航天器的设计正大加修改. The design of the spacecraft is undergoing extensive modification.
我修改一下计划以便和你的计划相适应. I will accommodate my plans to yours.
既然你坚持,我就只好修改信用证。 Since you insist, I must amend the letter of credit.
那项政策经修改后才获得委员会同意。 The policy was agreed by the committee, but only in a modified form.
她不断修改自己的小说以使其趋于完善。 She matured her novel by constant revision.
初始设计开发阶段,首先必须发现可能存在的错误,并作相应的设计修改。正是在这个时期中,设计辅助程序、仿真技术和设计支援技术对于快速设计都是必不可少的。 The initial design development stage wherein, at first, it is certain that errors will be discovered which will require design changes. It is in this period that design aids, emulation techniques, and supportive design techniques are essential to quick design.
对程序进行修改是徒劳无功的. Revising the procedure was an entirely profitless exercise.
这些批评意见已修改得缓和些以免得罪人. The criticisms had been watered down so as not to offend anybody.
我得修改图表. 我出了点儿错. I'll have to alter the diagram. I've made a mistake.
他们的党一上台,他们就开始修改法律。 As soon as their party came into power they changed the law.
总编将他的采访记者所写的文章加以修改。 The editor-in-chief blue-penciled the article written by his reporter.
靠自己刻苦奋斗而后成功的人,其所完成的工作,没有一个好到令女性不想给他稍加修改的程度。 No self-making man ever do such a good job that some woman do not want to make a few alteration.
在分时系统中,终端和其它设备进行一次数据交换,从而完成一个特定的动作或产生一个特定的结果。例如,输入客户的存款金额并修改客户的余额。 In systems with time sharing, an exchange between a terminal and another device that accomplishes a particular action or result; for example, the entry of a customer's deposit and the updating of the customer's balance.
他加了一个避免条款,大意是:如果汇率下跌超过去5%,付款将被修改。 He adds a let- out clause to the effect that the payment will be revised if the exchange rate fall by more than5%.