2 Old HSK word(s): ** A ** D
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think, speculate, plan, consider
bear, accept, undertake / just
yes, certainly / pledge, promise

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2 NHSK word(s): 当然* 3 dang1 ran2only natural/ as it should be/ certainly/ of course/ without doubt 理所当然* 6 li3 suo3 dang1 ran2as it should be by rights (idiom)/ proper and to be expected as a matter of course/ inevitable and right
KOREAN6000 word(s):
1 KOREAN 2500 New HSK words):
当然 + dāngrán 당연하다. 물론이다. dang-yeonhada. mullon-ida.
2 KOREAN Sentence(s):
当然是纯皮的了。 + 당연히 가죽이죠. dangyeonhi kajugijyo.
当然了。 + 물론이죠. mu-llonijyo.