He was paying out half his profits as protection.
在混凝土凝固以前, 一定要把柱子竖直了. Make sure the post is true before the concrete sets.
国王命令侍卫长马上把犯人带来。 The king ordered the Grand Chamberlain to bring the prisoner immediately.
她没有端著架子把我们当作仆人对待. She doesn't stand on her dignity and treat the rest of us as servants.
你那只狗竟然把我的水仙花全给扒出来了。 That dog of yours has been and dug up all my daffodils!
先把尺寸量好, 再把木材锯成所需长短. First measure (it) up, then cut the timber to the correct length.
汤姆把他叔叔的声音和姿态模仿得惟妙惟肖. Tom mimicked his uncle's voice and gestures perfectly.
我把现有的家禽饲养方面的资料全都读过了. I've read all the available literature on poultry-farming.
他们举办了一次音乐会, 把收入捐给了慈善机构. They gave a concert and donated the proceeds to charity.
把一座简朴的错层式的房子叫做大厦真太可笑了 It is ludicrous to call a simple split-level house a mansion.
把你受伤的手指浸在消毒剂里,把毒浸泡出来。 Dip your injured finger in the disinfectant to soak out the poison.
持枪歹徒把两个孩子扣押在这座建筑物里当作人质. The gunman is holding two children hostage in the building.
他给窗框上漆时,用遮蔽胶带把玻璃边缘贴住。 He put masking tape round the edges of the glass while he painted the window frame.
泰德又懒惰又固执,得再三教才能把功讲给灌进去。 Ted was lazy and stubborn and his lessons had to be beaten into his head.
电灯灭了, 因线路上用电器超负荷把保险丝烧断了. The lights fused because the system was overloaded with electrical appliances.
煤砖,炭砖把煤灰,木炭或锯木灰和木片压缩制成的砖块状物,用作燃料和点火 A block of compressed coal dust, charcoal, or sawdust and wood chips, used for fuel and kindling.
谁把牛奶泼出来了? Who has spilt/spilled the milk?
他把黏土捏成形。 He pinched the clay into shape.
你把结果算对了吗? Did you get the answer right?
你已把头发梳到後面. You've combed your hair back.
把这些乾豆子泡一夜. Leave the dried beans to soak overnight.
鸟把头斜向[到]一侧. The bird cocked its head to/on one side.
她用錾子来把盖子凿开. She used a chisel to prise off the lid.
你能帮我把帘幕取下来吗? Will you help me take the curtains down?
她把帆布背包转到身後. She swung the rucksack (up) onto her back.
用这把尺子能量得准吗? Can you measure accurately with this ruler?
他顽固不化把我气得火冒三丈! His obstinacy drives me mad!
这热辣辣的太阳快把我烤焦了! I am broiling in this hot sun!
把鸟关在笼子里残忍不残忍? Is it cruel to confine a bird in a cage?
“他就象一把大扇子”,他说。 He said."He's exactly like a huge fan."
我把多余的房间出租(给房客). I let (out) my spare rooms (to lodgers).
他是否把这台拖拉机漆成了红色? Do he paint this tractor red?
我怎样才能把墙上的污垢去掉呢? How can I get the dirt off the walls?
他发财之後把老朋友都抛弃了. When he became rich he threw over all his old friends.
我总算把你看透了,你这个骗子! I have found you out at last, you cheat!
空袭几乎把这座城镇夷为平地。 The bombing raid practically leveled the town.
不要把奥地利跟澳大利亚弄混淆了. Don't confuse Austria and/with Australia.
我们把马拴在桩上,走进了客栈。 I hung up my horse and walked into the inn.
她竭力把自己的想法强加於全组的人. She imposed her ideas on the group.
把那棵植物(在水里)浸泡几分钟. Immerse the plant (in water) for a few minutes.
他把衣服拧乾後晾到绳子上. He wrung the clothes (out) before putting them on the line to dry.
【谚】把握一个今天,胜似两个明天。 One today is worth two tomorrow.
我们把讨论的要点归纳一下好吗? Could we have a run-through of the main points discussed?
他们把事故归咎于驾驶员的疏忽。 They imputed the accident to the driver's carelessness.
在拜访岳父之前,他把鞋子擦黑。 He blacked his shoes before visiting his father-in-law.
她把炒锅当啷一声掉在石头地板上。 She clashed the pan down on the stone floor.
我舍不得把这麽多钱花在穿衣服上. I hesitate to spend so much money on clothes.
他们把麦麸和玉米粉混合起来喂猪。 They mix the bran and corn powder together to feed the pigs.
他的内疚使得他把一切和盘托出。 His guilty conscience forced him to make a clean breast of everything.
这 的空气很闷--咱们能把窗户打开吗? The atmosphere is very stuffy in here can we open a window?
我可以用铆钉把这些金属板固定在一起吗? Can I fasten these metal plates with rivets?
把土豆和青菜传一传--小心,烫手。 Pass the potatoes and the greens--careful, they're hot.
他们祈求上帝把他们从危险中拯救出来。 They prayed to God to deliver them from danger.
她把玻璃杯送到嘴边[用嘴唇触及玻璃杯]. She set the glass to her lips/her lips to the glass.
她把新歌剧院称作`那讨厌的庞然大物'. She calls the new opera house that hideous erection'.
我把那旧家具统统扔掉了,真是谢天谢地! I've thrown out all the old furniture, and good riddance!
我们把床单搓成绳子, 援绳下坠逃跑了. We twisted the bed sheets into a rope and escaped by climbing down it.
只要给他一个桶子和一把铲子, 他就高兴极了! Just give him a bucket and spade and he's in seventh heaven!
我正想把实况告诉他;但他打断了我的话。 I was trying to tell him what really happened, but he cut me short.
你为什么不先把问题放在一边过会儿再说? Why don't you lay that problem aside for a while and work at it later?
可能下雨--你最好带把伞, 以防万一(下起来). It may rain you'd better take an umbrella (just) in case (it does).
铅管工把管口撑大後套在另一截管子上. The plumber splayed the end of the pipe before fitting it over the next section.
"把门朝后绑牢,它在风里不停地来回砰砰作响。" "Tie the door back-it keeps banging to and fro in the wind."
我看见他把钥匙插进锁孔、 转动钥匙, 然後打开了门. I saw him put the key in the lock, turn it and open the door.
常把蒙著眼睛手持天平的女人当作正义的象徵. Justice is often personified as a blindfolded woman holding a pair of scales.
耶稣对佣人说:“往缸里倒满水。”他们便把缸灌满了水。 Jesus said to the servants,"Fill the jars with water", and they filled them to the brim.
比赛是如此令人兴奋,以致我把即将来临的期末考忘得一乾二净。 So exciting was the game that I forgot all about the coming finals.
阿诺德在预赛中跑得太好了,因此完全有把握赢得决定的胜利。 Arnold ran so well in the heats that it's a moral certainty he'll win the final race.
束帆索一种绳子或帆布带,用来把一个卷叠的帆置于一横木或斜桁上 A cord or canvas strap used to secure a furled sail to a yard boom or gaff.
亨利八世决定开放若干公爵猎园,把它们改作更加有益的牧场。 Henry VIII decided to dispark the Duchy parks and turn them more profitably into pasture.
"房间里只布置了最简单的必需品,一张床、一把椅子和一张桌子。" "The room was furnished with the simplest essentials, a bed, a chair, and a table."
玛丽辛辛苦苦把约翰的房间打扫干净,不料她所得到的却是一番侮辱。 Mary worked hard to clean up John's room, but all she got for her trouble was a kick in the teeth.
该组竭力想把最新消息和评论糅合在一起,不料发现它们彼皮格格不入。 The team tried hard to mix fresh news and comment only to find they were mixing oil and water.
约翰是一名出色的演讲者,他可以不费气力地把任何听众鼓动得激动若狂。 John is a good speaker. He can easily work any crowd up into a fever of excitement.
他们保证该党一定把种族主义分子清除掉[把种族主义分子从党内清洗出去]. They promised that the party would be purged of racists/that racists would be purged from the party.
这伙小偷计划好在警察进房搜查时,把偷来的手表栽赃到同住的房客身上。 The thieves had planned to plant the stolen watches on a fellow lodger if the police came to search the house.
这伙小偷打算在警察来搜查房子时,把偷来的手表栽赃到同住的一名房客身上。 The thieves had planned to plant the stolen, watches on a fellow lodger if the police came to search the house.
最后她终于想到了写字,用一只蹄子把她的名字--很短的一个名字--划在沙地上。 At length she bethought herself of writing, and inscribed her name-it was a short one-with her hoof on the sand.
传送带连续的带或链,用以把运动,动力或物品从一个轮子或轴传导或传送到另一个 A continuous band or chain for transferring motion or power or conveying materials from one wheel or shaft to another.
向导把该地历史的老一套讲得滚瓜烂熟,但当你一问起别的东西时,他就瞠目结舌,无言以对了。 The guide was ready enough with his usual pattern on the history of the place, but as soon as you began to question him on anything outside that, he was all at sea.
你对词汇的把握程度反映了你的智力水平,当你通过学习掌握了更多的词汇析时候,偿大脑的思维能力也会啬。 The extent of your vocabulary indicates the degree of your intelligence. Your brain power will increase as you learn to know more words.
渗碳处理一种冶金镀膜工序,在此工序中把钢或铁浸入另一种金属如锌、铬或铝的粉剂里,并加热至这一金属的熔点温度以下 A metallurgical coating process in which iron or steel is immersed in a powder of another metal, such as zinc, chromium, or aluminum, and heated to a temperature below the melting point of either.
欧洲新闻界常把里根先生描绘成钉住卡扎菲上校不放,譬如说对叙利亚则睁一眼闭一眼。据说叙国也有化学武器,并与恐怖活动有关。 And in the European press, Mr. Reagan was frequently portrayed as fixated on Colonel Qaddafi, turning a blind eye, for example, to Syria, which is also said to have chemical weapons and has also been tied to terrorism.
菜单上已把鱼取消了. Fish has been taken off the menu.
请把代号上或打上。 Please stamp the code numbers on.
务必把这些东西放对地方. Be sure to place them correctly.
把他的名字从名单上划去。 Strike his name off the list.
把你们的名字写在名单上。 Stick down your names on the list.
请把这个问题给我讲解一下. Please explain this problem to me.
我想用加急电报把它发出。 I want to have it send by an urgent telegram.
他把表上的所有单词都记在心里了。 He memorized all the words on the list.
我们把能想到的各种组合都试了一遍. We tried it in every conceivable combination.
那些游客大多没把坏天气放在心上。 Most tourists were unconcerned at the poor weather.
那个有毛病的电灯开关把我电了一下. I got an electric shock from that faulty light switch.
他动不动就发火,可是过后又把它当笑话说。 He often carries the short fuse in his pocket and joke about it afterwards.
他把大部分东西都搬走了,只留下一些零星杂物。 He's moved most of his stuff, there are just a few odds and ends left.
那老汉把他早年在父亲农场上度过的日子看作理想的岁月。 The old man idealizes his early day on his father's farm.
他们把国王处决了。 They executed the king.
那响声把我吓坏了. That noise scared me.
请把我列入名单中。 Please include me in the list.
我把他当作朋友看待。 I regard him as a friend.
老狗学不出新把戏。 An old dog cannot learn new tricks.
别把他弄得像个傻子似的. Don't make him appear a fool.
请在早饭前把床铺好. Please make your beds before breakfast.
把伤员安置在农家住宿. The wounded were bedded in the farmhouse.
我把汽车彻底检修了一遍。 I gave the car a thorough going-over.
要把球接住, 不要让它落地. Try to catch the ball before it lands.
把这些次货退还给厂家. Send these faulty goods back to the manufacturer.
她美妙的声音把他们迷住了。 Her beautiful voice fascinated them.
他们把他替换下来真不错。 Good job they have get a replacement for him.
他庄重地保证把事情办好。 He gave his solemn promise to do better.
我妻子把一切都交给我掌管。 My wife put everything under my charge.
水手很利落地把绳子放出去了. The sailor ran the line out neatly.
我把这本书从头到尾看完了。 I've read the book from beginning to end.
让我把我的零碎东西收拾起来。 Let me get my bits and pieces together.
把这些字按字母表顺序排列起来. Put these words in alphabetical order.
请把这份文件依次传递给他人。 Please hand on the document to others.
她已签字把房子转让给女儿了. She has signed her house over to her daughter.
请替我把这份报告写一份摘要。 Please write me a summary of this report.
他用皮带把那个孩子着实打了一顿。 He gave the boy a real belting.
这些白线把赛区分成各个部分. White lines divide the playing area into sections.
把面粉和液体混合到适当的浓度. Mix flour and liquid to the right consistency.
把担子换到另一肩上可其管用。 It works to shifted the load to the other shoulder.
他总是把时间花在毫无意义的事上。 He always spend his time to no purpose.
请把我的名字加入你们的邮寄名单中. Please add my name to your mailing list.
你一直睡著, 这场雷雨都没把你吵醒. You slept right through the thunderstorm.
这场火把城市上空映得一片通红。 The fire cast a ruddy glow over the city.
她把自己收藏的画借给了美术馆。 She loaned her collection of paintings to the gallery.
他把公报送来,我仔细看了一遍。 He sent me the communique.I looked it through thoroughly.
他把旧汽车折价添钱买了辆新型号的。 He traded in his car for a new model.
他总是把话头引到他得意的话题上去。 He always leads up to his favorite topic.
她把连衣裙放在床上以保持平整。 She laid her dress on the bed to keep it neat.
你未得许可就把汽车开走是不应该的. You were wrong to take the car without permission.
把门关上,不然亮光能使底片发灰。 Shut the door or the light will fog the film.
我已经把我所有的希望都寄托在你身上了。 I have staked all my hopes on you.
客队实力太强了--把我们打得一败涂地. The visiting team was too strong they walked all over us.
她在一阵悔恨之中把情人的信都烧了. In a fit of remorse she burnt all her lover's letters.
我把希望寄托在我们昨天得到的好消息上. I base my hopes on the good news we had yesterday.
他把赢得的钱全都压在最后一场赛马上了。 He gambled all his winnings on the last race.
她把与顾客讨价还价看作自己的专长. She regards negotiating prices with customers as her special preserve.
她追问那小孩让其说出把包放到了何处。 She pumped out of the little boy where he had put the bag.
把我们的零碎东西收拾起来,出租车快来了。 Get our bits and pieces together. The taxi is coming.
报界把那个新运动员吹捧成为超级明星。 The newspaper puff up that new athlete into a superstar
人们一桶又一桶传递著水以便把火扑灭。 Bucket of water is passed from hand to hand to put the fire out.
别担心,已经有人告诉了我他们所有的鬼把戏。 Don't worry. I've been put up to all their tricks.
你如果把工作坚持下去,最终会取得成功的。 If you persevere with work, you'll succeed in the end.
他把男读者和女读者硬是人为地区分开来. He drew a quite artificial distinction between men and women readers.
请用传真机把新目录的版面编排图样传送给我. Please fax me the layout for the new catalogue.
我有个随和的汽车修理工, 他把我的车保养得很好. I've got a tame mechanic who keeps my car in order.
参观的人成千上万, 把台阶踩得不像样子了. The steps had been worn away by the feet of thousands of visitors.
后台传来的响声把南希吓坏了,她忘记了台词。 The noise backstage scared Nancy and she blew her lines.
你最好把我的书给我,否则我的测验将要不及格了。 You'd better give me my book, otherwise I'll fail my test.
我在公共汽车上, 一边一个胖子把我夹在中间不能动. I sandwiched myself between two fat men on the bus.
这位即将退休的矿工把风钻移交给他的接班人。 The retiring miner delivered his pneumatic drill over to his successor.
根据社会工作者的建议把那孩子与其父母隔离了. The child was taken away from its parents on the recommendation of social workers.
我们先把这件事仔细研究一下,再把它列入议事日程。 Let's thrash the matter over before putting it on the agenda.
制造多级火箭的一种方法是把各级火箭并排放在底部。 One of the ways to make step rockets is to put the stages side by side at the bottom.
理查德和戴维极力想把问题列入议程, 但遭多数票否决. Richard and David tried to get the question put on the agenda but they were heavily outvoted.
只有当演员把台词背得滚瓜烂熟时,我们排戏才会有成效。 Only when the actors have their lines(down) pat can we practice the play effectively.
由于这位母亲为儿子照顾得无微不至,把他弄得没什么出息了。 The mother took so much care of her son, that she has make him be good for nothing.
但是我们不必象对待其他矿藏那样把人送下去将油取出。 But we do not need to send men down to get the oil out, as we must with other mineral deposits.
她接待他时始终准确地把握好分寸,看似冷淡,却不失礼。 The manner in which she received him was calculated to a nicety to seem cool without being uncivil.
如果你把这台精密仪器置于高温之下,仪器将会受到严重损坏。 If you subject this precision instrument to a high temperature, it will be seriously damaged.
磁化使一个物体具有暂时或永久性磁性的过程,例如把一个物体放入磁物中 The process of making a substance temporarily or permanently magnetic, as by insertion in a magnetic field.
向导们把我气死了,所以嘛,我今天杀掉了其中一个,还叫人给做成标本摆在我们的纪念品室。 Guides have annoyed me so, that today I kill one and am had him stuffed for our trophy rooms.
软件保护中,把不能复制的标记或签名存放在软盘上的方法,用一个特殊测试程序来检测签名是否存在,如不存在,则被保护的程序不能运行。 In software protection, a method of giving a mark, or signature, that cannot be duplicated, to a floppy disk. A special test routine detects if a signature is present, and if it is not found the protected program will be disabled.
霜把土壤冻结了. Frost binds the soil.
热咖啡能把糖溶化了. The hot coffee melts the sugar.
把这个混合物充分摇匀. Shake the mixture well.
云彩把月亮遮得看不清楚 Clouds blotting out the moon.
把你的椅子转向炉火一边. Turn your chair round to the fire.
有必要把一切开支入帐. The entry of all expenditure is necessary.
这次爆炸把山头炸掉了。 The explosion blasted the hill-top off.
洪水把整个地区都淹没了. The flood water covered the whole area.
咱们把这篇稿子再过一遍。 Let's go over the draft once again.
我试着把那个日期牢记在心。 I tried to fix the date in my mind.
我想把这个包裹马上交邮。 I want to get this package off at once.
把它记在我的信用卡的帐号里。 Have it charged to my credit card.
就是那念头把我弄得头昏脑胀. The very idea sets my head reeling.
水蒸气把浴室里的镜子遮住了。 Steam has fogged the bathroom mirror.
她做的工作把她累得筋疲力尽. She's knocking herself out with all that work.
他正用一把大剪刀剪树枝。 He is cutting the branches with a pair of shears.
一丁点儿声音就足以把他吵醒. The merest noise is enough to wake him.
他旋动把手, 但门就是打不开. She turned the handle but the door wouldn't open.
倒杯水把药片放进去溶解了. Fill a glass with water and dissolve this tablet in it.
把九号车床调好来车这个新活塞。 Get lathe No.9 set to turn the new piston.
把旁观者牵扯进他与警察的争执 Involved the bystanders in his dispute with the police.
暴风雨把树枝从树干上刮了下来. The storm has split the branch off from the main tree trunk.
他非常仔细, 把每一个细节都核对过了。 He was careful enough to check up every detail.
他的仇人竭力想把他牵扯进谋杀案中. His enemies tried to implicate him (in the murder).
他把档案翻了一遍,最后才找到图纸。 He hunted through the files till he found the blueprint.
我们必须把公文归档工作弄出些条理来. We must get some method into our office filing.
街道曲曲弯弯的, 把我们弄得迷失了方向. We were quite disorientated by the maze of streets.
他在找新房子时把家具存放在仓库里。 His furniture is in storage while he finds a new house.
这个纵横字谜的提示完全把我弄糊涂了. I am totally bewildered by the clues to this crossword puzzle.
灌木丛中突如其来的响声把她的马吓惊了. The sudden noise in the bushes startled her horse.
英国把获得奖牌的希望寄托在奥维特的身上. British hopes of a medal rested on Ovett.
同年,他们又把工作扩大到另一领域。 That same year, they extended their work in yet another field.
那个法西斯士兵把刺刀刺入那人的身体。 The fascist soldier thrust his bayonet into the man's body.
奴隶们起来反抗奴隶主并把他们都杀光。 The slaves rebelled against their masters and killed them all.
我们把权力下放, 各省就有更多的自主权. If we decentralize, the provinces will have more autonomy.
既然大家都在,她不妨把想法都谈出来。 Now that they were all there she might as well speak her mind.
换个不甚诚实的人是决不会把钱归还的。 A less scrupulous man wouldn't have given the money back.
用这个专门的挂钩把客车车厢挂上机车。 Lock the carriages on the engine with this special hook.
请把这些卡片按次序放好,别把它们搅乱了。 Please keep the cards in sequence; don't mix them up.
有些人一直密谋想让老板把秘书解雇。 Some of the members had been intriguing to get the secretary dismissed.
她请你, 你要是不回个信儿就可能把她得罪了. She may be offended if you don't reply to her invitation.
如果领子不牢稳,你最好用别针把它别住。 If the collar won't stay in place, you'd better pin it back.
我记得感到上帝或某人把我们凑合在一起。 I remember feeling that God, or someone, had brought us together.
警方为搜索毒品把那个俱乐部彻底搜查了一遍. Police shook the club down, looking for narcotics.
在他们的欢呼声中, 他把杯子里的啤酒一饮而尽。 He drank off a glass of beer amid their cheers.
星期五之前我必须把这两本书归还图书馆。 I must give back the two books to the library before Friday.
他猛然把那纸翻过来,看背面写着什么。 He flipped over the piece of paper to see what was written on the back.
他已经把填好的表格连同你的汇款一并寄回了。 He has returned the completed form with your remittance.
他若继续摆弄那钟表,那非把它弄坏不可。 If he keeps fiddling with the clock, he is sure to put it out of order.
感谢您使我们把枯燥的学习变成了巨大的乐趣。 Thank you for making learning not a dull thing but a great joy.
作曲者把这个曲子随便哼了一会儿,看看行不行。 The composer kicked the music around for a while, trying it out.
把指明用于城镇建设的钱冻结起来的地方官 A governor who impounded monies designated for the use of cities and towns.
这个独裁者把所有反对他的活动均视为非法加以镇压. The dictator represses all opposition as illegal.
如果能把这篇文章登在你的期刊上我将很高兴。 I should be glad if you could insert this article into your periodical.
把粉末洒在土里,让牛走过时把它们都踩进地里去。 Spread the powder over the earth and let the cattle trample it in as they walk over it.
他把所有的时间都用在做纵横填字游戏和其他无聊的活动上. He spends all his time on crosswords and other trifles.
马上把化肥给我们送来,要不,我们小麦播种就要给耽误了。 Send us the fertilizer at once, or our wheat sowing will be held up.
菜要择, 汤要加热. 还得摆上餐具, 把酒冰镇一下. There are the vegetables to peel and the soup to heat. Then there's the table to lay and the wine to cool.
我可以把它裁得低一点,这样让您穿着这件外套显得更丰满一点。 I can cut it lower and in that way give you a little more fullness in the blouse.
在编辑语言中,把若干值变换为由给定格式所规定的表示形式。 In programming languages, transforming values to the representations specified by a given format.
若要老婆留意自己所说的话,作丈夫的只要把话向其他女性说便成了。 If a man want his wife to pay attention to what he say, he address his remarks to another woman.
在打斗中为了自卫把人打死是一回事,残酷无情地开枪杀人是另一回事。 It's one thing to kill a man in a fight, in self-defence, another to shoot him in cold blood.
我得把你送进监狱直到你的案子进行审理,除非你可以找个人保释你。 I shall have to put you in prison until your case can be heard, unless you can find anyone to go bail for you.
北极星第二星的光度中的一颗星,位于小熊星座把柄的末端,几乎位于北天极 A star of the second magnitude, at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper and almost at the north celestial pole.
我想把的房子扩建一下,但我的抵押已经全部用完,因此我不得不搁数年再说了。 I would like to build an extension to my house, but I'm up to the hilt on my mortgage so I'll have to leave it a few years.
他在去糖果店的路上,把钱掉到地上了,硬币沿着人行道滚动,掉进阴沟里去了。 On him way to the sweet shop, he dropped his sixpence and it rolled along the pavement and then disappeared down a drain.
想到我们把所有的钱都花在儿子的教育上,而他却所想去一家沉闷的工厂工作,我感到很伤心。 It breads my heart to think of all the money we spent on our son's education and all he wants to do is work in a dreary factory.
把锤子扔给我. Drop the hammer down to me.
赌博把他毁了. Gambling was his destruction.
我已磨过这把斧子。 I have milled this axe.
请把黄豆捣成粉。 Please pound up the soybeans.
她把头发编成辫子。 She wore her hair in plaits.
太阳把雪融化掉了. The sun has melted the snow away.
落日把云霞映得通红。 The sunset reddened the clouds.
那把刀刃仅仅刺破皮肤 The blade barely broke the skin.
把纤维捻成线束的人 One that twists fibers into thread.
剃刀一滑把我脸给割破了. The razor slipped and cut my cheek.
那个魔术师把鸟变没了. The conjurer magicked the bird away.
他用她的围巾把她勒死了. He strangled her with her own scarf.
把这些捣乱分子赶出去。 Let's pitch out the troublemakers.
巫婆把王子变成了青蛙. The witch changed the prince into a frog.
用大锤把岩石砸成了碎块. Huge hammers crush (up) the rocks.
别把你的小女儿娇惯坏了。 Don't pamper your little daughter.
她一斧子就把树苗砍倒了. She cut down the sapling with one chop.
他把石头拿在手上掂了掂。 He weighed the stone in his hands.
他把日记锁在上层抽屉里。 He locked his diary in the upper drawer.
他们用篱笆把院子围起来了。 They surrounded the yard with a palisade.
马戏团主管把鞭子抽得很响. The circus manager snapped his whip.
他把那小女孩诱惑得离开了家. He enticed the young girl away from home.
晚9时把犯人锁进牢房过夜. At 9 pm the prisoners are locked in for the night.
吃樱桃前要先把梗儿去掉. Remove the stalks from the cherries before you eat them.
法官命令把他拘留两星期. The magistrate remanded him in custody for two weeks.
把整块菜地按两锹深翻挖一遍. Dig the whole vegetable plot two spits deep.
把这油和漆搀在一起,好好搅拌。 Mix this oil with the paint and stir well.
他遇上了警卫犬, 把他吓坏了. His encounter with the guard dog had completely unnerved him.
她把客货车向左一闪以免轧著狗。 She pulled the van to the left to avoid a dog.
用这样一把旧铁锹挖地真费劲。 It's hard to work this soil with such an old spade.
他把烟灰磕掉,然后继续往下说。 He knocked the ash off his pipe before he went on.
这种思想只能把世人引入歧途。 Such ideas will only lead the world's people astray.
爆竹爆炸声把杰克的狗吓了一跳。 The fire cracker went off and scared Jack's dog.
她用一把锋利的刀削去厚厚的果皮. She pared off the thick peel with a sharp knife.
他的大钥匙把他的口袋捅破了一个洞。 His large key had poked a hole in his pocket.
我把巧克力掰成两半--这一半给你. I broke the chocolate into halves here's your half.
我们可以用一个筛子把石头分离出来。 We can separate the stones out with a sieve.
吉姆把他的一切支出都记在笔记本里。 Jim entered all his expenses in a notebook.
我无法把这颗螺丝钉从墙上取出。 I can't get this screw to come out of the wall.
一会儿她就用钳子把孩子接下来了。 In a little while she delivered the baby with forceps.
用不了多少时间就可以把咖啡过滤好. It won't take long to filter the coffee.
这个淘气的孩子把书藏在了灌木丛里。 The naughty boy hid the books in the shrub.
她正在把米过筛,好把石头筛出。 She is sieving the rice in order to sieve out the stones.
他往汤里放盐太多,把汤给糟蹋了。 He had spoiled the soup by putting in too much salt.
酝酿了一会儿想法,然后把它宣布出来 Incubated the idea for a while, then announced it.
那把锋利的刀上把我的手指划了道小口子. I snicked my finger on the sharp knife.
我看到小扬扛着两把锄头从旁走过。 I saw Xiao Yang walking by, shouldering two hoes.
那只鹰向那小动物猛扑过去把它叼走了. The hawk pounced on its prey and carried it off.
作者把她的主人翁安排在第七章中死去。 The author kills off her hero in Chapter7.
他把钱都输光了, 现在可真狼狈了. He lost all his money gambling and now he's really in Queer Street.
若不用网把豌豆罩上,鸟就要来吃了。 If you don't net your peas the birds will eat them.
她开始与罗杰外出约会, 就把我撇开了. She gave me the elbow when she started going out with Roger.
他把一辈子的积蓄保藏在一口旧箱子里. He's got his life savings stashed (away) in an old suitcase.
自古以来该部落就把死者埋葬在这里。 From time immemorial the tribe have buried their dead here.
这些衣服还是湿的,把他们在太阳下晾干。 The clothes are still moist. Dry them in the sun.
把酒搁在架子上放一个星期好让它澄清。 Leave the wine on a shelf for a week to settle it.
让我们来检查一下浆果,把梗和叶子拣掉。 Let's pick the berries over for stems and leaves.
但是他的阶级本能使他把历史弄颠倒了。 But his class instinct led him to turn history upside down.
窃贼把夜班守卫员捆住, 把他的嘴也堵住了. The thieves left the night-watchman tied up and gagged.
炊事员把罐头食品分给所有登山队员。 The cook served out tins of food to all the mountaineers.
只要有几个爱捣乱的学生, 就能把全班搅乱. A few disruptive students can easily ruin a class.
弹钢琴的人把乐谱忘了, 只好即兴伴奏. The pianist forgot his music and had to improvise (the accompaniment).
他惟恐婚姻破裂,把一切都告诉了妻子。 Rather than risk breaking up his marriage he told his wife everything.
我的房东要挟说要把每周租金提高10英镑. My landlord's threatening to put the rent up by 10 a week.
不应把人的因素看成是经济体制的附庸. People should not be regarded as subservient to the economic system.
母亲把她那顽皮捣蛋的儿子按在膝盖上揍他。 The mother set her naughty son over her knee and beat him.
一个明智的候选人应该把传媒控制在手中。 A wise candidate should have the media in hand.
他把桨放入水中,搅乱了平静的湖面。 He put his oars in the water and disturbed the smooth surface of the lake.
该艺术家把她那温柔的笑容表现得惟妙惟肖。 The artist had rendered her gentle smile perfectly.
为了把烦恼忘却,他让自己忙于花园的工作。 To forget his trouble, he busied himself in his garden .
老师设法把她的思想渗透到孩子们的心中。 The teacher tried to infiltrate her ideas into the children's minds.
她把棍子朝里面捅了好深,可是没有动物出来。 She poked the stick in a long way, but no animal came out.
他用一面凸透镜把阳光在纸上聚成焦点。 He focused the sun's ray on a piece of paper with a burning-glass.
吉米还不能分辨颜色,他把紫色和蓝色搅混了。 Jimmy doesn't know colors yet; he mixes up purple with blue.
他同攻击他的人进行搏斗,最后把他们赶走了。 He struggled with his assailants and eventually drove them off.
那小孩假装会看书,但他把书都拿颠倒了。 The boy pretended he could read, but he was holding the book upside down.
她把一块石头扔进池塘里, 看著水的波纹扩散开. She threw a stone into the pond and watched the ripples spread.
那个贪吃的小男孩把宴会上所有的糖果都吃光了。 The greedy little boy ate all the candy at the party.
敌人向山上冲锋,企图把我们的兵力摧毁掉。 The enemy charged up the mountain, attempting to knock out our forces.
她把一块石头扔进池塘里,看著水的波纹扩散开。 She throw a stone into the pond and watch the ripples spread.
朋友告诫他,干活加把劲,否则就会丢掉饭碗。 He got the straight tip from his friend-work harder, or you'll lose your job.
所得税比黄金把更多的美国人造成了说谎者。 The income tax have make more liar out of the american people than gold have.
他是个笨拙的孩子,经常笨手笨脚地把东西摔破。 He was an awkward child, always falling over himself and breaking things.
我非常惊讶, 连忙掐了自己一把看是否这一切都是一场梦. I was so amazed I had to pinch myself in case it was all a dream.
那个新来的学生粗鲁地跟老师顶嘴, 一开始就把关系搞僵了. The new student started off on the wrong foot with the teacher by answering back rudely.
小心点,哈里,你再这样盯着别的女人,她会把你的眼珠抠出来。 Be careful, Harry, she'll scratch your eyes out if you so much as glance at another woman.
必须把一切恶感在发展成公开对抗之前,就消灭于萌芽状态之中。 Any ill-feeling has to be nipped in the bud before it develops into open revolt.
强盗把老人的胳膊一拧,老人立即把兜里所有的钱都交了出来。 The robber gave the old man's arm a twist, and he at once came across with all he money he had in his pocket.
把 1.90 英镑的费用上调为整数 2 英镑, 把 3.10 英镑下调为整数 3 英镑. A charge of 1.90 will be rounded up to 2, and one of 3.10 rounded down to 3.
我是抱着把正反两方面的意见都掂量一下的愿望探讨这个问题的。 I have approached this subject with a desire to weigh the pros and cons connected with it.
那里的农民过去总是让羊吃掉田里的油菜,这样好把它们养壮了送进屠宰场。 Farmers there used to eat off the coleseed with sheep so as to make them fit for the butcher.
您只要把我们的报价与其他供应商的开价相比较就会知道我方价格多么优惠。 If you compare our quotation with those offer by other supplier, you'll see how favorable ours be.
我们这世界,是人们不知道自己想要什么而甘心赴汤蹈火为了把它弄到手的地方。 Ours is a world where people do not know what they want and are willing to go through hell to get it.
他老是连续不断地锤击,把钉子敲进木头,而且钉头与板面平齐之后,还是一个劲儿地敲。 He would hammer a nail into the wood with a series of blows that continued to down long after the head was flush with the boards.
这场抢劫统共经历了三分钟,因为这伙人争先恐后的爬进汽车,以使人难以置信的速度把汽车开跑了。 The raid was all over in three minutes, for the men scrambled back into the car and it moved off at a fantastic speed.
库存品已经变质,而且全都搞混了,因此经理决定快刀斩乱麻,把它们当作废品出售,然后重新储藏新的物资。 The old stock had deteriorated and was all mixed up so the manager decided to cut the Gordian knot, sell it all as scrap, and re-stock with new materials.
一种能动态重新安排存储器的处理技术,即把各连续已用的存储段移到存储器的一端,把未使用的存储空间集中到存储器的另一端。 A process of dynamic relocation in which contiguous segments are moved to one end of the memory to combine all unused storage at the other end.
她把椰子劈开了. She split open the coconut.
别玩老一套的把戏了! Don't play old tricks!
她把信转交给玛丽了. She passed the letter to Mary.
我是不是该把桌子往后挪? Should I move the table back?
她把图片贴在剪贴簿上。 She pasted the pictures into a scrapbook.
老鼠把一部分干酪啃吃了。 The mice have nibbled away part of the cheese.
难道你一定得把关得那么响吗? Do you have to slam the door?
把咖啡搅一搅好让渣滓沉淀. Stir the coffee to settle the grounds.
先把地平整好再植草坪. The ground should be levelled before you plant a lawn.
他把橡皮筋啪的一声拉断了. He stretched the rubber band till it snapped.
他们一个个都跑了, 把我撇下了! Every man jack of them ran off and left me!
他把一小块乾净的布缠住脚腕. He wrapped a clean rag around his ankle.
农夫正在用轭把牛套到犁上。 The farmer was yoking his oxen to a plough.
你把这些靴子好好擦一下好吗? Would you put a good shine on these boots?
她用抹布把房间擦得乾乾净净。 She went over the room with a duster.
把黄油加热,直到变成褐色为止。 Heat the butter until it browns.
我们把蒲公英看作希望的象征。 We regard dandelion as an emblem of hope.
他们把这个过失归咎于我的疏忽。 They charged the fault to my carelessness.
她掐了他(胳膊)一下, 把他叫醒. She gave him a pinch (on the arm) to wake him up.
他和妻子吵架後就把她抛弃了。 He had a row with his wife and just walked out on her.
那名间谍把秘密计画泄漏给敌人。 The spy divulged the secret plans to the enemy.
这老人想把痰咯出来但他不能。 The old man tried to spit up sputum, but he could not.
他们把船开进海港下锚停泊. They brought the boat into the harbour and dropped (the) anchor.
她把全部存款取出後离开了那个国家. She withdrew all her savings and left the country.
诱捕一种手段,用以把…引入危险的境地 A means used to mislead or lead into danger.
用热水把菜盘上凝结的油渍冲洗掉. Use hot water to rinse the congealed fat off the dinner plates.
把国家公园私营化? 他们绝对不敢, 对吗? Privatize the national parks? They'd never dare, would they?
工人们把沥青和沙子、石块混合在一起。 The workers mixed the asphalt with sand and gravel together.
请把你的各项开支列在这张表格上,好吗? Could you detail all your expenses on this form?
我们可否把这些项目都归在`杂费'项内? Can we lump all these items together as incidental expenses'?
把第一笔总额加在第二笔(和第三笔)总额上。 Add the first total to the second(and third).
她把球挑高越过对方的头向後场落去. She lobbed the ball over her opponent's head to the back of the court.
该书的缺点在於作者未能把论证展开. The book's weakness is the author's inability to sustain an argument.
把他说成是英雄、 天才、 笨蛋, 不一而足. He was variously described as a hero, a genius and a fool.
把文章写在练习簿里, 不要写在草稿纸上. Write the essay in your (exercise-)books, not on rough paper.
最後总算把孩子从躲藏的地方都找了出来. The children were finally all winkled out of their hiding places.
我把表格填错了. 再给我一张空白的, 可以吗? I've filled in this form incorrectly. Can I have another blank?
把混合物煮至沸腾,然後再用文火煮十分钟。 Bring the mixture to the boil, then let it simmer for ten minutes.
她把活计带到了园子里(如图纸或缝纫材料). She took her work (eg papers or sewing materials) with her into the garden.
我们在上个冰冻期之後把管道用保温材料裹上了。 After the last freeze-up we put insulation round the pipes.
我们得把申请书仔细筛选一下以甄别优劣. We have to sift through the application forms very carefully to separate the wheat from the chaff.
`你把剪刀放在哪儿了?'`我把它放(回)到抽屉里了.' `Where did you put the scissors?' `I put them (back) in the drawer.'
这孩子把关在笼里的鸟儿放出来,鸟儿吱吱叫着飞走了。 The boy set his caged bird loose, and it flew away chirping.
两极是相通的嘛——当牙鳕把自己的尾巴放进口里时说。 Extremes meet, as the whiting said with its tail in its mouth.
檐槽把雨水从房顶排走的水槽,装在屋檐边或檐下 A trough fixed under or along the eaves for draining rainwater from a roof.
我们把硬币一掷(如以此法决定某事), 落下後是漫面朝上. We tossed a coin (eg to decide sth by chance) and it came down heads.
那位生物学家先把标本染色, 然後再通过显微镜进行观察. The biologist stained the specimen before looking at it through the microscope.
我们家一条新来的小狗把我害苦了,它整天试图咀嚼家具。 Our new puppy played the very devil with me, he's been trying to chew the furniture all day.
先用尺在纸上划出方格,这样你就能把图精确地摹绘下来了。 Square the page off with your ruler, then you'll be able to copy the drawing accurately.
别玩弄那姑娘的感情--难道没看到你已经把她弄得心烦意乱了吗? Stop playing fast and loose with that girl's feelings can't you see you're upsetting her?
修车厂雇用琼斯做修理工,但发现他是冒牌货后,就把他解雇了。 The garage hired Jones as a mechanic, but fired him when they found he was sailing under false colours.
但是能否以这样的方法把激光发展到可以在空,凤摧毁进攻的导弹呢? But can laser beams be developed in such a way to destroy attacking missiles in space?
他不像典型的城市商人那样, 穿一身深色的套服、 带一把收好的雨伞. He doesn't conform to the usual stereotype of the city businessman with a dark suit and rolled umbrella.
千斤顶,起重机通过杠杆、螺丝钉或水的压力把重物提起的便携式装置 A usually portable device for raising heavy objects by means of force applied with a lever, screw, or hydraulic press.
磨房过去使用笨重的石磨把麦磨成面粉;现在它们使用的是比较现代的机械。 Mills used to use heavy stones to grind down the wheat into flour; now they use more modern machinery.
"一位在钟塔上工作的油漆工把一桶油漆挂在一根指针上,把钟弄慢了。" A painter who had been working on the clock tower hung a pot of paint on one of the hands and slowed it down!
玛丽错把老师的书拿回了家,第2天一早她便在无人知晓的情况下将它归还了。 Mary took the teacher's book home by mistake, but early the morning she returned it with nobody the wiser.
"这个探测队接着把整个山洞彻底地搜寻了一遍,但是,除了一只空铁皮箱以外什么也没找到。" The party then searched the whole cave thoroughly but did not find anything except an empty tin trunk.
贴花转印法把印在(尤指)准备好的纸张上的图画或图案转印到玻璃或金属等材料上的程序 The process of transferring pictures or designs printed on specially prepared paper to materials such as glass or metal.
把生命系统的功能、特征、现象和计算机硬件系统的开发相联系的一种计算机技术分支。 A branch of computer technology relating the functions, characteristics, and phenomena of living systems to the development of hardware systems.
腐生菌;腐生物一种有机物,通常是细菌以死的动植物为食并把它们分解,藉此为生态系统提供有机养分 An organism, often a bacterium or fungus, that feeds on and breaks down dead plant or animal matter, thus making organic nutrients available to the ecosystem.
链球由重16磅(7。2千克)的金属球和一条长链或木把手组成,人手持链端或把手在田径比赛中将其投远以争高低 A metal ball weighing16 pounds(7.2 kilograms) and having a long wire or wooden handle by which it is thrown for distance in track-and-field competition.