1 Old HSK word(s): ** A

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take part in, intervene / ginseng
add to, increase, augment

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1 NHSK word(s): 参加* 3 can1 jia1to participate/ to take part/ to join
KOREAN6000 word(s):
1 KOREAN 2500 New HSK words):
参加 + cānjiā (어떤 조직이나 활동에) 참가하다. 가입하다. 참여하다. 참석하다. (eotteon jojig-ina hwaldong-e) chamgahada. gaibhada. cham-yeohada. chamseoghada.
1 KOREAN Sentence(s):
我参加体育俱乐部。 + 저는 스포츠 클럽 회원이에요. jeoneun seupocheu keu-lleob hwehwonieyo.