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orderly, neat, tidy / whole
neat / even / level with / identical / simultaneous / all together / to even sth out, Name of different States

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Ballwechsel (S) [chong2 zheng3 qi2 gu3] 重整齐鼓
Bataillon (S) [zhen4 rong2 zheng3 qi2 de5 jun1 dui4] 阵容整齐的军队
gepflegt (V) [zheng3 qi2 de5] 整齐地
Missstand (S)Unordentlichkeit (S) [bu4 zheng3 qi2] 不整齐
ordentlich, geordnet (Adj)in guter Ordnung sein [zheng3 qi2] 整齐

9.64 Rein adrett + neat + 整齐 +