1 Old HSK word(s): ** A

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manage, do, handle / deal with
fair, equitable / public / duke
room, home, house, chamber

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1 NHSK word(s): 办公室* 3 ban4 gong1 shi4an office/ business premises/ a bureau/ CL:間|间[jian1]
KOREAN6000 word(s):
1 KOREAN 2500 New HSK words):
办公室 + bàngōngshì 사무실. 오피스(office). samusil. opiseu(office).
3 KOREAN Sentence(s):
我在办公室工作。 + 저는 사무실에서 일을 해요. jeoneun samushi-reseo i-reul haeyo.
她在办公室工作。 + 그녀는 사무실에서 일해요. keunyeoneun samushi-reseo irhaeyo.
我到办公室接你。 + 사무실에서 픽업할게요. samushi-reseo pikeobhal-keyo.